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  • (Rando thing because story potential and... Why the heck not?)

    The following information is from files discovered in the residence of Dale Afton, following his disappearance in 2031.

    Started in 1988, Project Athanasia was an attempt to achieve immortality through biorobotic means. The project aimed to create a cybernetic vessel with regenerative capabilities, making it immune to natural decay, a problem Afton's previous creations had failed to surpass. Teaming up with his brother Dale, a leading virologist and founder of pharmaceutical giant Silver Parasol, the two worked together to create a virus that would be capable of being injected into a robotic body, endowing it with the ability to heal. A name was decided; the Athanasia Serum.

    The virus itself was created fairly quickly, being perfected in 1991. It was decided Minireenas were to be used as test subjects, due to their minimal threat to life. However, the real problem was managing to fuse the virus with the robotic body. Without any stimuli, the genetic material quickly died off, making the serum useless. However, the solution quickly presented itself; Remnant. By some miracle, the molten substance was compatible with the serum. By heating a test subject until remnant forms, the serum could be injected, allowing for a successful fusion and creation of a cybernetic life form. Dale sped up the process by creating a strain of Athanasia that self-combusted upon injection, the regenerative capabilities allowing the genetic material to survive during fusion.

    However, the two brothers had yet to surpass one final problem; mutations. Despite the virus having regenerative qualities, it was highly reactive, resulting in abnormal tissue and muscle growth, leading to deformity. These mutations were most extreme in the early test subjects, from M-007 to M-053. The Minireenas beyond this were less extreme, but sustained damage had the same results.

    William and Dale attempted to fix this, but were forced to abandon the project entirely after William contracted an illness after contact with an impure sample of Athanasia. It left him with severe facial deformities, and caused his body to slowly decay. Out of desperation to stop his sickness, Afton decided to go to Freddy's to dismantle the robots, getting the spirits to chase him into his Spring Bonnie suit, where he met a gruesome end. Before he went, Dale gave him a unique prototype sample of Athanasia, which slowed his decay and endowed him with the strength to destroy the robots.

    Afterwards, Dale destroyed all the test subjects save one, which escaped captivity into Circus Baby's Entertainment & Rentals. He stored the remaining samples of Athanasia in Storage 2 on the first floor. Aware investigations may discover Silver Parasol's involvement with Afton Robotics, Dale shut his company down, later reincorporating it as a games company three decades later.

    Further notes pending

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  • Thought I was done, didn't you?

    Well, I wasn't, so yeah. It turns out being blocked and not having to deal with loads of notifications meant I could reflect on things properly, and I think I have reached a final conclusion on this troublesome minigame. Well, for now.

    Anyways, I might as well start.

    (Also we're doing this in sections because that's my thing now.)

    Orange Guy

    Alright let's see... Slightly hunched over, thin, is a terrible father, lives in a suspiciously isolated house, speaks in dialogue of a similar if not almost identical colour to William's lines in Fruity Maze(we're not counting the blue dialogue because that just seems to be there to add emphasis) and owns a purple car(sure it's different, but remember the car first appeared in a minigame with basic sprites such as "Pink Guy".) Yeah sorry, but it's William. However, he's orange. Sure, that seems bad for this but honestly it's not that big a deal. After Miketrap Scott realised he had to be more specific about who's who. Obviously though you don't just change sprite colours without warning, so Scott left a little clue so we could figure out who OG was, which is shown in the artwork cutscenes.

    At the beginning cutscene, we can see a man wearing purple in front of an orange background. Also if you look closely, he's wearing orange clothing underneath.

    In the Insanity Ending cutscene we can see a man wearing orange in front of a purple background. And- you guessed it- he's wearing purple clothing underneath.

    What's more(and this is an important one), it's the same guy each time, just wearing different clothes. Orange and purple aren't separate entities here, they're two sides of the same coin.

    I don't think anything else needs to be said here.

    "Couch Potato"

    Another mysterious character, this one being a little easier to guess the identity of. He's wearing grey, speaks in light grey dialogue, knows of a boy and watches TV. Do we know anyone like that? Yes we do. In 4 we knew of a teenage boy wearing grey who spoke with grey dialogue. He had a little brother, and made his life hell. In the very next game we played as him, and learnt he likes TV.

    That's right, our grey friend is ya boi Michael Afton. I think it's a safe conclusion to reach, especially considering how Orange Guy seems to William, Michael's father. Seriously, who else can it be? His wife seems to have left when Mike was a baby(Fake Ending showed them reconciling, which due to the nature of said Ending means this never happened), so it can't be her.

    However, something's off. In 4, Michael's a dick to his younger brother, yet in this minigame he seems to have completely changed tune, saying "Leave him alone tonight. He had a rough day." This is important, because it's proof this is before 4's events, which should be obvious because:

    A; CC's alive in this minigame

    B; This an entirely different house

    That being said, Mike could just be pretending, and still is a meanie to his brother before 4. The next two points will expand upon this.

    That out the way, I think I've shown all the proof for this. It's not as much as the proof for Orange Guy being William, but honestly you don't need much proof for this. It's kinda obvious.

    The runaway child

    Okay, let's be serious. In the context of the last two sections, who else could this be but CC at this point? They're male, and the size of their footprints implies they're young. Also, let's note their bedroom door is locked. In the first minigame for FNaF 4, Michael locks CC in his room. Perhaps CC broke out the window not because he was scared of Afton(who might I add responds explosively to the door being locked, which apparently is against the rules. Surely CC wouldn't want to piss his dad off by doing this?) but because Mike left him no choice.

    It's also worth noting Afton says CC has ran off to "that place" before. As for where "that place" is I'd say Freddy's, as in 4 it's shown CC hates being at Fredbear's and Michael knows that, which is why he left him there. Surely you wouldn't want to run away to a place you don't like? Wouldn't you rather go to a place where you feel safe, somewhere with your friends? In 4, CC says "these are my friends" when looking at plushies of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. Perhaps he knew the kids that would go on to possess these mascots. 4 implies he witnessed at least part of the MCI, so what's to say he didn't know the victims before that?

    The mound

    This one's a weird one. This thing isn't easy to find, being deliberately placed in a small turnoff point that's easy to miss. As well as this, we can't interact with it, only being able to walk around and look.

    So, what is the purpose of this lump of dirt? Simple.

    It's a grave.

    There's one member of the family noticeably missing from the frame in this minigame; Elizabeth. She's absolutely nowhere, and isn't mentioned once. That might seem random, but there's a reason for this. In 4, there was an empty girl's room in the house, it being the only hint towards Elizabeth. It was pretty easy to deduce what had happened there; Elizabeth had died, leaving only her empty room as a reminder. This, like CC being locked in his room, parallels 4's minigames, implying what's happened occurred before 4's minigames.

    However, this throws a bit of curveball. The presence of this grave implies she's dead already, and since we've reached the conclusion this has to be before 4, it makes things a tad confusing. Unless the Aftons were moving house I don't really see how this works. I mean this a different house, yet we saw something similar to it in 4's menu, so maybe they did move. I dunno.

    And before someone questions Elizabeth having a grave, she totally would. The robots in SL have like daily maintenance, so it would only be a matter of time before a body was found. Also, how else would Afton know Elizabeth was down in CBE&R in SL unless he knew she died?

    Finally, Elizabeth being dead at this point in time would have some implications for Michael's behaviour in this minigame. 4 and SL suggest her death deeply affected Mike, potentially being the catalyst for him bullying CC in 4. If Elizabeth was dead before then, there's nothing to say he wasn't acting up before as well. Hell, Fredbear Plush implies this has been going on for quite some time.

    "He will be sorry when he comes back."

    What did Afton mean when he said this? Well, I believe I have an answer.

    4's gameplay.

    What do I mean by that? Let me explain. In 4's minigames we are constantly being watched, wherever we go. The Fredbear plush acts as both a friend to CC and a spytoy. It's camera eyes continuously follow our every movement, and some of its messages seem to act as deterants for us when we go somewhere we're not meant to go. Afton's very much keeping his eye on us.

    But it's not just that. In 4's main gameplay we are playing as a child, as evidenced by our height, and the fact the steam description says as much. In this experience we are forced to fend off against the nightmares; terrifying illusions of the characters that appear to be created from our mind. Sure, their appearance(and some sounds) relate to Mike's experiences, but SL makes it very clear this experience was real for some poor unfortunate soul. 

    But what unfortunate soul? Let's try and find out. First of all, consider this:

    Michael's childhood toys are in this house.

    Let me emphasise that. A seemingly random house with no specific location has Michael's childhood toys, and the Midnight Motorist house just so happens to resemble the house in 4's menu.

    That's an oddly convenient detail.

    But... in SL, we learn the house in 4's minigames was Observatory 1, and the house in 4's gameplay is Observatory 2. 

    So, assuming the gameplay house is the house from Midnight Motorist, how the hell does this work?

    Well, it's not too hard. In Observatory 1, the only camera is the Fredbear Plush, which constantly follows us. In Observatory 2, there's actual cameras, which Afton views from the Private Room. Therefore, after they moved house to Observatory 1 William rigged the old house with cameras, making it Observatory 2 due to it being made afterwards

    Also, the passcode just so happens to be 1983, the same year 4's minigames take place.

    Again, another convenient detail.

    So, what's my conclusion on the Observatory 2 protagonist's identity?

    CC again, because who the hell else would you lock in your old home and watch them panic as their "friends" come to life in the worse way possible? I mean, if you look at the gameplay, you can see correlations between the minigames and gameplay. The main five nightmares correspond to CC's friends(NFB even speaks like Fredbear Plush), Plushtrap is a twisted take on the "finger trap" Spring Bonnie plush and Nightmare BB seems to be based off of that one kid holding a balloon(I'm not counting Nightmare as that's just NFB made to look like Shadow Freddy, who can only exist after the real experience). It's not just a weird experiment, it's a punishment. Afton's way of reminding him of that one time he locked his door... By trapping him in a warped version of his room, where he has to face twisted versions of his friends.

    I feel like we need a summary of this due to how long this bit got, so I'll draw one up. Here's the conclusions reached:

    • Runaway kid is CC, who Mike locked in his room.
    • Afton never suspected this, so blamed CC instead.
    • CC ran away often, and went to Freddy's to see his friends.
    • One day he saw something he shouldn't have, so Afton decided to turn the house they were moving to into an observatory by using a Fredbear Plush spytoy. This way he could keep an eye on CC and prevent him from seeing things he shouldn't.
    • Meanwhile, he worked on a secondary Observatory, rigging the old house with cameras and hallucinodisks. He also altered the look of the house, to add to the experience. Once it was finished, he forced CC to go through a torturous series of experiments involving CC being trapped in his bedroom while facing off against nightmarish versions of the animatronics. The Funtimes, if HW is to be taken seriously, also parcipated via a secret passageway connected to CBE&R. In fact, Funtime Freddy was likely the one taking CC to these places, as there are passageways to all the places, and his storage tank seems designed for this purpose.
    • Some of these experiments may have gone on during the time of 4's minigames, as evidenced by Fun with Plushtrap/Balloon Boy, which parody two things CC saw two days before his birthday. Then again, he may have seen these things before.

    Damn, that was longer than I expected. 

    The weather and "Later that night"

    I feel this kind of has to be discussed, as it influences many theories relating to this. In the Security Puppet minigame, it is raining, and Afton has sped off in his car. In Midnight Motorist it's also raining, and the car drives at crazy speeds at the start. As well as this, the words "Later that night" were found in the files.

    As such, people have concluded Midnight Motorist is straight after Charlotte's death, despite the fact this has so many contradictions. For one, Elizabeth is dead already, and CC is very much existent in this minigame. As well as this, Michael looks like his 1983 self so unless this took place that same year-

    Hang on a minute...

    (Reads through TFC)

    "Beloved daughter"

    "Charlotte Emily"




    Okay, I know that's not definitive proof, but I really can't find a way around this without overcomplicating things.

    Unless it's some other night where it was raining and making the same noise, but that sounds kinda dumb. And knowing Scott, this is the sorta trolly thing he's do.

    Have fun with that, timeline builders. I don't like it any more than you do.

    JR's and Green Guy

    Oh, don't I love this one.

    Okay, let's start with something basic; JR's is a common name for a pub or bar, and GG refuses to let us in. It's also pretty far out, being located in the woods down a narrow road. Focusing on just that we could simply say it's a bar and William's an alcoholic. However, this wouldn't be a complete analysis if we didn't look at everything, so let's focus on Scott's choice of colour for the man outside; green. FFPS seems to play on its colours a bit, so can we find anything relating to this particular colour?

    Well, yes. There's quite a lot.

    Firstly, I checked the cutscenes. I wasn't expecting much, but I found both the man and the bear wearing green, and each time it seemed to be in business related scenarios. It's also worth noting the colour orange creeps up in these images, with one image showing a guy wearing orange underneath green-

    Okay, no. The cutscenes have exhausted their usefulness here. Continuing on like this would result in something utterly crazy, like Green Guy being Orange Guy.

    So, anything else we can use?

    Well, green seemed to be a bit of a Henry related colour in the Security Puppet minigame. Our assigned colour was green, the Puppet's eyes were green and Charlotte's bracelet was green. By this logic, Green Guy is Henry. However, if assuming this is after Charlotte's death, why would Afton take such a risk by going back to the very place he just left from? It's a logical paradox.

    So, that out the way, is there any other possible way we can interpret this?

    Well, there is. You see, there's another use of the colour green in the series, which is a reoccurring theme in most minigames. People wearing green. The people that have literally no relevance other than just being there. Kids in posters, the kids we feed cake to in TCTTC, the hungry kids in Chica's Party, the running child in Mangle's Quest, the dancing children in Stage01, Crying Child in FNaF World, some of the onlookers in SL and even the kids in the starting minigame of FFPS. People that we simply don't need to analyse, because honestly it's fruitless.

    Using this, we can simply say GG was just a guy doing his job. End of story.

    Seriously, can you imagine Henry saying "come on man"?

    The footprints

    Okay, these ones.

    Honestly these things have made me tear my hair out looking for a solution. I've given reasoning for all the above points, but this one can bring them down with ease, resulting in a more complicated solution. Even if I say OG isn't William, it makes all the other stuff confusing, as it very much seemed to be that way.

    So, I've thought long and hard about this, and it is my honest conclusion that I believe the footprints to be...

    A red herring.

    Seriously, these things seem completely random. They appear to have come from nowhere, and they don't go anywhere. They're just there. OG pays no heed to them, and they don't intersect with the runaway child's path. They don't match the feet of any suspects(Nightmares or Funtimes), and if we say Glitchtrap it's a blatant retcon due to the fact we learnt of his existence after. Also, regardless of whether it's a costume or not, how do you make mamilian footprints with any of the above. Logically their feet should be completely flat, and a man cannot simply wear a fabric costume with three toes and leave footprints like that. At least, I don't think so.

    Therefore it is my conclusion that like the posters in the Security Puppet minigame, this means absolutely nothing at all. Like old Joe said: "not every story has to have significance."


    Is this right? Probably not. Are there other solutions? Certainly, but this was my take on it. It's highly speculative, and I have no way to prove anything I've said for certain. However, I haven't found anyone discussing some of the things in this, so I thought I'd get it out there. Feel free to call this out, perhaps you noticed a flaw or a detail I missed. I'm sure there's holes to this.

    Speaking of other solutions, Matpat made a video on Midnight Motorist recently. I don't necessarily believe it, but you should definitely check it out. He offered a lot of interesting ideas that you might like.

    I hope you enjoyed this, whatever this was.

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    • I mean, everyone does, so...

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  • Okay not really.

    Anyways, I may have been demoted from Wiki Hopper to Wall Crawler, but that doesn't mean I'll stay dead or whatever. I mean, I don't exactly have a way to get people here, but hopefully they'll bump into this.

    So, despite what's happened, I'll probably still post stuff, but not as regularly as before. I can only comment here and can't edit, which kinda sucks. But at least I'm alive, even if this will inevitably look rather silly. Oh well, can't exactly get back here at least not on this IP so yeah.

    And before you ask, I'm not apoligising for that comment. I apoligise for the KYS part obviously, but as for the rest he had that coming. You don't just screw with me like that and expect a good outcome.

    Negativity aside, I realise what I did was wrong and have plenty of time to reflect on that.



    Wow, I really suck at speeches.  Anyways I think that wraps whatever this was up.

    And tell the guys in writing to put more emphasis on the word dreaming-

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  • You have been blocked for infinite for the following reason(s): "Other: Telling people to kill themselves is indeed a bannable offense."

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  • in FGGG, Foxy does NOT cheer out children in the third scene. I mean he is like he understands that the children are dead. Like, possessed.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe FGGG=MCI, but that third scene thing doesn't make any sense.

    (Congrats on 9k edits, btw)

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  • Who do you really think the Orange Guy and Green Guy are?

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    • Trying to find a debunk for Orange Guy being Henry.

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    • Oh, okay.

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  • [1]

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  • Peanuttrap profile pic, I see.

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  • Do you think the users have became better? That was the reason for you to leave.

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    • Half and half.

      Honestly considering the way things have gone, horcruxes isn't even that bad an idea now. 

      Then again, I take that like my cereal; with a pinch of salt.

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    • Well, since we have Malhare, yeah. But that does not mean everything has to be about horcrux.

      He keeps thinking about the most complicated option, every single f-ing time.

      Also one little question: Which side do you think I am in? You have the right to not answer this.

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    • True. 

      Not entirely sure, but I don't mind either way.

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    • Fair enough.

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