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Jangle is one of the several enemies in FNaF World, added in the 1.20 update and appears in Geist Lair.


Jangle is a pixelated sprite and red silhouette version of Mangle. However, its appearance resembles more of a bipedal dinosaur than Mangle with a pair of snake-like heads. From its back and one of its necks, they sport with stegosaurus-styled "spikes". It also sport with a long, thick tail.


Basic white bash attack Deals large amounts of damage to a single party member.
4rth wall
Deals 400 or more damage to all party members and pierces through defense. Can instantly kill them. Only blocked by Neon Wall 2.
Sends out five flashing balls that deals 9,999 damage to independent party members. Can instantly kill them. Can be blocked by Neon Wall, the chip "Auto Shield" or Neon Wall 2.
This attack can insta-kill more than one party member, but it has a lower chance than Unscrew.
Stuns all party members for a few seconds.
Summons an amount of snowballs that can give high damage.

Poisons all party members. The poison deals damage over time. In this case, it also has a chance to instantly kill all party members, but is unlikely. This also applies to Neon, P. Goon and Chipper's Revenge.

Kills all party members under 30% health.


  • Jangle is one of the enemies to be completely pixelated. Two others being P. Goon and Neon.
  • Jangle is one of four characters with "angle" in their name, other is Mangle, Phantom Mangle, and Tangle.
  • Neon, Jangle and P. Goon could be references to the FNaF World: Halloween Edition.
    • Though there were no enemies in the Halloween Edition named Jangle, there was both Tangle and Xangle, both likewise based off of Mangle.
  • Jangle has every attack that Chipper's Revenge does, plus Alarm. The same applies to Neon and P. Goon.
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