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It’s a waste of energy to try to make me happy. I’m not a happy person.
Millie, Fazbear Frights #1: Into the Pit

Millicent Fitzsimmons (nickname Millie) is the protagonist of Count the Ways, the third story from Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit

Physical Appearance

Millie is a female teenager with long, black hair, as seen in the teaser image. She is known to most people as a 'goth' and wears dark clothing. She mentions that she lightens her skin and she wears burial jewelry. Because of her stereotypical dark appearance, she garners a lot of negative attention, to the point where she's called Dracula's Daughter in a mocking way.


Millie is a stereotypical "goth" teenager. She obsesses over death to the point where she constantly reads and writes poems about it. She even romanticizes death as an anthropomorphized, attractive man - specifically Curt Carrion, her favorite singer.


Count the Ways

Millie is a typical "goth" teenager. She lives in a small town with her grandfather after her parents move to Saudi Arabia for a year. Her family is treated as a joke due to her parents' multiple failed, high profile projects, making her prone to bullying. Her best friend, Hannah, even ditches her to be close to the cool kids. She obsesses over death, even romanticizing death as an anthropomorphized, attractive man, and reads and writes poems about it.

One day, she meets Dylan, a new kid who is also a goth. She starts falling in love with him, and begins having a sunnier, positive outlook to life. She even to starts to open up to her grandfather.

However, at a Christmas party, she finds Dylan kissing another girl. Dylan reveals he never had feelings for Millie and only wanted to stay friends. Heartbroken, Millie decides to not celebrate Christmas and tries to hide from her family. She decides to hide in her grandfather's workshop, and eventually climbs inside Funtime Freddy. She then realizes she is trapped.

Gleefully, Funtime Freddy starts listing off ways he can kill her. He lists off starvation, dehydration, being boiled alive, being impaled, etc. As Funtime Freddy contemplates on how to kill Millie, she realizes how much she took her life for granted and that there was so much to live for. Millie chooses decapitation, but she ducks as low as possible to try to miss the blade. She promises to change her ways if she survives. But, it remains unclear whether or not she made it out alive. 

Fazbear Frights #11 - Epilogue

After Jake (who is possessing the Stitchwraith) defeats Eleanor, he is drawn to the ball pit of Jeff's Pizza. He sinks under the balls of the ball pit and enters a strange dream-like scenario.

In the scene, Millie is in a forest, confused as to where she was. She felt like she was lost for a long time, even though it was only a few minutes for her. Suddenly, Millie saw something coming out of a nearby huckleberry bush. She was ready to run if she was in danger, but was surprised to see a seemingly harmless young boy.

The boy had green eyes, brown hair, and a big smile on a freckled face. He introduced himself as Jake, offering to help her find her way back. Millie took his hand without resistance and Jake led him through the woods. In an instant, Jake disappeared and Millie was back at her grandpa's house. She saw her family still there, and was happy to see them. She ran into the house and embraced her grandfather's hug. Meanwhile, Millie's happiness could be seen through a clear crystal ball lying inside of the ball pit, alongside many other happy scenes. Millie's soul is given peace.



Millie's grandfather is the one who owns the Funtime Freddy she was trapped inside.


Millie's father is Jeff Fitzsimmons and her mother is Audrey Fitzsimmons. They are known mostly for their failed building projects.

Uncle and Aunt

Millie's aunt is Sheri Fitzsimmons. Millie's uncle is Rob Fitzsimmons.


Dylan is Millie's love interest before she finds out that they are just friends, becoming heart broken.


Hannah was Millie's best friend before she ditched Millie to be friends with the cool kids.

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