Lilygear Lake is a location in FNaF World that is connected to Choppy's Woods and Blacktomb Yard.


Lilygear Lake is a lake full of trees, lilypads, mushrooms and wide open water. Unlike the other areas, you traverse in an object, being a boat. In the 2D version, you traverse on a lilypad.

Points of Interest

  • To the north there is another Way to Choppy's Woods that leads to a Mysterious Mine Entrance and another glitched object.
  • To the east there is a warp to a little area of Choppy's Woods leading to the entrance to Pinwheel Circus and a secret red Chip.
  • A single Chip can be found in this Area.
    • Freddle-Fury: In the Passage to Blacktomb Yard there are some passable Trees. Go outside of the Screen to the right and around Blacktomb Yard. Enter the Tombstone into a secret Part of Deep-Metal Mine. The Chip is guarded by Mad Endo.
    • Another red Chip can be seen in the north-west of Lilygear Lake, but can be only accessed by entering &*_TWRE from Choppy's Woods.
  • The Key can be found in an area of Lilygear Lake that can only be accessed by going through a sub-tunnel in Pinwheel Funhouse. It's guarded by Porkpatch.
    • This key can unlock all the buttons to defeating Security.







  • Lilygear Lake, along with Pinwheel Funhouse, is the only area in the game to have a boss appear at random.
    • They are also the two areas to not have Lolbit.
  • Lilygear Lake shares the same music as Dee Dee's Fishing Hole.
  • The trees around Lilygear Lake look like broccoli.
    • In Update 1, the 3D overworld reveals that those trees are actually mushrooms.
  • There is an extremely rare glitch where right after the player finishes a battle and a new challenger appears, Seagoon may randomly be encountered before the player gets to fight the challenger.
    • The player will not be able to fight the challenger even after they beat Seagoon.
  • Originally, when entering Lilygear Lake, Freddy would ride a lily pad, but this was changed in the 1.1 Update to a boat.
  • This is one of two areas in the game where it is dangerous to stay idle, as Seagoon will soon appear if the character waits too long, the other being Pinwheel Funhouse and the hidden boss, Gold Endo.


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