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Michael Brooks is one of the Missing Children from the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series, and Charlie's childhood friend. He's the son of Joan and Donald Brooks. In the novels, he possesses Golden Freddy.

Physical Appearance

In the graphic novel rendition, Michael Brooks is a child who sports a blue t-shirt, and has a round face with short blond hair.


In 1985, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he was lured away by William Afton in a yellow bear suit into a room, along with four other children, and was never seen again.

The Silver Eyes

Michael is not seen directly, but he does try to communicate with Jason to tell him that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is dangerous, and later in the book, is the presumed spirit of Golden Freddy.

Brooks as Golden Freddy, TSE: Graphic Novel.

Michael, as Golden Freddy, communicates to Carlton Burke while he was trapped inside the springlock suit. Golden Freddy was in the corner of the room staring at him. Carlton started feeling a strange sensation, as instead of feeling scared, he was relieved despite the danger he was in. His heart was beating slower, his breathing started to calm down, and heard voices that eased him. Charlie was skeptical at first, as she asked him why he called Golden Freddy "Michael." Carlton believed that Michael was in the suit, even though he knew he sounded crazy.

Golden Freddy later reappears to stop the four other animatronics when the group of teenagers were surrounded by them. The teenagers (Charlie, John, Jessica, Marla, and Lamar) were already aware that the missing children that went missing ten years prior were possessing the animatronics, as revealed by Dave Miller (William's fake identity), their killer.

When Freddy and his band drag William's corpse away, Golden Freddy’s suit is not seen backstage nor helping the other animatronics.

The Twisted Ones

Though not outright stated, it is implied that Michael took the form of the shadowy version of Freddy that led John, Jessica, and Clay Burke to a underground pizzeria that Twisted Freddy took Charlie into.

The Fourth Closet

Michael again appears in the book in the form of the Amalgamation. He tries to help Carlton and his friends escape Circus Baby's Pizza World. After Carlton was injected with remnant, Michael psychically appears, along with the four other missing children, to put together a set of drawings. After the drawings were put together, he gives him one of the his drawings, then disappears.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • It's possible that he somehow used his spiritual powers to control Theodore in The Fourth Closet, to make him say "Silver Reef", making John and Jessica find the real Charlie.


  • He shares his first name with Michael Afton and Mike Schmidt.
  • It's unknown why in Twisted Ones, he doesn't help the others. Although, this is probably due to the fact, that Michael is mostly a ghost, and will only help depending on their struggles.
  • In The Fourth Closet, it's unknown why him and the other four kids had forgot that William was their killer, and thinking he was friendly.
    • However, this could be since the five of their endoskeletons were melted down into an amalgamation, thus erasing the memory when William actually killed them.
  • In The Twisted Ones, when Afton's hideout collapses, it's still completely unknown of why him and the other four kids (when they were still possessing the animatronics) strangely disappeared.
    • However, this can be due to the fact that him and other four were trying to find Afton and kill him once and for all, this goes wrong, leading the five of them to be captured and turn into amalgamation in Fourth Closet.
  • Strangely enough, he does not appear in the graphic novel of the Twisted Ones, although he is mentioned.
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