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What is your biggest regret... Alec?
Lonely Freddy, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Lonely Freddy is a brand of animatronic toys manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment. One of these serves as the main antagonist from Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch's second story of the same name. They are animatronic-like toy versions of Freddy Fazbear.

Physical Appearance

In the story, they're described as smaller versions of Freddy Fazbear. They're small stuffed bears with plush paws, standing in stock-straight posture at two feet tall. They have deep blue, glowing eyes with dead stare, and unhinged stuffed mouth. They're wearing black top hats and bowties. The main Lonely Freddy, that is inhabited by Alec's consciousness after body-swapping with him, has light green eyes and is vomitted on.

In the unused illustration they look similiar to their description in the book. They also have freckles on their snouts, little speakers on their chests, and upper teeth.


At Freddy Fazbear's, we believe that no child should have to experience the wonder and delight of Freddy Fazbear's Family Pizzeria alone. Using patented technology and a touch of that Freddy Fazbear magic, your child can engage in a getting-to-know-you session with the bear. Freddy will learn all about your child's favorite things, just like a true friend.
Party Prepper, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

The Lonely Freddies are intended to play with children at parties who have no one else to play with. The main Lonely Freddy in the story, however, has the ability to paralyze, interrogate, and eventually swap bodies with another person. It's speculated that Lonely Freddy was created and controlled by William Afton to steal childrens souls like the Funtime Animatronics. It is unknown whether all Lonely Freddies were built for this purpose, or William has tampered with this single toy.


When in the backroom, Alec comes across a Lonely Freddy. It asks several questions, which Alec answers. As the questioning becomes more personal and specific, asking deeper questions, Alec finds himself in some sort of hypnotic trance, unable to move and answering questions automatically, staring into the glowing blue eyes of the Freddy doll. After asking Alec's biggest regret, Lonely Freddy's eyes glow green, like Alec's, and Alec himself is in the animatronic body of the Lonely Freddy. He takes a while to figure out how to move before slowly making his way out of the backroom. He finds his human body with his family, talking happily. Presumably, the Lonely Freddy is now the one in Alec's body. It winks to the real Alec as he's taken to the backroom by the staff, because a kid threw up on him, and tossed into a dumpster with dozens of other Lonely Freddies, all quietly screaming for help.

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