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This article is a disambiguation page for Minigames (disambiguation).

Minigames are a featured mechanic in the series. They consist of 8-bit, Atari 2600-styled minigames that often tell parts of the story in the series or that reveal part of it. This is a list of the appearances of minigames in the series:

  • Death Minigames, minigames from the second and fifth game that randomly appear when the player dies.
  • Minigames (FNaF3), minigames from the third game. They now appear after completing a night; there are also secret minigames that are crucial in order to win the Good Ending.
  • Minigames (FNaF4), minigames from the fourth game. They behave very similar to the third game, besides the absence of secret minigames. Additionally, there is a 3D minigame, Fun with Plushtrap, which is playable after completing a night. Upon successful completion of the minigame, a special bonus will be granted to the player for the next night.
  • Minigames (FNaF: SL), minigame cutscenes from the fifth game that appear on the Custom Night after completing each of the modes.