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Uh-yeah. You've officially become a part of the attraction.
Phone Dude, Night 1


First Night FNaF3.png
Not what you were looking for? see Night 1 (disambiguation).

Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. This night serves as an introductory stage that acquaints the player with the mechanics of the game.

Phone Call

Hey-Hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time. We found some-some great new relics over the weekend. And we're out tracking down a new lead, right now. So-uh lemme just update real quick, then you can get to work. Like, the attraction opens in like, a week, so we had to make sure everything works, and nothing catches on fire! Uh-when the place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building, and work their way towards you, then past you and out the exit. Uh-yeah. You've officially become a part of the attraction. Uh-You'll be starring as... The security guard! So not only will you be monitoring the people on the cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show. It'll make it feel really authentic I think. Uh... Now let me tell you about what's new. We found another set of drawings, always nice, and a Foxy head! Which we think to be authentic... then again it might just be another crappy cosplay, and we found a desk fan, very old school - metal, though, so watch the fingers. Uh-heh... Uh... Right now the place is basically just, you know, flashing lights, spooky props. Uh, I honestly thought we would have more by now, uh, we don't have something really cool by next week, we may have to suit you up in a furry suit, and make you walk around saying, "Boo"... *hehe*, uh... But, you know, like I said, we're trying to track down a good lead right now. Uh, some guy who helped design one of the buildings says there was, like, an extra room that got boarded up or- uh, something like that. So, we're gonna take a peek and see what we can find. Uh, for now just get comfortable with the new setup, um... You can check the security cameras over to your right with a click of that blue button. Uh, you can toggle between the hall cams and the vent cams... Uh, then over to your far left, uh, you can flip up your maintenance panel. Y'know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline. Heh. So, in trying to make the place feel vintage we may have overdone it a bit, hehe... Some of this equipment is barely functional. Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fire. Tha-tha-that's a real risk. Uh, the most important thing you want to watch for is the ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks, man, and if you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some crazy stuff, man. Keep that air flowin'. Okay, keep an eye on things, and we'll try to have something new for ya tomorrow night.
Phone Dude,


This is the easiest night in the game, as well as the whole series, since Springtrap and the phantom animatronics are not active at this night, so the player does not have to do anything to survive.

During Night 1, the player is recommended to experiment and become familiar with the basic controls to the game (the Monitor, Maintenance Panel, etc.) as well as getting a clear understanding of the building.


Upon clearing this night the player will be taken to a minigame, which seems to take place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza of the first game. The player controls Freddy Fazbear and has to follow a purple-colored version of Freddy (most likely Shadow Freddy from the second game).

After a certain point, Purple Freddy will enter a room (the Safe Room, which the animatronics aren't programmed to enter) that, when the player attempts to follow it, they will be given an error message, and will be unable to enter the room. Shortly after, Purple Guy will run out of the room and dismember Freddy.

Also, if the player strays from the path of "Purple Freddy" for too long without following him, Purple Guy will run at and dismantle Freddy regardless.

If the player explores the minigame area, they will come across a hallway which provides instructions on how to play the hidden minigames in Night 2, and, therefore, the good ending.

On the mobile version, Mangle's Quest will automatically start once Night 1 ends.


  • Unlike the Night 1 calls from Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2, this call lasts until 4 AM, essentially making it the series' longest introductory call.
    • However, this may simply be because the nights are much shorter than in the previous games. Each hour is only 38.5 seconds long, even shorter than the first game's mobile version.
    • This phone call lasts "longer" with Fast Nights enabled, due to even shorter hours, being cut off at 6AM.
  • Unlike the first, second, and fourth games, nothing happens on the first night. There are no audio, video or ventilation errors, and Springtrap and the phantom animatronics aren't active. As a result, it is impossible to lose on this night. Therefore, this night serves as an introduction for beginners to get used to the controls and mechanics.
    • Because of this, it is also the most optimal night for finding hallucinations that aren't night-specific, (like the Springtrap posters) because nothing will bother the player.
  • The reason Springtrap is not active is because he is not discovered at the time of Night 1.
  • It is during Night 1's call that potential fire risks within the attraction are mentioned, heavily foreshadowing the attraction's fate.
  • This is the only night which shows green-colored text upon starting the night. Every night onwards will show white text.
    • This possibly tells the player that this is a safe night, hinting at no jumpscares, hence the green name of the night.

Not what you were looking for? see Night 2 (disambiguation).

Night 2 is the second playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. In this night, Springtrap, Phantom BB and Phantom Mangle become active for the first time.

Phone Call

Phone Dude:

Hey, man- okay, I have some awesome news for you! First of all, we found some vintage audio training cassettes! Dude, these are, like, prehistoric! I think they were, like, training tapes for like, other employees or something like that. So, I thought we could, like, have them playing, like, over the speakers as people walk through the attraction. Dude, that makes this feel legit, man. But I have an even better surprise for you, and you're not gonna believe this- we found one. A REAL one. Uh-oh-uh gotta go man- uh, well-well look, i-it's in there somewhere, I'm-I'm sure you'll see it. Okay, I'll leave you with some of this great audio that I found! Talk to you later, man!
Phone Dude (00:00-00:47),

Phone Guy:

Uh, hello! Hello, hello! Uh, welcome to your new career as a performer/entertainer for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Uh, these tapes will provide you with much needed information on how to handle/climb into/climb out of mascot costumes. Right now, we have two specially designed suits that double as both animatronics and suits. So please pay close attention while learning how to operate these suits as accidents/injuries/death/irreparable and grotesque maiming can occur. First and most discussed is how to operate the mascots while in animatronic form. For ease of operation, the animatronics are set to turn and walk towards sounds they hear which is an easy and hands-free approach to making sure the animatronics stay where the children are for maximum entertainment/crowd-pleasing value. To change the animatronics to suit mode, insert and turn firmly the hand crank provided by the manufacturer. Turning the crank will recoil and compress the animatronic parts around the sides of the suit, providing room to climb inside. Please make sure the spring locks are fastened tight to ensure the animatronic devices remain safe. We will cover this in more detail in tomorrow's session. Remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Phone Guy (starting at 0:48),


Due to there not being an active antagonist in Night 1, the player should have used the night to learn the basic mechanics of both the Monitor and the Maintenance Panel as they both will be heavily utilized from this night on.

The player should first locate Springtrap on the Monitor. When the player finds Springtrap, they should play the audio clip of BB's voice in a nearby room that is further away from The Office.

If Springtrap is nowhere to be found, the player should then check the vent cameras as quickly as possible. If the player sees him in the vents, they should double click the CAM button they saw to quickly shut the vents. Phantom BB is most commonly active in Night 2 and above. If Phantom BB is in the camera view, immediately switch to any other camera view to avoid being jumpscared by him. Because this is the second night, the camera, audio, and ventilation will last longer without failing than on later nights. Phantom Mangle is also active on this night, appearing only at CAM 04. If viewed for too long, Phantom Mangle will force down the Monitor and create a loud, garbled static that will produce an audio error.

Keep Springtrap in the Same Area

The player should be aware that Springtrap can not randomly appear in a room not adjacent to the room he was previously in. Furthermore, the player should be wary not to play the audio clip in a room not connected to the room where Springtrap is.

An effective strategy is commonly used during the earlier nights because of this. The general goal for the player is to keep Springtrap in the same few rooms throughout the night, so the player can have an idea as to where Springtrap may be as well as minimize the vents that Springtrap can access.

Here are the steps the player should follow; the main idea is to confine Springtrap to the general area of CAM 08, CAM 09, and CAM 10 as they are the farthest away from The Office, and Springtrap usually starts the night around this area.

  1. The player should open the camera and locate Springtrap. If Springtrap is located on a camera other than CAM 09, it is suggested that they lead Springtrap to CAM 09 using the audio clip to attract Springtrap to CAM 09.
  2. If Springtrap does not appear on any of the cameras, the player should quickly check the vents to see if they can locate Springtrap. If Springtrap is found, the player should seal off the vent Springtrap is in, then lead him out of the vents.
  3. Once Springtrap is at CAM 09, the player should then switch to the vents and close off CAM 11. The player should not have to worry about CAM 11 for the remainder of the night, as long as they keep it closed. Anytime Springtrap is in CAM 11 for that moment onward, and the vent is closed, Springtrap can not go any farther in the vents and will go back to CAM 09 once the player plays the audio clips on that camera.
  4. Every 10 seconds, or after fixing any Maintenance Panel errors, the player should either send Springtrap to CAM 10, wait for him to enter, then send him back to CAM 09 once he arrives. This is not a required step, but it can help the player keep control of Springtrap's location.
  5. Repeat.


The player takes the role of Bonnie. It is the same map in the previous night and they have to follow the same purple Freddy Fazbear like before. This "Purple Freddy" will ask the player to follow it. As the player follows it through different rooms, the Purple Freddy will end up asking the player to follow it into a room, that when they attempt to enter, will bring up an error message.

Shortly after, Purple Guy will run out of the room and dismantle Bonnie. Also, if the player strays from the path of "Purple Freddy" for too long without following him, the Purple Guy will run at and dismantle Bonnie regardless.


  • If the player sees Springtrap in the doorway and the clock is at 5 AM, they can just sit and look at him. However, if the player gets jumpscared by a phantom or opens up either the Monitor or Maintenance Panel, there is a good chance that Springtrap will perform his jumpscare and attack, resulting in a Game Over screen.
  • The player should keep their eyes on the camera, unless they must bring it down, or they have an error. The focus is to monitor Springtrap at all possible times, limiting his mobility.
  • It should be noted that Springtrap will be much more active in later nights, so the player should practice keeping focus on the camera, lowering the need to have faster reflexes and making mistakes less dire.
  • It is also good practice to prevent getting jumpscared; the player will be able to prevent many jumpscares by switching vents, and although errors are inevitable, the player can prevent the loud and distracting jumpscares that can throw them off balance.

Hidden Minigame

If the player explored the minigame after the previous night and saw the clues in the left corridor "BB DBL CLICK" and the series of symbols in the right, those refer to hidden places that can be clicked in this night to start the process of unlocking the hidden ending in the game. The first minigame required is BB's Minigame, to do this, look for a poster with him on CAM 08 and double click on it.

This switches the game with controls much like the other minigames of this style. Collect all the balloons but once the exit appears do not enter it. Instead find the secret wall that can be jumped through in the top left and follow the new path to the end with the flashing Balloon, ignore any other exit doors along the way. Doing this will alter the other minigames to open new paths.

The series of symbols refers to the arcade machine, where the symbols reference a button sequence to be pressed on the left hand side. Click them in order from Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Right, Bottom Right to access Mangle's minigame. Here, the player must get to the far right collecting all of Mangle's parts without allowing the running child to hit the player.

As with BB's, do not go in the exit and instead jump over it to find a hidden wall above it that can be moved through. Fall down and then follow the new path over the balloons (which the player needed to complete BB's minigame to enable), there will be cake at the end, collect it to finish. This enables the player to give cake in the minigames, which will be needed later.

BB's minigame can now be played once more, with a new path opened. Go through the secret wall as before but this time the player will land on some balloons, follow the path to the ghostly child and run up to him, give the cake to make him stop crying. This minigame will be over.

On CAM 03, there is a picture of The Puppet which can be double clicked, in this game the player can play as The Puppet and going over to the far right will show the player how many children the player has helped, in addition to another ghostly child that the player cannot help just yet. This updates as the player helps more of the ghostly children.

If this night was completed on the mobile version, Chica's Party will start automatically.


  • It is possible to survive this night without doing anything, although the odds of this are extremely unlikely.
  • This is the first night where Springtrap is active. He was presumably found just before Night 2, according to the Phone Dude.
  • Phantom BB and Phantom Mangle first appear on this night, possibly a reference to BB and Mangle becoming active on Night 2 of Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • Phantom Foxy can rarely attack the player on this night in the mobile version after lowering the Maintenance Panel.
  • The color of the text displaying "Night 2" is white instead of green as it was for the first night, and it stays so for the rest of the game.
  • For unknown reasons, this is the last night where Phone Dude himself talks to the player. From Night 3 onward, Phone Guy's training tapes will play over the phone instead of Phone Dude.
  • In the end of night minigame, Bonnie appears blue, like Toy Bonnie, rather than purple. It is unknown as to why this is, as the minigame supposedly takes place in the first game's Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and the animatronics on stage are the originals, not the toys.
    • This could be an oversight by Scott Cawthon, or an intentional choice to differentiate Bonnie from the coloring of the pizzeria.
  • Unlike the animatronics from the first two games, who remained inactive for the majority of the night in which they are introduced, Springtrap will become active and begin moving immediately when the night begins. As such, the player is advised to be on higher caution when beginning this night than in the previous two games.

Not what you were looking for? see Night 3 (disambiguation).

Night 3 is the third playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 as well as the last playable night of the Android demo. Once the player completes this night on the demo, the player will see text saying "Thanks for playing the demo! You should get the full version, things get a lot worse." accompanied by Night 6's music in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. On this night, Phantom Chica, Phantom Freddy and Phantom Foxy will become active. The phantoms will appear more frequently than on Night 2.

Phone Call

Uh, hello, hello. Uh, for today's lesson, we will be continuing our training on proper suit-handling techniques. When using an animatronic as a suit, please ensure that the animatronic parts are tightly compressed and fastened by the spring locks located around the inside of the suit. It may take a few moments to position your head and torso between these parts in a manner where you can move and speak. Try not to nudge or press against any of the spring locks inside the suit. Do not touch the spring locks at any time. Do not breathe on the spring locks, as moisture may loosen them, and cause them to break loose. In the case of the spring-locks come loose while you are wearing the suit, please try to maneuver away from populated areas before bleeding out, as to not ruin the customers' experience. As always, if there is ever an emergency, please go to the designated safe room. Every location is built with one extra room that is not included in the digital map layout programmed in the animatronics or the security cameras. This room is hidden to customers, invisible to animatronics, and is always off-camera. As always, remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Phone Guy,


Check the cameras, and if Springtrap is there, play the audio in a room farthest from The Office. Once Springtrap has appeared in the room, reboot any systems that have failed. If Springtrap gets in one of the vents, seal it off as quickly as possible. If any of the phantoms appear in The Office, wait out the jumpscare and then play the audio in a room and reboot whatever systems were disabled. Phantom Freddy is also active on this night. If Phantom Freddy is visible in the window, either look at the Monitor or Maintenance Panel view to avoid his attack.

If Springtrap is peeking inside of the doorway to The Office, the player can try to play an audio clip in CAM 01 to draw him there, which will buy some time. If it is 5 AM, using this method will increase the chances of making it to 6 AM, as well as making it on other nights.

Another strategy is to play the audio on CAM 05 then, when the audio is charged, play it on CAM 08. This is a shortcut that allows the player to lure Springtrap to CAM 08, instead of making him go through CAM 06 and CAM 07 first. The player may have to stare at Springtrap until he moves in order to play the audio in the same room, thus bringing Springtrap back. However, the player must be wary of looking at the camera too long, as using the Monitor too long may disable the video system.

It is also a good idea for the player to wait until Springtrap moves to a different camera and then to play the audio in the camera he was just in as to keep him in that same area. This strategy is also a good one in that the player only needs to play the audio when Springtrap leaves, cutting down the use of the audio devices. However, the player must be wary that Springtrap can enter the vent system on certain cameras, and if the player catches him in a vent, the vent should be sealed off immediately, or Springtrap will travel to The Office and end the game.

Audio in CAM 08, Reboot

This strategy works primarily on Night 2, but it can also be used for later nights. However, it becomes harder to execute as the week progresses, because the audio device will fail after a certain amount of uses.

The player must have their cameras set to either CAM 08 or CAM 09 and play the audio. If they see Phantom Freddy walking in the window and Springtrap staring into The Office, the player must not lower the Monitor, as that will result in their jumpscares and a Game Over.

Should the audio and video systems fail while the player is close to 6 AM, it is recommended to reboot the failed systems unless Springtrap is peeking out the doorway, in which case the player should simply stare at him for the remainder of the night.


Like the previous two nights, a minigame will trigger when the player completes the night. This minigame is just like the previous two, except the player is controlling Chica. The same "Purple Freddy" will ask the player to follow it.

Doing so will eventually lead the player to the same room that displays an error message if the player attempts to enter it. Shortly after, Purple Guy will run out from the above room and disassemble Chica. Also, if the player strays from the path of "Purple Freddy" for too long without following him, Purple Guy will run at and dismantle Chica regardless.

In the mobile version, the player will be playing Stage01.


Try to send Springtrap to CAM 08 where there are no vents for him to climb into. If Springtrap gets into a room with vents, seal off the vent.

A similar tip is to keep Springtrap at CAM 10, while also sealing off the closest vent. If any errors occur, or a phantom has done its jumpscare, the player should have enough time to get back to Springtrap at CAM 10 before he moves too far away from it.

The player should refrain from looking at the cameras too long, to avoid being jumpscared by the phantoms.

Hidden Minigame

The clues from the previous night this time were four, dark, skull-like symbols, which are actually cupcakes as this minigame belongs to Chica. The minigame is introduced as "Chica's Party". To play it, click the cupcakes on CAM 02, 03, 04 and 06. They appear only in this night. This minigame involves collecting cupcakes for the children, however the secret to this minigame is to ignore that and go down the first pit possible, then hug the left wall and jump back up to get past a hidden cut in the wall, fall down and follow the path to the child and give them cake to finish this minigame.


  • Phantom Chica is active on this night, which makes it problematic for beginners, as it is easy to trigger Phantom Chica without even knowing it. Phantom Chica's face will replace the screen on the arcade machine on CAM 07, and if looked at for too long, she will appear on the left side of The Office upon lowering the Monitor, jumpscaring the player and disabling the ventilation system.
  • Phantom Freddy becomes active on this night, possibly referencing the fact that Freddy Fazbear becomes active on Night 3 in the first game.

Not what you were looking for? see Night 4 (disambiguation).

Night 4 is the fourth playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. On this night, Springtrap and the phantoms are more aggressive. Thus, the player must keep that in mind when checking the cameras. Phantom Puppet becomes active here and can pose a serious threat for the player if they are not familiar with its behavior.

Phone Call

Uh, hello? Hello, hello! Uh, there's been a slight change of company policy concerning use of the suits. Um, don't. After learning of an unfortunate incident at the sister location, involving multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures, the company has deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees. Safety is our top priority at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is why the classic suits are being retired to an appropriate location, while being looked at by our technician. Until replacements arrive, you'll be expected to wear the temporary costumes provided to you. Keep in mind that they were found on very short notice, so questions about appropriateness/relevance should be deflected. I repeat, the classic suits are not to be touched, activated or worn. That being said, we are free of liability, do as you wish. As always, remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Phone Guy,


Play the audio in CAM 08, and wait until Springtrap arrives and can be seen on camera. Check the systems and reboot anything. If Springtrap gets into a vent, seal off the vent and play the audio in another room.

If a phantom appears, wait for the jumpscare to finish and then play the audio in a room, then reboot what got disabled. The player must also keep in mind that Phantom Puppet becomes active on this night. Phantom Puppet usually appears on CAM 08. If the player sees Phantom Puppet, they must switch to another camera quickly, otherwise Phantom Puppet will prevent the player from using the cameras and disable the Ventilation.

It is also advisable for the player to check the ventilation cameras immediately after rebooting any systems, as Springtrap travels through the ventilation and can use this as a means to getting to the player very quickly.


Staying true to the previous nights, completing this night sends the player to the same minigame, only this time they play as Foxy and start out in Pirate Cove. Once again, a "Purple Freddy" is asking the player to follow him.

Doing so will eventually lead to a room that when attempting to enter, will put an error message on the player's screen. Shortly afterwards, Purple Guy will run out of the top room and disassemble Foxy. Also, if the player strays from the path of "Purple Freddy" for too long without following him, Purple Guy will run at and dismantle Foxy regardless.

Occasionally, a different version will play where the second room the player enters, to the right of the Pirate Cove entrance screen, will be the one that Purple Guy runs out from.

Mobile Version

On the mobile version, if the player has achieved the cake endings the player will be able to play the Minigames.


Springtrap is noticeably more aggressive on this night, and if the player spends a lot of time on the cameras, there is a high chance that the player will be jumpscared by a phantom. It is advised for the player to watch Springtrap frequently while avoiding the phantoms.

Hidden Minigame

The clue that was to be picked up was a code "395248" (which is actually a color reference to purple). In The Office there is a section of tiles just to the right of the bin of animatronic heads which can be clicked. The numbers reference the tiles as follows.

  • 123
  • 456
  • 789

Click the tiles in the order to start Golden Freddy's minigame, called Stage01. The player will be on a stage with Springtrap, and three kids will be watching the two perform. However, if the player goes off the stage and tries to jump back on, they will phase out of the map and fall down.

This entire minigame is laid out in a 3x3 grid and the player starts in Box 1 if they use the box tile numbering for reference that was used to access the minigame. The player must avoid the exit and glitch to the hidden child. The correct path after falling from 1-4-7 is 8-5-2-3. The child will be found at the end. Give the child the cake to finish the game.


  • While playing the minigame, in one of the hallways, Shadow Bonnie will appear as a clue to the good/neutral ending.
  • This night's minigame is the last end-of-night minigame playing as an animatronic (although the player does play as an animatronic during the hidden minigames to complete the "Good Ending").

Not what you were looking for? see Night 5 (disambiguation).

Night 5 is the fifth playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, as well as the final night in the main storyline of the game. This night is very difficult, as Springtrap and the phantom animatronics are very active. If the player manages to pass the night, they will be rewarded with one star on the title screen.

Phone Call

Hello? Hello? Um, this is just a reminder of company policy concerning the safe room. The safe room is reserved for equipment and/or other property not being currently used and is in fact a safety location for employees only. This is not a break room, and should not be considered a place for employees to hide and/or congregate - and under no circumstance should a customer ever be taken into this room and out of the main show area. Management has also been made aware that the spring Bonnie animatronic has been noticeably moved. We would like to remind employees that this costume is not safe to wear under any circumstances. Thank you and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Phone Guy,


The player must be very quick when checking the cameras, to avoid a jumpscare by the phantoms. If Springtrap appears in a room, play the audio to keep him there. Reboot any systems, then check again. Should he enter a vent, the player must seal it off as quickly as possible. If Springtrap so happens to be leaning over the door next to The Office, the player has an extremely limited amount of time to switch to the nearest camera and play audio.

The player can try one last tactic, which implies a high risk of getting Springtrap into The Office, but can potentially save the night. The player can attempt to play audio in CAM 01 and sometimes Springtrap will move there for a short time, despite seeing the player in The Office. It is also advised that, when attempting this, the player should only exit the Monitor until Springtrap is in that camera, in order to avoid a possible Game Over.

However, staying on the Monitor too long like this may also cause Springtrap to slink into The Office and hide behind the Monitor. In that case, if the player does not get attacked after exiting the Monitor the first time, the player should sit and stare at that side of the room to stall the threat. The best time to do this strategy is when Springtrap gets close enough, about CAM 02. If Springtrap gets into a vent, the player should wait until he can be seen in CAM 15, then play audio in CAM 02. However, the player may get a Video Error by waiting. In this case keep the Monitor up and it is possible that Springtrap may delay his attack, giving the player possibly all the time they need until 6 AM.


Unlike the previous nights, this night's minigame involves the player controlling what appears to be a dead crying child, with a similar sprite to one in the previous game's Death Minigames. There is no "Purple Freddy" to guide the player, however, ending the minigame requires the player to go to the same room as the previous minigames. The player can enter the boarded-up safe room that, in the previous minigames, could not be entered by the animatronics.

When the player enters this room, they will notice that there are a few other crying children standing near the entrance. Purple Guy is in this room, and will start panicking and avoiding the player when approached. After a certain point, Purple Guy will flee into the Springtrap suit.

He stands up and marvels at his idea, laughing, until the spring lock mechanism in the suit malfunctions, and he bleeds to death. The dead children will then fade away. This minigame highly suggests that Purple Guy could have died from a faulty spring lock inside Springtrap.


Springtrap is very active on this night and the phantoms appear more often, so the player should be quick checking the cameras. Until a ventilation error occurs it is very easy and highly recommended for the player to play the audio in CAM 10, preventing Springtrap from moving further.

In this night, every second use of Audio will cause Audio Device's Error.

Hidden Minigame

The clue the player should have picked up was Shadow Bonnie in the wall this time, this refers to a new very hard to see section of The Office. Right in the shadow to the right of the small plushies of the other characters is Shadow Bonnie, double-click it to access the minigame. This minigame belongs to Shadow Bonnie. He will be very glitched and the game itself will be too. Pressing the down arrow will cause Shadow Bonnie to phase through various other minigames previously played, however one highly glitched minigame shows a child in the bottom left, this is the child the player needs to get to. To do this, go to BB's minigame and use the same corner trick used while in that actual game. Then glitch back to the child and Bonnie will be outside the confines of the box previously, simply get to the child and give him the cake to finish.

From here, the final minigame the player needs to complete is The Puppet's. Go to CAM 03 and double click The Puppet's poster, then run all the way to the right; all the ghostly children that have been rescued will be here and the final child is now able to be given cake. All the children will have their animatronic masks on together and disappear, with the balloons floating off. This signals that the player has finished the hidden minigames and put the children's souls to rest. Finishing the game now with this minigame complete will show the "Good Ending".


The Bad Ending, showing the animatronic heads' left eye sockets glowing, indicating the children's souls are still trapped.

The Good Ending, which does not show glowing eye sockets, possibly indicating the rest of the children's souls.

When the player completes this night, they unlock "Nightmare," the third game's equivalent to Night 6, and they unlock access to "Extra", a feature accessible from the main menu. The player is also rewarded with the first star on the main menu screen.

The screen shown upon completing the night depicts an ominous picture of the original animatronics' heads laying on an unknown flat surface with a single light illuminating it. The exact picture differs depending on the endings; in the bad ending, the heads glow brightly, signifying that the animatronics are still haunted. Fortunately, this is not the case in the good ending, where the heads do not glow, implying that the children's souls have finally been put to rest. This is assuming the children's souls did indeed possess the animatronics, of course. After getting the good ending, the player will be awarded another star on the main menu screen.


  • Phone Guy mentions a "Spring Bonnie" costume in the phone call, which has led many fans to believe that Springtrap may actually be Bonnie.
    • This theory is further supported by the fact that a phantom version of Bonnie is nowhere to be found in the game.
    • The empty Bonnie suit seen on CAM 02 possibly disproves this though it could easily be a spare suit.
    • The Golden Freddy minigame reveals that Springtrap was, in fact, the first Bonnie model, the same way Golden Freddy was the first Freddy model. It is not, however, the same Bonnie from the first and second game as he was active during that time, whereas Springtrap was locked up in a safe room.
  • This night's minigame reveals that Springtrap is, in fact, a Springlock costume.
  • Night 5 of the third game is the first in the series that doesn't disclose the protagonist's identity with the use of a paycheck.
  • In the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Springtrap is in a similar position to that which the Purple Guy presumably dies in, possibly making a connection.
  • The song that plays when the player beats Night 5 and gets the good ending is called "Don't Go" by Tim Juliano.
  • The glow of an additional head can be seen in the background in the bad ending and is absent in the good ending. It is speculated that it belongs to Golden Freddy.
    • The interesting fact is that this additional head's eyes are both glowing, as opposed to the other heads which have only one glowing eye socket.
    • This is likely just the light glowing in the left socket extending to the other one, as shown in Freddy's head and Bonnie's head.
  • In the mobile version, the minigame is the hidden minigame "Happiest Day".
    • This could confuse players, considering that the night minigames aren't in the mobile version at all.


Nightmare (Night 6) is the sixth and the last playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. This is an extremely difficult night to pass, and if the player manages to pass the night, the player will be rewarded with a second star on the title screen, along with being able to access the Jumpscares tab on the Extra menu.

Phone Call

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, this is just to inform all employees that due to budget restrictions, the previously mentioned safe rooms are being sealed at most locations, including this one. Work crews will be here most of the day today, constructing a false wall over the old door base. Nothing is being taken out beforehand, so if you've left anything inside, then it's your own fault. Management also requests that this room not be mentioned to family, friends or insurance representatives. Thanks again, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
Phone Guy,


When rebooting, the player's priorities should be:

  1. Audio Systems
  2. Ventilation
  3. Cameras

It is strongly recommended that the player reboots the Audio first, as they will be able to use Audio to ward Springtrap away for a short while, enough to allow them time to reboot Cameras and Ventilation. Ventilation Errors will not affect the game unless Springtrap is already at The Office's door, in which he will jumpscare the player when the view screen dims. Therefore, it is viable to, if more than one system is down, reboot the Audio Systems/Ventilation first, depending on which one goes down. For example, if both the Audio Systems and the Ventilation is down, reboot the Audio, hold Springtrap in place, then reboot Ventilation. If, however, only one is down, try to ward Springtrap away first before rebooting.

The player should remember that every second use of audio will cause an Audio Device's Error. Also, Camera and Ventilation fail more often than in the previous nights. The player should keep Springtrap at CAM 08 so as to gain more time to reboot Audio, etc. Keep Vent CAM 12 sealed to lower the risk of being attacked by Springtrap, and use the audio on CAM 08 every time Springtrap leaves to a different room to maximize the chances of beating the night.

If Springtrap is either looking through The Office window or peeking in through the door, the player can sometimes play audio in CAM 01 or 02 as a last resort and Springtrap will likely go there. However, sometimes if this is attempted, Springtrap will slink into The Office anyway to attack after the Monitor has been retracted. If the player makes it to 5 AM and Springtrap is not around, they should reset the ventilation as quickly as possible. That way, the player can stay looking to the left without having to ever open the Maintenance Panel or the Monitor and wait until 6 AM.

For successfully completing a night, the player should consider looking at CAM 09 and 10, flicking back and forth. This will prevent an attack from Phantom BB, and will show the player whether Springtrap has moved. Also, sealing Vent CAM 14 will prevent Springtrap from immediately getting to The Office. Try to use audio at CAM 10 whenever Springtrap is close, so that he won't be able to reach the player as going through the vent will just waste time. If he is not near CAM 10, slowly try to lure him there.


When trying to reboot multiple systems, try to create priorities. That will help buy some time if Springtrap is near.


Upon completing Nightmare, the player receives the newspaper that says that Fazbear's Fright burned down overnight because of the faulty wiring in the building. It was also stated on the newspaper that the items that remained were sold for public auction. Brightening this newspaper reveals that Springtrap survived the fire, as he is seen in the background of the Freddy Fazbear figurine.

The player receives another star for completing the night, and unlocks the Jumpscares and Cheats in the Extra menu.

As of version 1.03, completing this night while only the Aggressive Cheat is enabled will reward the player with a fourth star on the main menu.


  • Unlike the other games in the series, Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is the first one to have a name other than "Night 6" for Night 6, though all still contain an ending.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is the only game in the series to have only six nights, whereas the others carried on to one final night, the Custom Night (Night 7).
  • As of version 1.03, completing the night will reward the player with a fourth star on the main menu.
  • The newspaper at the end has some interesting Easter Eggs associated with it:
    • If the image of the newspaper is brightened, one can barely see Springtrap, peeking from behind the Freddy figurine.
    • The blurred text surrounding the article shows Scott Cawthon talking about the development of the original game.