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Not what you were looking for? See the Minireena from the main game series' continuity.

Isn't there room for just one more?
The Minireena speaking to Stanley, Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 A.M.

The Minireenas are the main antagonists of Room for One More, the second story in Fazbear Frights 3: 1:35 A.M..

Physical Appearance

The Minireenas are described fairly similarly to their game counterparts from Sister Location. They're articulated wooden dolls with white, painted faces, empty eyes and a wide mouth. They have small tutus and the feet are painted white, as if to represent ballet shoes.

Stanley later realizes that some Minireenas are slightly different from each other. One had a small scratch across the face, another a rip in the tutu and one more lacked an arm, for example. This indicates the story's Minireenas are old and slighty worn down, in some fashion.

During Stanley's fourth dream sequence, he sees a human-sized Minireena, wearing goggles and a face mask, as well as medical attire.


The Minireenas were found by Stanley during his night guard shifts. He spots the first one a few nights into his shift and begins playing around with it for a while. The doll starts to talk to him, saying she "likes him". Stanley decides to leave the doll and take it home later. The man takes a nap, but the Minireena seems to dissappear by the time he awakens. Soon after, Stanley's arm begins to stiffen and hurt, and his throat feels sore.

The process repeats for several nights, as Stanley grows more and more wounded after each encounter. Each of his limbs grow stiff and his throat bleeds profusely from the inside. By the end of the story, a Minireena appears in a nightmare during his shift, large as a human and wearing medical clothes. The Minireena in his dream rips off the goggles and facemask it wore and begins to pull Stanley's mouth open as hard as it can, almost ripping it off.

When Stanley wakes up, he sees a Minireena climbing inside him through the mouth and realizes the truth of his condition: the Minireenas climb inside him, through his body, and into his limbs. As Stanley tries to crawl out of the building, one last Minireena appears and asks if there's room for one more inside. The final Minireena crawls inside him.

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