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The Load Screen Glitch was a glitch caused by standing over certain objects while in the world &*_ _ _TWRE, creating a load screen (caused by entering the Party, Byte, Or Chip menu) and being able to interact with said objects. What happens is that when you load back in, for a split second, you are registered in the normal overworld and are able to interact with objects you couldn't interact with in the &*_ _ _TWRE world.

Using the Load Screen Glitch, you can reach areas in the Update 2 version of the game by loading your save in the demo. Since the glitch is present in the demo, you can collect chips, save, and load your save again in Update 2. Using the Auto:Run and Find:Character chips, you can trigger an Infinite Encounter glitch when you only have Tier 2 characters and below in &*_ _ _TWRE.


  • With the Load Screen Glitch you are able to access one of the final bosses, Scott Cawthon without battling Security.
  • It is entirely possible to access any chest using this glitch, without having to do their normal required ways of obtaining them.
  • The glitch has also been called "Tent Glitch" and "Squidnow Glitch", after the Reddit user who found and popularized it.
  • The glitch was patched in the 1.1 update.
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