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I am now so many pieces of people, all making me the fox I am today!
Mangle, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Mangle is one of the antagonists in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, first appearing in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. They are a reimagined version of the original Foxy, and was later repurposed after being severely damaged.

Physical Appearance

Proof that toddlers can destroy almost anything. With white and pink features and a visible endoskeleton, Mangle doesn't look like Foxy at all.
The Freddy Files, page 39,

Unlike most other versions of Foxy, Mangle is meant to be a clown. They are also the most damaged and irreparable verison of Foxy.

Mangle has red cheeks, as well as lipstick haphazardly dotted on their elongated snout. They also have pink eyelids and long eyelashes. Their teeth are also smaller, but their endoskeleton's teeth are also visible. A pink bow tie is also attached to their bent chassis, and their eyes also appear to be more realistic in design than the others. They also have a second head that seems completely endoskeleton in design, which bears Mangle's left eye on it. If looked at closely, it can be seen that Mangle has pink nail polish on its feet.

Mangle is clearly in a disfigured and mutilated state, they seem, completely to the point of non-fixable. Mangle also does not seem to have a suit at all, them being almost entirely an endoskeleton, except for their head, both of their hands, one of its feet, and a spherical white tail, which remains attached to their endoskeleton. Mangle's head is white and has pale red accents on their inner ear, snout, and around their eyes. Their right eye is still attached to their costumed head, unlike their left eye, which is still attached to their endoskeleton head. They appears to be the only toy animatronic in a worse state than their older counterparts.

Their costume head also appears to be dislocated from the endoskeleton's head, which can be seen attached to a neck-like limb near them. Mangle appears to be almost entirely made out of endoskeleton limbs. Wires hang from multiple parts of their body. There are also three eyes of their multiple-endoskeleton-like body to be seen when Mangle is in the Kid's Cove.

In Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, Mangle’s tail is now colored with a pink end. This can be seen when viewing their model in the Gallery.

In Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, Mangle has scratches similar to the other animatronics.


Revealed in Ultimate Custom Night, They tend to mock their victims in a rather sadistic manner. They also appear to be aware of the fact that they are in severe disrepair, and their lines imply that they were already sentient and self-aware when kids started to rip them apart. Their voice uses several different pitches (both masculine and feminine) at once while also sounding somewhat distorted. Scott Cawthon describes Mangle's voice as being almost indiscernible.

Their personality has been added to in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. Similar to the other animatronics, Mangle has a murderous personality, threatening the player while getting ready to attack. They speak in an unpredictable tone of voice, sometimes rephrasing their words from friendly to morbid. One of their lines suggested that they're traumatized by the memory of what happened in Kid's Cove. Despite seemingly not caring that they are in severe disrepair, they also seem obsessed with staying in one piece at all times, in that whenever they lose too many pieces of what remains of their body, their temper increasingly drops to the point of being childish and furious.


The staff literally had to put Foxy back together after every shift. Eventually, they stopped trying and left him as some 'take apart and put back together' attraction. Now, he's just a mess of parts. I think the employees refer to him as just... "The Mangle".
Phone Guy describing the origin of Mangle, Five Nights at Freddy's 2

The cause for Mangle's severely mutilated state, as noted by Phone Guy from the second game, is due to the exposure to toddlers, who would constantly rip them apart, piece by piece, forcing the staff to reassemble them after every shift. Eventually, the staff decided that Mangle would become a "take apart and put together attraction" for the younger kids to mess around with. The result of this has since caused them to be dubbed by the staff as "the Mangle". In Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, The Mangle’s main head is shown to be capable of swiveling vertically at a 360 degree angle.


Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Mangle begins the night in a corner at Kid's Cove, in a contorted heap of machinery. Once activated, they will mainly travel the pizzeria via the ceiling. However, in some rooms, they may be seen traveling via either wall or floor, almost appearing to spectate the area. They travel through the Prize Corner, Game Area, Main Hall, the hallway outside the Office, then Party Room 1, and then Party Room 2, before finally crawling through the Right Air Vent to reach The Office.

Mangle does not try to enter the office from the hallway. They frequently appear in the same room with other animatronics. When they move in or out of a room that is monitored by the cameras, a static feed will occur. Mangle will generally only enter The Office when another animatronic is currently in there, thus making both the animatronic in The Office and Mangle easier to fend off.


Mangle's Jumpscare in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Mangle is a fairly active animatronic, as they can leave Kid's Cove as early as 12 AM on Night 2 and arrive at the hallway within the hour. It is not important to watch them, as their radio frequency sounds can be heard when they are in the vent (this is not heard in the original mobile version, so it is vital to keep an eye on them there.). Once Mangle is spotted in the Right Air Vent's blind spot, the player must put on the Freddy Fazbear Head to ward them off. If the player brings up and then lowers the Monitor before putting the head on, Mangle will appear on the ceiling in the night guard's office. Unlike other animatronics, Mangle cannot be repelled by the Freddy Fazbear Head in this position, no matter how fast the player's reaction time is.

At this point, Mangle may randomly attack after the Monitor is pulled up and down, where their head swings down from the ceiling towards the night guard's face, seemingly intending to bite them. It appears they cannot be made to leave once inside The Office, besides waiting until 6 AM, which makes surviving the night nearly impossible unless they are very close to the end; bringing up the Monitor will trigger Mangle's attack once lowered again, but the player will need to use it to wind the Music Box, lest The Puppet come after them. On early nights, however, Mangle may not attack when the Monitor is raised.

However, if the player does put on the head when Mangle is in the Right Air Vent, then they will exit the vent and return to the Main Hall, and their cycle will repeat from there.

From the Custom Night, night modes where Mangle is active are listed as follows:

  • New & Shiny
  • Ladies Night
  • Foxy Foxy
  • Cupcake Challenge
  • Fazbear Fever
  • Golden Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Mangle only appears as a lifeless pile of parts in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 along with the other Five Nights at Freddy's 2 animatronics (excluding the withered animatronics.) Their appearance does not affect gameplay and is only there for aesthetic purposes. They are majorly replaced by Phantom Mangle.

Mangle's most notable appearance is in the minigame "Mangle's Quest". This minigame can be accessed only on Night 2, by viewing CAM 07 and clicking on the top-left, then bottom-left, then top-right, then bottom-right buttons on the left side of the arcade machine.

In this game, the player plays as Mangle trying to collect all of their mechanical parts, while avoiding a child running around. Touching the child will abruptly end the minigame. Upon collecting all of Mangle's parts, an Exit door will appear on the very right, and touching said door will end the minigame.

However, if the player is aiming to get the "Good Ending", new actions must be taken. After collecting all of Mangle's parts and avoiding the child, then the player will be able to exit the inner room by jumping through an invisible exit in the top-right of the inner room. Mangle will then fall a considerable distance into a primarily red-colored atmosphere until they reach the ground. Going left will reveal several red balloon platforms. Follow these red balloons, and if BB's Air Adventure has advanced to at least the Third Ending, Mangle will find a cake on the last red balloon. Touching this will end the minigame and unlock the Foxy/Mangle mask child in the Happiest Day minigame.

Upon collecting this cake, the player must return to BB's Air Adventure and give it to the gray child found in the game.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Like most of the other original animatronics from the previous installments, Mangle does not make any major appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. They only make one brief appearance as a toy in an Atari-style minigame at the end of Night 1 and Night 3.

While the original Mangle doesn't represent themself in gameplay, they are replaced with their nightmarish incarnation, Nightmare Mangle who majorly replaces Nightmare Foxy in the Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Update.

In the minigames, if the player walks all the way to the end of the Bedroom to the right, they can find a toy of Mangle, which consists only of their mask head, their endoskeleton head, one of their limbs, and scattered bits of endoskeleton pieces. It should be noted that they are pink colored.

Ultimate Custom Night

Unlike the other animatronics in the vents, once Mangle reaches the vent opening he will never leave. Use the vent-snare to prevent her from making it that far.
In-game description,

Mangle returns as one of the selectable characters of Ultimate Custom Night.

Mangle, like a few other animatronics, will climb into the Vents to attack the player. To fend them off, the player needs to activate one of the three available Vent Snares to block off Mangle's attack. However, if they reach the vent opening, they will not leave even if the player closes it, much like Freddy Fazbear from the first game, and also will never leave once they sneak into The Office. Once they reaches the vent opening, they will also stay there and create garbled noises that increase the Noise Meter, which they will continue to create until the end of the night and if they enter the office.

Mangle's Jumpscare

Mangle's jumpscare in Ultimate Custom Night.

Once inside the office, if the player keeps flicking up the monitor constantly, Mangle will drop down to perform their jumpscare and end the night in the process. Due to their small frame and mutilated state, Mangle can slip past Withered Chica into the office if she is stuck in the vent opening, unlike other animatronics. Due to the fact that Mangle only attacks when the monitor is raised, they can be easily countered by never raising it, but it becomes nearly impossible to survive the night if animatronics that require constant attention on the monitor to block are active, such as the Puppet, Toy Freddy, and the Mediocre Melodies, unless the player is very close to 6 AM. If there are no animatronics active that require raising the monitor and the player never does so, Mangle can never attack the player.

The challenges in which Mangle is present are as follows:

  • Ladies Night 1
  • Ladies Night 2
  • Ladies Night 3
  • Creepy Crawlies 1
  • Creepy Crawlies 2
  • Old Friends
  • Chaos 3

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted


Mangle attacking the player, animated.


Blacklight Mangle attacking the player, animated.

Mangle returns as one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, appearing in their titular level in the Vent Repair section. During this section, after HandUnit malfunctions and the player flips the lever to activate their headlight, Mangle appears in the vent directly in front of them before retreating into the vent. From then on, the player must repair each vent while warding off Mangle, who will have a new path to attack the player for each new vent they open. Failing to ward off Mangle with their headlight will result in the player getting a jumpscare. In the Blacklight version of the level, a second, Blacklight Mangle will be active, both Mangles will be much faster than usual, and all three vents open at once, giving both of them a chance to easily attack the player if they are not paying attention.

They also appear in the FNAF 2 levels, where they are active from Night 3 onward (unlike in the previous FNAF 2, where they became active on Night 2). In said levels, they now behave the same way as Toy Bonnie and the withered animatronics besides Withered Foxy did in the original game, and Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica and Withered Bonnie in Ultimate Custom Night. As with the original game, when encountered, the player must put on the Freddy Fazbear head to ward them off. However, instead of leaving back through the vent, they now enter the office when the player puts on the Freddy Fazbear head and will leave after some time. They can now also enter the office from the hallway and has a new pose while in the hallway. Failing to ward off Mangle will result in them jumpscaring the player. In the Pizza Party level of Night Terrors, Mangle appears dangling above in a room where the player has to select their favorite flavor of cake for a party. Mangle will jumpscare the player if they stay in the room too long.

Mangle returns once again in two levels of the Curse of Dreadbear DLC, in the Build-A-Mangle and Trick Or Treat.


Mangle starts to emerge from the vent in front of the player if an incorrect part is dropped into the chute, serving as a warning to the player that they need to drop the rest of the parts in correctly. If three incorrect parts are dropped into the chute, Mangle will immediately jumpscare the player. They will also jumpscare the player if they fail to create an animatronic performer in time, shortly after HandUnit's message noting their poor performance.

Trick Or Treat

Occasionally, Mangle will block the window on either side of the door. The only way to make Mangle go away is to put on the Mangle Mask. After putting it on, Mangle will leave, and the player will then have to put on the correct mask for the animatronic at the door.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Mangle returns in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. Unlike other animatronics, Mangle cannot be shocked by the player. Instead, the player must collect their fallen parts in time. For every part the player collects, the time limit gets shorter. During their haywire, the player must put the mask on and look away. The player must also put on the mask when Mangle charges.

Once enough parts are collected, Mangle will charge the player and get automatically shocked.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2





Five Nights at Freddy's 3




Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Ultimate Custom Night

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Gallery Menu


Model and Animations


Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery




Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Audio Description
Warning: Loud!
Elec garble
Mangle's garbled static when in the player's field of vision, either via the camera or while in The Office.
The sound Mangle makes when killing the night guard. This same sound is played when any animatronic attacks the night guard, Golden Freddy and BB being exceptions.
The sounds Mangle makes when it moves.

Ultimate Custom Night

Audio Dialogue Description
"Now I get to play take-apart-and-put-back-together! You won't feel a thing." After killing the player.
"I wanted to wait until just the right moment to drop in!" After killing the player.
"It's so much more fun hanging out in here with you!" After killing the player.
"Don't be afraid! Soon you'll look just like me...Beautiful!" After killing the player.
"He's here, and always watching...The one you shouldn't have killed." After killing the player.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

I know it's been a long time, but don't you think the wait was worth it?


Now I have you all to myself...


I hope that piece wasn't important


I've seen better days, but I know you won't let me down


Now it's my turn to play take-apart-and-put-back-together.

NowIt sMyTurn

I don't regret the experiences that have led me to be the fox that I am

IDon tRegret

Don't tell anyone...but they're all just jealous of how pretty I am...

Don tTellAnyone

Shhh...just be still...


We're going to have such terrible, wonderful fun

We reGoingToHave

I know I put that piece somewhere


Where is that part off to now?!

I really thought you would look a lot happier to see me.


Where did that piece go?


Why hello there, stranger

I am now so many pieces of people, all making me the fox I am today!


There now...this won't hurt at all!

What dropped off me now?!


No! Not another piece!


It is missing!


Why, just staying in one piece feels like a full-time job...


Oops...I think I dropped something...


You really went completely to pieces there!


Was that really the best you could do?


We must be very quiet now. Shhh....


I still feel so empty


We are a perfect paragon of pleasing. We are a perfect paragon of perilous


We can hear you. We can smell you


I only wish this party had made me feel better!






What was that, that dropped off me now?!


See? I Can be put back together again...


Sorry I was late to the party. I'm so glad to be here, you know

It will all be over soon. So very, very soon

There now, this won't hurt at all...There now, this will hurt a lot!


Now...Wasn't that worth the wait?


Not again! I must find the piece!

No...not again!

No, no, no, no, NO!

Well, hello there, stranger

I know they said I couldn't be put back together, but see how wrong they were?


Where? WHERE IS IT?!


Well, hello there, stranger...Well, hello there, victim...


Why are you looking so scared? Don't you wanna be like me?


It's like I say: "You can't keep a good fox apart"!

So many little many pieces of friends

This almost makes us yearn for the days of the Kid's Cove... Never again. Never. Never, ever, never.


After all this is over, don't be a stranger!


You don't seem very happy to see us...perhaps it was something we said...

So many pieces, so little time!

Another piece gone! I must find myself...

Why was I made only to fall apart like this?!

The sound Mangle makes when attacking the player.

Warning: Loud!


Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • Mangle is the only redesigned animatronic to be withered and destroyed.
  • Despite categorically being a "Toy" animatronic, Mangle was seemingly called Funtime Foxy prior to their disrepair based on merchandising and their debut in FNaF World. This was a deliberate decision, implying that Mangle may have been established prior to the "Toy" generation.
    • Mangle is a "Funtime" animatronic in the alternate "novel" universe, further suggesting a link between the two iterations of Foxy. It should be noted, however, that the novel series is a seperate continuity to the game series, despite there being obvious connections.
    • The name "Toy Foxy" has never actually been referenced by official sources of any degree. Despite this, the moniker is still commonly used by outside sources as to not create confusion with the version seen in Sister Location.
  • A close look at the drawings in the trailer and in Kid's Cove depicts Mangle being torn apart by young children.
    • This could indicate that Mangle was an established character prior to the creation of the "Toy" animatronics, which would also explain why Mangle was originally referred to as Funtime Foxy.
  • Mangle is one of Kellen Goff's (the voice actor of Funtime Freddy) favorite animatronics from the series, the other one being Ennard.[1]
    • Coincidentally, they are the only two animatronics to have a vent repair level in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. This is likely due to them being the only known animatronics that can climb up walls.
  • Whenever Mangle appears, there is a loud radio-interference sound, likely due to Mangle being extremely damaged, including their voice-box. The sound is absent in the mobile version (except in the remastered version, where it has been added), and is also absent when Mangle is outside the office in the hallway.
  • Out of all of the animatronics, Mangle seems to be in the worst state of disrepair - to the extent that they are a nearly costume-less endoskeleton.
  • Mangle may have two endoskeleton heads, if not two full endoskeletons. Upon close view of the suit head, the secondary pair of teeth and white pupils of a typical endoskeleton are visible, but another endoskeleton head that is exposed can be seen alongside it, sporting Mangle's missing left eye.
  • While Mangle is referred to as "he" by the Phone Guy, one of the Custom Night Challenges, titled "Ladies Night," includes Toy Chica, Withered Chica, and Mangle. However, the term "Ladies Night" is used to refer to a night when special discounts are available to women, not when men are absent. It is also possible that Scott Cawthon added Mangle to the challenge for balance (as there would have only been two animatronics present). The fact that Foxy is present in the "Double Trouble" challenge also makes this possible. As such, Mangle's "true gender" remains disputed.
    • Manglegenderconfirmed
      On September 17, 2015, Scott Cawthon jokingly stated that the answer to whether Mangle is male or female is "yes".[2]
    • Since then, Mangle uses both pronounces "he" and "she".
  • There is a common hypothesis that Mangle may have caused The Bite of '87.
    • One factor supporting this theory is Mangle's attack animation. Like Foxy, Mangle attacks by lunging at the night guard's forehead, where the frontal lobe is located. Most of the other animatronics simply scream in the night guard's face, popping up from the bottom of the screen.
    • Another factor that also supports this is that Mangle was the only active animatronic of the three most likely suspects when The Bite of '87 apparently took place; Foxy and Freddy Fazbear, the other two prime candidates, were put away in Parts/Service at the time.
  • Despite being in a complete state of disrepair, Mangle is still apparently capable of supporting themself enough, to the point where they are able to cling to ceilings and walls, and lunge.
  • Mangle is one of the two animatronics to be seen in their starting location on the Custom Night, the other one being Balloon Boy.
  • In-game files show that many of Mangle's appearances in rooms other than Kid's Cove, the Right Air Vent, and The Office's entrance involve overlaying a transparent image of them over the image used for the camera feed. This means they can show up in any room regardless of what animatronic is already there.
    • As a result, Mangle is the only animatronic in the game who makes at least one appearance with every other animatronic.
  • Mangle's glossy-black eyes can be seen when they are in the hallway with Foxy, as well as in the Game Area.
  • Upon inspection of several textures of Mangle, including their appearance in the Game Area, it can be seen that the endoskeleton head clips through Mangle's ear.
  • Although Mangle has a hook similar to Foxy's in the teaser for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 that features the two of them together, they do not appear to have a hook at all in the game themself. This may be because of the nature of Mangle's "take apart and put back together" status, as the hook may have been lost or removed. Although, since Mangle has both hands, it is believed that the idea of adding a hook for Mangle was scrapped.
    • Mangle, along with their counterparts Phantom Mangle and Nightmare Mangle, is one of Foxy's counterparts not to have a hook. Two others being Phantom Foxy and Funtime Foxy.
  • When Mangle is in Kid's Cove, an eyeball is visible about a foot away from them on the floor. After they have left, the eyeball disappears.
    • This does not appear to be Mangle's missing eye, as their second endoskeleton head can be seen bearing it.
  • Mangle is the only one of the new animatronics who does not carry a prop while traversing Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
  • Mangle is one of the only characters that does not have an unlockable plushie or figurine on the Custom Night, along with Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, and the Puppet.
  • Mangle has a rare chance to be active on Night 1, similar to the original Foxy from the first game.
    • However, unlike the first game, they aren't dictated by player inactivity, rather by chance.
  • Mangle, along with its original counterpart Foxy, BB, and the Puppet are the only main animatronics who don't appear in the main menu.
  • Just like the other new animatronics, Mangle was scrapped at the end of Night 6 due to possible malfunctioning.
  • Mangle is the only animatronic that has different colors to their original counterpart. This could be because it is a "funtime" animatronic which are known for their circus-themed color schemes.
  • Mangle's attack is similar to Bonnie's and Chica's from the first game, in which they will not leave the Office once they enter, and will only attack after the player raises and lowers the Monitor. They may rarely also force the Monitor down if it is not lowered, similarly to the first game.
  • If one looks closely enough, they can see Mangle's animatronic white iris staring at them in Kids' Cove.
  • Mangle and Withered Foxy are the only pair of counterparts who can regularly be seen in the same room together. They both often appear in the hallway outside of the Office.
  • When looking closely at Mangle's jumpscare, the endoskeleton head can be seen looking at Mangle, This may be due to its eye being broken, or it could be watching Mangle make the kill.
  • Mangle's textures in the Main Hall and Party Room 1 are exactly the same, just in different positions.
  • Mangle's model is given a horizontal flip in the Thank you! images. This is most apparent by not only their eyes swapping places, but also their extra head being on the opposite side as well. As Scott was known to randomly reposition the animatronics in the images in order to display them better, this flip likely occurred for similar reasons.
  • Mangle is one of the few animatronics to not have a repeating jumpscare.


  • If one looks closely while Mangle is in the Right Air Vent, their endoskeleton head from the left side clips through the vent ceiling.
  • When Mangle is in the Game Area and Party Room 2, their ear clips through the endoskeleton head's jaw.
  • When Mangle is outside of the office hallway, their head appears to be floating.


  • If Mangle appears in the vents and the player puts the Freddy Fazbear Head on, Toy Bonnie will instead slide into The Office as seen here.
  • While Mangle is hanging on the ceiling of The Office, they will disappear when another animatronic enters the room. Mangle will reappear after said animatronic has left The Office.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • In the minigames, Mangle has purple eyes instead of yellow.
    • Both Mangle and the endoskeleton head have two eyes, as well.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • From the Character Guide announcement on the game's Steam page, Scott describes the mechanics for Mangle with his own words:

Mangle makes his way through the vent system, but unlike the other animatronics in the vents, once he reaches the vent to the player's office, he will never leave and will enter the player's office the moment the vent door opens. The only way to stop her is to use the vent snare, which can only be active in one place at a time, forcing the player to keep track of Mangle's location in the vents to ensure that the correct vent snare is active. Once in the player's office, Mangle will hang from the ceiling, creating audio disturbances, before eventually dropping down to jumpscare the player.[3]

    • It also serves as a throwback to their original behavior, in which whenever Mangle enters the office through the vents, they will create distorted audio sounds and eventually jumpscare the player via swinging down to bite them.
  • Mangle's mechanic description using both male and female pronouns references Scott Cawthon's running gag of keeping Mangle's gender ambiguous ever since Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
    • Tying into the running gag of Mangle's gender being left ambiguous, their voice is heavily distorted using both masculine and feminine-sounding tones rolled into one single voice.
    • Their alternate counterpart from Sister Location, Funtime Foxy (who was also gender ambiguous) is only referred to with male pronouns and bears a clear masculine voice.
    • In Toy Chica: The High School Years, one of the boys Toy Chica is after happens to be a version of Funtime Foxy (who resembles both incarnations of the character seen in the series).
    • Mangle as they appeared in "The Bear and the Fox" also has a masculine voice.
  • One of Mangle's death quotes makes a throwback to their original occupation, in which they were meant to be a "Take-Apart-and-Put-Back-Together attraction" for the kids to play with.
  • During their jumpscare, Mangle features no visible endoskeleton jaw.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

  • This is the very first time Mangle's full model can be seen at once unless one counts the "Thank You" image that was once shown on Scott Cawthon's website.
    • By extracting their model from the game files, Mangle is shown to possess three legs, with one extra leg behind their left leg.
    • Including the two heads, Mangle appears to have 8 limbs, supporting the possibility that they may be comprised of more than one endoskeleton.
  • The fact that Mangle activates on Night 3 in this game instead of Night 2 like in the original Five Nights at Freddy's 2 may be because Phone Guy only introduces Mangle on Night 3. In the original game, the player would already know of Mangle's presence by the time Phone Guy introduces them, as they moves very quickly and will reach the office at least once that night, forcing the player to encounter them and ward them off.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

  • Similar to Circus Baby, Mangle raises their voice unlike their previous appearance in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Some of their lines suggest that Mangle is an amalgamation of other animatronics.
    • Mangle also pronounces themself as "we".
    • Their voice being multiple voices speaking at once may support this.


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  2. OK. People have been asking me about Mangle's gender for almost a year now, and I think it's time that I finally answer the burning question about whether Mangle is a boy or a girl so that this community can finally put the matter behind them. The answer is- Yes. - Scott Cawthon, Steam - September 17, 2015 @ 5:42 PM
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  • Mangle Did The Bite Of 87

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    • To be honest I don't think they're 'aiming' for the fore head your forehead just happens to be convieniently the closest th...
  • Mangle is NOT FUNTIME FOXY

    17 messages
    • PleaseStandBy247 wrote:They don't have the same name |mangle is just a nickname
    • I know. Mangle's real name is Toy Foxy, and the only simalarity to Funtime Foxy's name is the word Foxy, which only defines what ani...
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