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Marla is a deuteragonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series. She is one of Charlie's childhood friends.

The Freddy Files Description: "Marla is determined and strong-willed, with a big personality that can lighten the mood of those around her. She is extremely loyal to those she loves, and is one of the few friends that made sure to stay in touch with Charlie after everyone moved away."

Physical Appearance

She wears a loose, dark red blouse, setting off her fair skin and dark brown hair.


She's described as very intense, like if it was contagious, spreading out to whoever was in her path. When she was gloomy, a pall fell over all her friends, the sun gone behind her cloud. When she was happy, it was impossible to avoid the lift of her joy. She was always breathless, always slightly scattered, always giving the impression that she was running late, though she almost never was.


Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Marla first appears in Chapter 3, along with Lamar and Jason when they meet with the other four. Marla and the group go to the ceremony dedicated to Michael Brooks, who was murdered ten years ago.

Marla later appears with the group when they go to the abandoned pizzeria. She plays with the controls in the Control Room, along with Lamar, Carlton, and Jessica. Marla then later appears with the group when they visit the pizzeria again, however, they encounter a security guard named Dave Miller, who threatens to call the police. They convince Dave to come with them, and promise never to return. Marla and the group (but Jason) went back to the Control Room, they struggle with the controls until Dave decides to try. They are amazed by his skills. A little later, the animatronics start to go haywire, everyone starts to panic and they manage to escape except for Carlton. Jason then tells the group what happened to Carlton.

The next day, Marla and the group go back to Freddy's to find Jason and save Carlton. Lamar and Marla successfully find Jason. She is later seen again with Lamar and Jason in the Control Room, trying to find Carlton.

Sometime later, Marla and Lamar realized they forgot to check on Pirate's Cove, Foxy bursts in and takes Jason with him. Marla and Lamar go looking for him, Jason runs up to them, but they see Foxy, the three then hide under a table, however, Lamar hears a music box, which was revealed to be coming from Freddy Fazbear. Freddy flips the tables and reaches his hand towards them, fortunately, he's stopped by John. Jason, Marla, Lamar, and the rest of the group try to escape the pizzeria, however, they are stalled by the four adult-sized animatronics, who are about to kill them. Then, Golden Freddy appears and instantly stops the animatronics from harming them. Marla is last seen with the group in Chapter 13, after escaping the pizzeria.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones

Marla appears in the final chapter, where she meets John, Jessica, and Arty at a diner. The four of them talk about Charlie and her death. Just then, the four of them see "Charlie" but in an altered appearance, coming to the diner. Marla and Jessica happily run up to her, while Arty and John remained at the booth confused.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

Marla first appears in Chapter 2, she is at Carlton's house, along with Jessica and Carlton. By the time John arrives, they are excited that he came. The group then starts to talk about Charlie, and how she's different lately.

Marla later appears at the hospital with John, Jessica, Charlie, and Carlton where Clay is recovering from his brutal injury. When the doctor says Clay will be okay, everyone is relieved except for Charlie. The doctor then tells everyone to leave.

Some time later, she and Carlton meet up with John and Jessica, they think of a plan to know where real Charlie is and to stop William.

Later, Marla and Carlton go to Circus Baby's Pizza World, when they come in, they see children which turn on to be Bidybabs playing on the monkey bars.

Marla and Carlton roam the pizzeria, when they hear Funtime Freddy, this leads both of them to end up in a mirror maze, luckily they are able to escape.

Later Marla and Carlton go to rescue Jessica and the three kids. Marla shoves the illusionary device into Jessica's ear, as Carlton goes to find the taken kid.

Marla, Jessica, and the three kids run to the exit, however they are being chased by Funtime Foxy. Marla and Jessica try to fend the fox off from harming the kids.

When they reach the exit, Funtime Foxy is near, so Jessica decides to distract it and go for her. She tells the other four to go out. Jessica takes the device out, and the fox starts chasing her through the pizzeria.

After Jessica manages to defeat Funtime Foxy and the Bidybabs. Marla, Jessica and the three kids leave.

The day after, Marla, Jessica, John, and Clay are in the hospital, near Carlton's side as he is recovering from his near-death injury.

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