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"You have a lot of work to do while patrons eat their pizza in the other room."

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Great job! It looks like your getting the hang of this, now let's just focus on getting you through your first week.
— The Tutorial Unit, after beating the first night


Monday is the first day of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, when the player opens up their restaurant. This day acts as an introduction for the player, teaching them the mechanics of the game, similar to Night 1 in FNaF 3 and Sister Location.

Day Description

The player start off with 100$, and can use this money to buy whatever they want. Tutorial Unit briefly describes all the mechanics in this part of the game. The sponsorship in this day is "Fiztime Pop Soda".

Then, during management hours when the player is in their office, Tutorial Unit guides them on how to defend themselves from the animatronics that may have entered their pizzeria (whether they have been salvaged or if the player purchased a product that they were hiding in) and are now crawling around in the vent system that leads through two openings into the office. Normally, there are no animatronics to worry about, and the player simply completes the management tasks and logs off, but if they purchased the Discount Ball Pit from the catalog, then Molten Freddy will have entered the pizzeria, and thus the player must fend him off as they complete the management tasks. After logging off, a cutscene plays where Tutorial Unit congratulates them on completing their first day, and says that they must be ready for a "big party" on Saturday.

Then, they are taken to the Salvaging Room, where they must salvage Molten Freddy, unless they purchased the Discount Ball Pit, in which case a sign appears in his place, saying "No one is here (I'm already inside)". Once they've either salvaged Molten Freddy or thrown him away, Monday is fully complete.


Monday is very easy to be done if no one has entered the restaurant before the Salvaging Section. To do that, the player must avoid buying anything has a risk of letting an animatronic in, especially Discount Ball Pit in this day. If this is done, the player can finish all the tasks without looking around and end the day as soon as possible.


Tuesday is the second day of the game.





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