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Lil' Music Man is a small animatronic that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as a minor antagonist. He only appears in the vents.

Physical Appearance

Lil' Music Man is a small clockwork toy similar to his original counterpart, but he appears to be a lot dirtier and more broken, having a missing tooth and multiple cracked or damaged teeth. He has a wind-up key on the back of his body.


Lil' Music Man is a prototype toy of Music Man that was housed in Rockstar Row that, despite not being connected to the system, got the Glitchtrap virus and broke out. Lil' Music Man is able to climb and move freely, like his counterpart, DJ Music Man.

Lil' Music Man is unaffected by the Fazerblaster and Faz Camera if Gregory obtains it.


Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Lil' Music Man crawls through the vents toward Gregory. It will result in a jumpscare if he catches the player. As Lil' Music Man's movement speed is faster than Gregory's crawling speed, the player is required to sprint to avoid him.

Lil' Music Man will chase Gregory in four locations:

A Dufflebag containing a message about Lil's Music Man can be found on the Warehouse side of the large metal fence.

  • Stolen Property - "SECURITY REPORT - Well somehow someone broke into a Rockstar Row display case and stole the wind up Music Man prototypes. The case was smashed and there's glass on the floor but no sign of a break in. Nothing else seems to be missing. I have absolutely no idea how they got into the building and there's nothing on the security footage. Now what should I do? Should I call the police and report a break in? - Vanessa"


  • Lil' Music Man and Glamrock Endo are the only animatronics in Security Breach (excluding S.T.A.F.F variants) who never appear in a teaser or trailer for the game.
  • Lil' Music Man is referred as "Lil' DJ Music Man" from the game files. Despite the name, the animatronic's model resembles that of the original Music Man rather than DJ Music Man.



Audio Description
Wind-Up Music Man's Jingle that plays when the player encounters Wind-Up Music Man in Security Breach.
The audio is loud and/or startling!
The scream Wind-Up Music Man emits when attacking the player. This sound is shared with the Glamrock Animatronics, Moon, Vanessa, and The Blob