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For the Fazbear Frights character with a similar name, see Lewis.

Hey, Ness, I wanted to see if you're doing okay.
One of Luis' messages, Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery

Luis Cabrera is one of the workers of Fazbear Funtime Service. His e-mail messages were only seen in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.

Physical Description

Luis doesn't physically appear in the game.


Luis is a very friendly and caring person, especially towards Vanessa, who seems to be his love interest. He's an IT for Fazbear Entertainment, that was moved to the marketing department thanks to a virus, so with his former rank, we presume he's highly or at least decently, intelligent. Luis has also shown to be a selfless person, one instance being in a scrapped email when he tries to put his needs aside and make Vanessa's his top ones. Vanessa also describes him as a funny and entertaining person[2], so Luis probably has a great sense of humor.



The first e-mail Luis sends threw is about the red flag reports. He reminds Vanessa about the company's policy on personal internet usage, and that it's okay to do online shopping, but any search that includes torture will trigger a red flag, and that even though her calender is cool, she should just be more careful. He then offers her to come drink coffee with him while looking threw words that could trigger red flags, and this speaker something obvious: Luis has a crush on Vanessa.

The next e-mail is again about trigger words, but this one worries Luis just a bit. She was searching some weird stuff about human anatomy and torture yet again. He then says what's weird again is that the searches immediately followed up isn't anything relevant to what she searched a few moments ago. He then again offers her coffee with dinner this time while talking about trigger words, and advises her to do her weirder research at home.

His next e-mail he asks Vanessa if she's okay, and then thanks her for listening to his words about trigger warnings, as he almost thought he had to file a report against her. He then says after looking at her search history again, he noticed her sudden change of personality and searches. He says one minute she's researching about the migration pattern of bees, and the next she's searching how long can a human hold consciousness while being cut in half. He then believes she's writing a screenplay, but that didn't seem to be the case, and the personality changing is her changing into her alter-ego.

Luis then saw that Vanessa ordered rubber human masks and then was positive that she's writing a screenplay.

In the next e-mail, we learn that Luis and Vanessa talked face-to-face this time, and he wanted to thank her. He then says he was surprised that she's into IT stuff, and says the coffee offer is still up.

In the next e-mail, Luis says he walked by Vanessa's desk today and said "Hello", but she didn't even look up nor say Hello back. It was like she was in another world, and then told her she had magnificent skill. He first thought she was in a call because she heard voices, but she could have been talking to herself. He then said if she ever needs to talk to anyone, his office is always open.

After the e-mails, Luis was moved to the Marketing Department[1], because a virus was surfing threw the codes. When Luis, alongside Steven, helped get the virus out of the system, Mark Cho primarily took over e-mails. The Fazbear Funtime Service then got hacked by Vanny.

Scrapped E-Mails


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