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Come back here and let me out of this thing! You can't leave me in here like this!
Julius, Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs

Julius's Exoskeleton is an exoskeleton model and the main antagonist of The Breaking Wheel, the second story of Fazbear Frights 7: The Cliffs.

Physical Appearance

It is an exoskeleton with leather straps at the shoulders, chest, and the hip, and clamps at the wrists and ankles to keep the exoskeleton attached to the occupant.

After Julius's torture inside the suit, his mangled body is still attached to it.


Its original purpose was to make the wearer stronger and faster while wearing the suit. However, Julius threatens to use the suit to lock Reed into it, and then use a remote to control his actions. Pickle's remote inadvertently controls his suit by using a similar frequency Julius uses to control the suit, much to his ire.


The exoskeleton was constructed by Julius for his robotics class project. He complains that Pickle's remote keeps accidentally controlling his machine by using the same frequency. After bullying Pickle, Reed stays after school to confront Julius, but fails to do so. Julius puts on the suit to demonstrate its powers and threatens Reed that he will lock him in it and force him to be his servant. Suddenly, an electric current shocks the suit, which makes Julius briefly immobile, giving Reed the time to fully lock him in the suit. Julius demands to be let go, but Reed decides to leave him overnight to teach him a lesson.

As he travels home with Shelly and Pickle, he ponders whether locking Julius in the suit overnight is considered torture. He decides that leaving him in there, while uncomfortable, isn't torturous and is what he deserves. When Pickle's younger brother starts playing with his robot by ramming it into walls, he worries that his remote was still connected to Julius's exoskeleton, and that he was in fact being tortured by following the robot's erratic movements. His fear worsens when Pickle allows the robot to move its joints freely, and he believes that he hears the sounds of Julius's breaking bones. His injuries would have been similar to the victims of a breaking wheel.

Located within the house is a perfect miniature replica of the bigger house. When Ory slams Pickle's robot into a wall of the dollhouse, a louder slam is heard in the real house. When Pickle's robot climbs up the dollhouse, Reed hears something crawling up the walls. Shelly, Pickle, and Ory leave to get sodas, leaving Reed alone in the house. He hesitantly checks the second floor of the house but finds nothing. He returns to main room of the house and lowers his guard. The exoskeleton jumps out of hiding to chase Reed, revealing Julius's fleshy corpse. Reed runs upstairs to escape through a window. The exoskeleton pins Reed down on a bed and aims for his throat.

When Ory returns home, he maneuvers Pickle's robot out of the miniature house and spams all the buttons, causing the robot to thrash wildly and destroy itself. Presumably, the same happens with the exoskeleton.


  • It is unclear whether the exoskeleton kills Reed before the Girard siblings return home, or if he is saved just in time when Ory uses the controller.
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