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It's your lucky day!
Lucky Boy, Fazbear Frights #8: Gumdrop Angel

Lucky Boy is the main antagonist of Sergio's Lucky Day, the second story of Fazbear Frights 8: Gumdrop Angel.

Physical Appearance

Lucky Boy is extremely similar to Balloon Boy but a smaller doll version of him. He is about 10" tall. He has reddish brown hair, big blue eyes, an orange triangular nose, rosy cheeks, and a wide mouth full of pronounced white teeth. He wears a shirt with red and blue stripes, blue pants, and brown shoes. He wears a propeller cap on his head and holds a small sign that reads "I'M A LUCKY BOY."


Sergio discovers Lucky Boy in a dumpster. He plays with the toy and finds out that it can respond to him. Down on his luck, he decides to take Lucky Boy with him to see if it improves his life. He purchases a lottery ticket after the toy says "It's your lucky day!" and finds out he won $600,000. Sergio asks the toy how he should spend the money, and he advises him to buy an expensive sports car and gold watch. After his car is stolen, the toy responds to his questions that he should buy a cheap house and renovate, and buy an expensive truck to replace the car. Sergio thanks Lucky Boy for his advice and does exactly what he says. He keeps him a secret.

After having a fight with his girlfriend Violet, he asks Lucky Boy what he should do. He says "You deserve to be happy", and Sergio realizes that his relationship with her has never made him happy. He breaks up with her and asks the toy what he should do about his job. He says to start his own business, and Sergio realizes that was the type of job he truly wanted. He begins to idolize Lucky Boy to thank him for the luck.

When asked which real estate agent he should choose, Lucky Boy says to choose a pretty one. He chooses Claire, then asks where he should take her. The toy says to choose somewhere he would like to go to, instead of trying to impress someone else. Sergio feels guilty leaving him home since he was so helpful, so he makes a small seat out of paper for the toy to be polite. At their date, Sergio decides to tell Claire about Lucky Boy, and she is interested.

Sergio end up in an argument with Claire, and she threatens to throw away Lucky Boy. Sergio risks both of their lives to get the toy back, and Claire leaves angrily. He decides to set his goal on dating Sophia, a girl he met in high school. He asks Lucky Boy how to be attractive for Sophia, and complains about his ears. Lucky Boy says, "You don't need them." When asked to clarify, he says, "You're better off without them!" Sergio realizes that Lucky Boy's plan was great, and asks what he should do about his hair, small eyes, long nose, thick lips, his height, and his belly. Lucky Boy says to remove or reshape them, which Sergio listens to eagerly. He gathers his knives and other sharp objects and prepares to mutilate himself.

Sergio brings Lucky Boy with him to meet Sophia. Most of the guests run away in fear of Sergio, and he asks where Sophia is.


  • At one point in the story, Sergio notices that his laugh sounded a little similar to Lucky Boy's giggle.
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