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Mad Endo is an endoskeleton boss and one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World. He guards yellow and red chests in Deep-Metal Mine. He also guards a red chest in a hidden part of Choppy's Woods.


Mad Endo's appearance is almost identical to Endo-02's appearance, minus the skeleton-like head and the strange two-toed feet. Its body seems to be merged together, giving it a strange look. It is noticeable that if one looks closely, it has sharp claws. Overclock and Gold Endo have them as well, due to being just a powered-up version with nothing changing in appearance and a recolor, respectively.


Basic blue tackle attackDeals medium damage to a single party member.
Decreases the attack power of all party members and negates the effects of Gift Boxes and Neon Wall.




  • Mad Endo first appears in FNaF World: Halloween Edition as an enemy rather than a boss.
  • Mad Endo is the only boss in the game to have an entire recolor counterpart.
  • Mad Endo is one of the bosses appearing in the "Merry Christmas" image; three others are Bubba, Browboy, and Porkpatch.
  • Mad Endo shares the same appearance as Overclock.
    • Though, Mad Endo shares the similar appearance with Gold Endo.
  • Mad Endo is the only boss in the game to have more than one counterpart.
  • Mad Endo simply guards chests in the mine, like Eyesore in Mysterious Mine and Auto Chipper in Fazbear Hills and Choppy's Woods.
    • However, one of them appears in Choppy's Woods, only to guard the chest that holds the Pizza: Fury chip.
  • Mad Endo is one of the five bosses that are considered optional bosses, since the player doesn't need to defeat it to complete the story. The other four being Auto Chipper, Eyesore, Seagoon and Gold Endo.
  • Mad Endo is the only boss that has the Gloom attack.
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