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  • I live in The place where fact and fiction are one and the same.
  • My occupation is Student of the art of Storycraft i.e. I love to write.
  • I am Male but I have been told I'm quite feminine in terms of personality.
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  • Have you watched How Ridiculous’s shovel video yet, because you should if you haven’t.

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    • My thoughts exactly.

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    • Honestly I just want the energy to do the things I want, feeling a little burnt out recently.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Bunnyeatschildren is back he was a guy that posted porn and nsfw he got an infinite ban but he’s back

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  • Something about a user called "LolbitLover" who's pretending to be someone lese under another account, a user called "Waveprotogen221" is being harassed for (at least from what I can tell) no reason (mainly by a user called "Chickenoodles3", who was also being homophobic), etc.

    I'm telling all the Discussion monitors because I hope I'll catch someone who's on and can sort this out. Besides, it might take a team effort to deal with everything.

    Please help.

    Here's everything I can find:

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  • I know I could move this to discord, but I would like to continue having these little messages here for the sake of it (even though nobody can really barge in on us if it's just a DM). Plus, keep me on the wiki for at least a little bit of something, as you know.

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    Santademon closed this thread because:
    Post limit.
    11:55, June 22, 2020
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    • Yeah, which is exciting. Has there been a shift on the whole “releasing everything at once” claim?

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    • Don't know, I'm out of the loop.

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  • I think that Scott cawthon doesn’t like w foxy or w Freddy so he didn’t want to add them to ultimate custom night.

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  • So, Scott made FNAF 4 out of responses to critiques of the FNAF3 jump scares? Was it not easier to just update the game with new ones?