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  • If a flying kayak loses a wheel over a tennis field, and the moon rises in the south with a purple glow, how many pancakes does it take to cover a kitty condo?

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  • Took some time to think about it, and looking back I don't think there's a reason for CC to become anyone after all. Plus, doesn't FNaF World provide some form of closure for CC with that Clock Ending?

    As for Shadow Freddy, well, I got my answer for this one from TTO. Due to him being on the cover(sort of) and how he is portrayed, I'm willing to accept he's some form of illusion or trick. I mean, given how 4's gameplay is hinted to have illusions in it of a similar nature, Shadow Freddy's appearance in that game makes a bit more sense, along with his behaviour in 3's minigames. Hell, it explains his constant design changes throughout the games, as it's different perceptions of the same thing.

    Actually, couldn't you extend this to the Phantoms? They all have Springtrap's eyes, and only appear when he is brought inside. Plus, TTO makes a point of William being able to control illusions and hallucinations after getting springlocked, so their presence along with Shadow Freddy's makes sense. Like, SF has kept on coming back each time William makes an appearance(discounting SL as that was a cutscene), which makes little sense if he's a spirit. Nightmare says "I am your wickedness, made of flesh." so they're connected somehow.

    Look, what I'm trying to say is... I was wrong to write your explanation off so quickly. Sorry about that.

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    • Yeah I think I know what you're referring to, it was in that book very briefly but it works.

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    • So little focus for a cover character...

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  • So, because I trust you, and because I want to see your opinion on them, I want to introduce to you the Etheridge family, the main antagonists (with one exception) that I created for my own original story that has no relation to anything at all; it is my own unique work that's not DoTM. The Etheridges are inspired by the Aftons to some degree, but hopefully they're not too similar to them. I won't really cover Maxwell and Penelope (the parents), because they don't have as large a role as their children.

    Some Worldbuilding: When the Earth came into existence, the angels of Harmonia and the demons of Oblivia were locked in a war to claim the planet for themselves. Harmonia and Oblivia had crystals in their central temples, which the gods used to create their forces. However, the war was brought to an abrupt end when the goddess of creation intervened and decided to use this planet for a new race that she would create, which was, well, humanity. Originally, humans obeyed the goddess without question and couldn't think for themselves, which earned her sympathy and she gave them the gift of free will, also allowing them to be influenced by concepts such as good and evil. The gods that ruled over Harmonia and Oblivia were pleased with their influence on the world, though they warned the goddess that if humanity were to ever grow to pose a threat to either of the realms, they'd resume their war and kill off all of mankind. The goddess acknowledged this and was content to retreat to her own realm and basically peaced out of the story. Meanwhile, many of the angels and demons who fought in the war turned into a new race known as the Husks as a result of losing their crystal fragments, which were their connection to light and/or darkness. With them came the existence of the Nihilscape, which was basically the void. The Husks were cast out by both Harmonia and Oblivia, so they tried to live peacefully alongside humanity on Earth. You can guess how well that went down. The Husks retreated back into the Nihilscape and were basically confined there for the rest of their existences.

    The Family In General: So, like the Aftons, they have a lot of insanity, and they experiment on souls. Unlike the Aftons however, the Etheridges actually do that as a career. Maxwell and Penelope, the parents of the family, are the founders of EtherTech Labs, a private organization funded by the US government, which is tasked with the experimentation of the angels and demons of Harmonia and Oblivia. They literally experiment on heaven and hell. The Etheridge bloodline also has a long history with mental illness, and while it skipped over Maxwell, it manifested in three out of four of his children (though I can't guarantee that their portrayals of their illnesses are 100% accurate). The Etheridge children were also all victims of parental abuse, bullying, and human experimentation, because Maxwell and Penelope were psychotic assholes (I have an explanation for why they're crazy but I'm not too sure about it) who saw their kids as "damaged" for their imperfections. They're also all geniuses. The kids were all taken to the central facility at some point, where crystal fragments were melted and injected into their bodies, which gave them all magical powers.

    Caleb Etheridge: The eldest of the Etheridge children, and the overall main antagonist. He's the mastermind behind all of the events in the present story. He was born with schizoid personality disorder, and he also has alexithymia, which is a personality construct that is defined as a lack of emotional awareness and difficulty in expressing and identifying emotions. As a result of his alexithymia, Caleb always felt empty inside, which resulted in him often behaving robotically, such as speaking in a monotone. With Caleb specifically, he’s capable of identifying emotions in other people and can certainly pretend to be a “normal” person, but he lacks understanding of his own emotions, and comes off as hollow and emotionless at times. When Caleb was around 16, he became administrator for EtherTech Labs, and was in charge of many of the experiments that took place in the facility located in the Nihilscape, including those involving Timothy and Hannah. Like his younger siblings, Caleb was experimented on by his parents, and his parents, who are also out of their mind, figured that his apparently emotionless nature would make him useful, as they thought that their son wouldn't care about what they did to him. Due to his time spent in the Nihilscape, the Husks noticed Caleb's presence and they actually empathized and identifed with him because of his own "empty" nature. As creatures associated with the void who also faced discrimination and drifted through life without a purpose, Caleb also empathized with them and was the first human to accept them instead of reject them. Over time, the Husks began to see Caleb as a parental figure, and he mutually saw them as his own children. The Husks also told him of their history with Harmonia and Oblivia, including the war to claim Earth and the whole "humanity posing a threat to the realms means a second war" thing. It was then that Caleb formed the Android Soldier Program, which involved the kidnapping and execution of innocents in order to transfer their souls into robotic vessels specifically designed to access the same magic that angels and demons had (to be clear, Android Soldier vessels start out looking like plastic mannequins, but when they have a soul implanted in them, they take on the exact appearance of the human soul residinng within). When Caleb proposed this to his parents, he told them that the purpose of the program was to give the US military an advantage over other nations by reviving fallen soldiers and giving them magical abilities; however, his actual intention for the project was to create a subservient army to lay siege to both Harmonia and Oblivia in order to seize the crystals and bring them back to the Nihilscape, with his younger siblings, Timothy and Hannah, leading them as their generals. As a result, Caleb would orchestrate a second war between Harmonia and Oblivia, which would not only result in many humans being slaughtered, but also a lot of angel and demon casualties. Given that the angels and demons were created using the crystals, their souls would return to them, which would give the Etheridges access to all these souls. Caleb's goal is to transform himself and his younger siblings into deities who could rule the universe, usurping the previous gods and bringing upon the destruction of the angel, demon, and human races, allowing the Husks to migrate out of the cold, dark void that was the Nihilscape and live in whatever realm they desired. Caleb basically wants to commit universal genocide so that the alien race he sees as his children can thrive without any discrimination towards them.

    Serena Etheridge: The second-oldest of the Etheridge children, and the leader of the Android Soldier recruitment party. Serena was actually the only child of Maxwell and Penelope's born without any sort of mental illness; instead, she was actually born with physical deformities, and while her siblings are hated by their parents for being mentally ill, she was hated by them simply because of her appearance. Because of her parents' treatment of her, she was very insecure about how she looked, and hated going outside because she was ashamed of herself. When Serena was transferred over to the facility as a test subject, she eventually broke down and committed suicide not long after the Android Soldier Program began. Caleb witnessed Serena's death, and out of sympathy, he built her her own android vessel to host her soul, which allowed Serena to magically alter her appearance however she wanted. She was able to finally look at her reflection in the mirror without shame, and she felt beautiful for the first time. However, with her newfound beauty came extreme vanity, and given the programming of the Android Soldiers, Serena became loyal to her older brother's cause. She became the head scientist for EtherTech, and as the leader of the recruitment party, her main role was to basically kidnap and/or kill people off the streets and bring their souls back to create more Android Soldiers. Her reason for assisting Caleb was because she became obsessed with her own beauty and felt that others didn't deserve it, so she wanted to rid the world of humanity so that she could remain as the only beautiful one (aside from her sister Hannah) left alive, while the Husks, who were considered ugly by human standards, would bow down to her as one of their goddesses.

    Hannah Etheridge: The youngest of the Etheridge children, and one of Caleb's intended vassal rulers, alongside Timothy. Hannah is Timothy's younger twin sister, and she was born with borderline personality disorder, meaning that she has difficulty regulating her own emotions, and often has intense mood-swings. After all of the strenuous experiments, she began to develop a hatred for humanity itself (with the only exception being her older sister and twin brother), which only increased after Serena's temporary death. "Splitting" is one of the symptoms of BPD, where people separate good and bad people into two different categories and often view it as all-or-nothing; either you're all good or you're all bad, with no middle ground, and Hannah definietely struggles with that. Hannah is also one of the few characters who I have a specific ability for, and hers is very important to the plot. Her primary ability is memory manipulation, which both Caleb and Hannah herself only discovered after she was transformed into an Android Soldier. Hannah and Timothy both attempted to escape the EtherTech facility at one point, but they were unsuccessful, which would resulted in the former's current status. While her misanthropy was amplified due to the corruptive Android Soldier programming, she did still retain some humanity in her; despite all of the messed-up shit that goes on in the Etheridge family, Caleb, Serena, and Hannah did love Timothy, so they decided to alter his memories to give him a chance at living a normal life instead of forcefully turning him into an Android Soldier. Hannah's goal with her involvement in Caleb's plot is essentially the desire to see all of humanity suffer a slow and painful death because of her misanthropy. She and Chara would probably be good friends.

    Timothy Etheridge: The second-youngest of the Etheridge children, and the main protagonist of the story. Timothy was born with paranoid schizophrenia, and has suffered episodes of psychosis, which only worsened due to his family. The present story begins when he returns after being admitted to a mental hospital because of one of his episodes. Timothy is shy and reclusive, and also has social anxiety; he's often paranoid and distrustful of others, but people who are close to him get to his true personality, where he's sweet, polite, and quirky, if not a tad childish at times. While his memories are heavily altered, Timothy still suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations, including those involving events from the past. His biggest fear is that everyone he loves will grow tired of him and eventually abandon him because of his psychotic episodes. It's also because of his schizophrenia that he's basically an outcast at school, with people spreading rumors about him and giving him a bad reputation. While he's not a saint and has his own issues, he is basically the white sheep of the Etheridge family, and he gets wrapped up in the machinations of his siblings. 

    If you've somehow reached the end, I applaud you, and I hope they don't sound too bad.

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    • Neat.

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    • Gaster is Caleb, by the way, if you didn't feel like translating the Wingdings.

      But you probably could guess that.

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  • so take this as another birthday greeting which means you are now twice as older this year


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  • Hope you have an amazing birthday, Star!

    (Also, a really cool drawing.)

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  • Bappy hirthday

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  • Here, have some cake!


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  • I hope you have an amazing birthday, Star! 8D

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