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Jake, Fazbear Frights #6: Blackbird

Jake is a character who first appeared in the Stitchwraith Stingers as a ghost inside the Stitchwraith, along with Andrew. He is the deuteragonist of the epilogues and the main protagonist of The Real Jake.

Physical Appearance

Jake has a frail and boney body and grayish skin. He has sunken green eyes and has a bald head, due to his brain tumor. He also had dark circles around his cheekbones. Before the brain tumor, he had a round freckled face with bright green eyes, a big smile, and tangles of brown curls usually falling under his eyes.


Jake is a very nice kid and grateful to the people who help him, despite the situation he is in. He likes to make friends and is patient with others. However, Jake will resort to violence to protect others.


The Real Jake

Before the events of the story, Jake's mom died when he was 5 and the tumor started to grow when he was 6. Jake was starting to become less healthier with chemotherapy and the other medical treatments weren't able to help him. At age 9 where the story takes place, his caretaker Margie and his father Evan believed that using love and reminding Jake of his happier memories could help him heal. However, Evan was serving out at sea, so he couldn't be there for Jake. Margie made an animatronic doll named Simon, so that Evan could communicate with Jake.

Eventually, Evan died at sea. Margie inherited the house and custody over Jake. He's told by Margie that Simon won't be visiting, unaware of his father's death. Jake's condition worsens and he dies. As his body is carried away, Simon disappears from his cabinet, presumably housing Jake's soul inside of him. His soul lays dormant inside the doll for three years until it is eventually awakened during the Stitchwraith's creation.

Fazbear Frights #1 - Epilogue

Jake, as the Stitchwraith, is accounted by the police department as responsible for five murders. The victims had withered skin and black liquids streaming from their eyes.

Fazbear Frights #2 - Epilogue

Jake, as the Stitchwraith, is seen collecting the Plushtrap Chaser's remains from the railroad line, putting it into a large sack.

Larson inspects an house, occupied by Margie. Margie tells Larson she used to take care of a sick kid when his father was overseas. The kid then died, and his father left her the house. Meanwhile Larson finds an empty cabinet in one of the bedrooms, and gives a look to its inside walls, noticing black scribbles all over them. It's confirmed that Jake is the kid Margie was referring to.

Fazbear Frights #3 - Epilogue

Phineas Taggart creates the Stitchwraith, making an endoskeleton absorb the agony of all the haunted objects in his collection. Phineas puts on the endoskeleton's head the face of Simon, the doll that was possessed by Jake, and puts Fetch's battery pack, that was possessed by another child, on its chest. The Stitchwraith ends up accidentally killing Phineas by touching him.

Fazbear Frights #4 - Epilogue

Jake is the first to awaken in the Stitchwraith. He has vague memories of a past life, but he can't remember for sure. He meets Andrew, who is rude to him at first, but Jake is patient with him. He is able to see out of the Stitchwraith, but Andrew cannot. Jake offers to be friends with him by telling each other stuff, and Andrew reveals that he wanted revenge on someone who had hurt him, so he had attached himself to their soul so they couldn't die. Andrew added that he was brought to a big place with "cool stuff", and how he wanted to be everywhere. He remembered being all over the place, and infecting objects, including Fetch.

A man then comes into the truck. Jake moves to alert the man, and the man is startled. Jake reaches out to the man to try to comfort him, but the man screams and grabs his head. The man's body begins to wither, with black streaks running down his sunken eyes.

Jake is horrified and asks why it happened, and Andrew replies that it is probably him. Jake asks incredulously why he is killing people, but he responds that he just wants to scare people with a zap. Jake is mad and tells him that the zap is killing people. Andrew says that he only wants to hurt the man and it's not his fault. Jake says that he has to get the objects Andrew infected as his rage could kill more people. Jake asks him to help him find the objects but Andrew refuses. Jake then manages to connect to Andrew and read his thoughts to find the objects. He begins his journey to find the haunted objects, even if Andrew is unwilling.

Fazbear Frights #5 - Epilogue

Jake has brought Ella to the abandoned factory where he keeps all the objects infected by Andrew's agony. He also took with him some flowers. As he's reflecting about how hard it is to find all the infected objects and how sad it is things like toys and dolls caused so much harm, he starts experiencing an happy memory. He's with his smiling dad eating hot dogs at baseball game. The more he focuses on the memory, the more he feels separated from the Stitchwraith's body, and ready to pass on. However, he understands he can't just leave Andrew, with all his rage and sufferance, alone. So he stops thinking about the memories, concentrating on the here and now, and he picks a can to water the flowers.

Fazbear Frights #6 - Epilogue

Jake has brought Foxy to the abandoned factory, throwing him into the trash compactor to be destroyed. Larson, who has been on the Stitchwraith's tail the whole time, finally makes himself known. Andrew takes partial control, attempting to kill the detective, while Jake holds him back. As the two struggle, Jake accidently throws the Stitchwraith into the compactor. Jake is returned to the memory of the baseball game, trying to being Andrew in as well for sanctuary. But, Andrew is being pulled back by the man who killed him, who had hitchhiked on the Stitchwraith. Jake is able to free Andrew, but the man attacks him instead engulfing him in darkness. The fate of the two boys are unknown, but the Stitchwraith is mangled and deactivated. The man, now revealed to be William Afton, leaves the Stitchwraith, along with Jake and Andrew for dead.

Fazbear Frights #7 - Epilogue

Jake, along with many other animatronic parts, is being sucked into the creation of the Agony. He tries to prevent more parts from being absorbed, but he is stopped by Eleanor, who pins him down and removes some piece of evil in his spirit. She releases herself to the amalgamation. Jake follows Detective Larson as he attacks and defeats Afton, but the detective is infected from the fight. Jake uses the battery pack in the Stitchwraith to burn the infection from his wound. He then leaves before the police comes because he knows that the Stitchwraith will be seen as a threat. While escaping, he realizes that something worse than Afton was controlling the amalgamation.

Fazbear Frights #8 - Epilogue

Jake escapes into an alleyway to avoid being seen. He misses Andrew. After nine days, he finds an old man sleeping and accidentally touches him, but to his surprise, doesn't kill him. Instead Jake sees the memories of the old man, from him happily eating dinner with his family to the car crash that killed them. Jake tries to make the man happier by expanding the happy memory of the dinner into the man's mind. The man now appears to be smiling.

Two drug dealers walk down the hallway, and Jake hides inside a building to not be detected. Inside, he finds a skinny teenage girl and gives her water. He recognizes her as a drug user similar to a commercial he had seen, with the slogan "Just say no". The two men enter the building and demand the girl for money. Out of rage, Jake throws one man into a window and burns "Just say no" into the forehead of the other man. He carries the teenager to a shed to keep her safe. One night, he hears something trying to enter the shed, and he wishes that someone would protect him.

Fazbear Frights #9 - Epilogue

The thing crawling outside disappears for the time being, as Jake and the girl continue hiding out in the shed. After briefly going out to find food, Jake returns to see the girl is awake. She introduces herself as Renelle. As she eats the food Jake brought, Jake thinks that her name sounds off. The girl also looks more healthy and relatively normal, despite it only being a short while.

Jake is surprised that Renelle isn't afraid of her, only for her to reassure him. She says that looks aren't what make people monsters, but rather their demeanor and whether or not they hurt others. The two bond, with Renelle explaining her backstory on how she got kicked out of the house by her work-obsessed father in the wake of her mother's death. Jake sympathizes with Renelle, having remembered his mother's death as well.

Jake notices that Renelle is starting to cry as she eats, realizing that she still misses his dad. Jake makes his next goal to get the two reunited. As he makes his choice, he sees something he hadn't noticed before; Renelle was wearing a silver heart pendant. Jake smiled, believing that it was a sign of good things to come.

Fazbear Frights #10 - Epilogue

Several days later, Jake is able to get some idea on where Renelle's father lives, despite not being able to use his memory powers to get information. Renelle seemed hesitant on going home, as she tensed up whenever her dad was mentioned. Jake waits a little before asking, but Renelle is now ready to reunite with her father.

Renelle leads Jake back to her old house. Jake ensures that he won't let her father be mean to her before ringing the doorbell. The door opens automatically, Renelle's dad assuming it's a package being delivered. As Jake looks around, he spots two photos. The first shows Renelle's father alongside Phineas Taggart, who he recognizes. The second is Renelle and her father smiling together, except Renelle had curly black hair and dark brown eyes. Renelle, right now, had brown hair and blue eyes. Jake realized that something was wrong. Suddenly, Larson wandered into the house and immediately fell to the floor unconscious, whispering the name "Eleanor." Jake then noticed that Renelle's appearance had changed, her details matching the girl in the photograph.

Renelle's dad, Dr. Talbert, comes down the stairs, seeing what believes to be his daughter and hugs her, apologizing for kicking her out. When "Renelle" smiles at Jake and winks at him, he realizes the truth. Renelle was Eleanor, the same girl endoskeleton that had attacked him. He realized that she was the one who gave life to the items that Andrew claimed to have infected, and that she was the greater evil that had been controlling the Afton Amalgamation while Afton himself was in his weakened state. Jake tackles Eleanor against a wall, but she changes her appearance again to create a gaping wound in her chest. Believing Jake had stabbed his daughter, Dr. Talbert took his gun out and shot Jake, one of the bullets hitting the battery pack that powered him.

Jake collapsed to the ground, paralyzed as Dr. Talbert helped Eleanor up to save her, using something called "remnant." Eleanor smiled when remnant was mentioned. Jake knew then that remnant was what she wanted and why she tricked him into bringing him here. Dr. Talbert calls security on Jake, not noticing the unconscious Larson mumbling in his sleep. Jake was completely helpless as Eleanor was injected with remnant and her human disguise melted away.

Fazbear Frights #11 - Epilogue

Jake dozes off, dreaming that everyone he knows is celebrating his birthday. He ultimately realizes that it isn't real and snaps back to reality. With what little power he had, Jake tried getting up to face Eleanor. Larson was keeping Eleanor at bay by weakening her within her own memories, giving Jake some form of advantage. He looks at Eleanor, angry and bitter at how evil she was and how much suffering she caused. This gave Jake the strength to stand up, wanting to make Eleanor pay for what she did to him, and all the others she hurt.

Jake holds Eleanor down, covering her entire body in the cloak. He uses as much energy as he can to not only burn Eleanor, but also trap her within himself. Similar to Andrew being locked inside of the Stitchwraith body unable to do anything, Jake is doing the same thing to Eleanor. But, to ensure she remains subdued, Jake uses his memory powers to lock her up in her most miserable memories. Eleanor's energy is locked away, and her animatronic body is inanimate. The nightmare was over, and Jake left before Larson woke up.

Two weeks pass. Jake's gunshot wound came back to bite him, his energy slowly draining. Knowing that he didn't have much time left, he tied up loose ends. Jake managed to find the real Renelle and reunite her with Dr. Talbert and saved the red-haired homeless girl Eleanor had replaced, bringing her to a hospital. However, there was one last thing he needed to do. Ever since he absorbed Eleanor, he had visions of a dirty ball pit. He was able to find it in an abandoned restaurant, in the same condition as he saw in his visions. He can feel all the souls of Eleanor's victims still inside the pit. While he can't do anything to set them free, he could do the next best thing. Jake walked into the pit, and let the balls take him as he sunk under.

Jake comes in contact with Millie, one of Eleanor's victims. She just wants to be reunited with her grandpa and spend Christmas with her family. Jake makes that wish come true, extending out his hand. Millie is sent back to her grandpa's house, where she has a tearful reunion with the rest of her family and is happy to be with them. Jake, and the Stitchwraith body, remain inside the ball pit. Jake oversees all of the souls, giving them peace in new happy memories. While they're all trapped, they can at least be put to rest.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • In the fifth epilogue, when Jake was reminiscing a memory when he was alive, his soul was about to leave the Stitchwraith, meaning souls who possess an object, and are able to remember memories when they were alive, have a special spiritual ability of leaving.
  • Jake's Uncle ''Michael'' happens to share the same name as Michael Afton from Sister Location, which some believe mean that Jake is an Afton, although that may not be the case and instead just be another reuse of the name Michael.


  • Jake's last name may be McNally, since in the story Fetch, Greg babysits a very young child named Jake. Fetch and the epilogues take place in the same universe.
  • According to Five Nights at Freddy's: The Ultimate Guide, Jake has been dead for over three years prior to the Stitchwraith Stingers.
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