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Oswald wishes his summer wasn't so boring.
Summary, Fazbear Frights #1: Into the Pit

Into the Pit is the first story in Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit and chronologically the Fazbear Frights series' 1st story. It's also the first story in the first graphic novel collection and chronologically the graphic novel series' 1st story. It was written by an uncredited writer, with llustrations done by Didi Esmeralda and coloring done by Eva de la Cruz.







Oswald is a ten-year-old boy having a tough time adjusting to his new life. Three years ago, a mill closed down in the town, causing businesses to shut down and many families to move away, including his best friend Ben. His mother’s job at the hospital is steady and his grandma needs help sometimes, so his dad gets a part-time job at the Snack Space. Today is the last day of school and he decides to draw. Lately he’s been drawing mechanical animals for some reason. As others excitedly speak of their summer plans, Oswald imagines how boring and friendless his summer vacation will be.

Oswald’s dad tells Oswald that he plans to take him to the library each morning and give him enough money so he can go to Jeff’s Pizza for a slice and a soda before being picked up by his dad after work. Oswald thinks Jeff’s Pizza is weird, as it’s run down and was clearly something bigger and better in the past. It has tons of unused space and electrical outlets, painted over murals on the walls, a small stage no one performs on, and a large rectangular ball pit surrounded by yellow netting that’s roped-off with a sign saying “Do not use.” Jeff seems to runs the place by himself and constantly looks tired. Still, Oswald agrees to his dad’s plan. A couple of weeks go by and the library begins to bore Oswald. He gets a text from Ben telling him that he’s at Myrtle Beach.

The next day, Oswald snaps at his dad, complaining about how repetitive his summer is. At Jeff's Pizza, Oswald decides to hide in the ball pit, forcing his dad to come inside to look for him. He takes his shoes off and submerges himself into the dusty red, blue, and green balls, but the dust makes him sneeze and, believing to have given away his spot, he emerges to loud sounds and flashing lights. Oswald sees shiny arcade cabinets and kids wearing vivid colors. He looks over at a small stage to see a trio of animatronics: a brown bear, a blue rabbit, and a bird girl. They remind him of his drawings, but creepier. Oswald concludes that this is what Jeff’s Pizza used to be, and he looks over at a wall to see murals and a name: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

A kid named Chip bumps into him and introduces Oswald to his friend Mike, passing someone in a yellow rabbit suit. After a few games of Skee-Ball, Oswald returns to the ball pit and discovers that he can dive in and pop out in Jeff's Pizza. His father texts him, revealing that no time has passed. The next day, Oswald returns to Freddy’s, finding a calendar that tells him the date: 1985. He passes the same yellow rabbit standing in a corner, but tries to ignore him. Over his summer vacation, Oswald goes into the pit to play with Chip and Mike, doing his best to keep up with conversations relevant to 1985 and trying hard not to talk about anything from the future. One day he feels guilty for having them pay for everything, but when he stands up tokens magically fill his pockets.

The next day, Oswald asks his dad about Freddy’s but his dad gets nervous. Oswald emerges only to hear screams, children crying, cries for help, and running. He tries to find Chip and Mike but comes across the yellow bunny, which leads him through a private door and down a long, dark corridor. The rabbit beckons Oswald into a Party Room and he enters out of curiosity, thinking he can't be harmed in a time before he was even born. He sees half a dozen dead kids lined up against the wall, each wearing party hats. The yellow rabbit lunges for him and Oswald runs to the ball pit just as the police arrive. Back at Jeff’s Pizza, Oswald’s dad stomps over to him while an angry Jeff looks on. Oswald’s pulled out, but when his dad leans over to examine the pit, a pair of yellow arms pull him under. After a cartoonish fight the rabbit emerges from the ball pit and teleports behind Oswald. Oswald looks at Jeff for help but he acts normal.

The rabbit drives Oswald home and he tries to escape, but it teleports in front of him and drags him inside. His cat sees the rabbit and runs away in fear, hiding under Oswald's bed. Oswald frantically texts his mom for help, but when she gets home she is confused and says everything’s normal. Oswald goes to bed early, but when the yellow thing sits down to eat breakfast the next day Oswald is horrified to learn that everyone sees it as his dad. Oswald goes to his first day of middle school, where he becomes friends with a girl named Gabrielle. She shows him a book she likes about Greek heroes, as they’re super brave, and having only moved into town three days ago she’s nervous. At home he decides to play along with the yellow thing.

That night, Oswald sneaks out and runs to Jeff’s Pizza, ordering a soda to distract Jeff. He dives into the pit and finds his dad pale and unconscious, but breathing. Suddenly, he feels a presence behind him and he’s grabbed by a pair of furry yellow arms. Oswald breaks free but the exit is blocked, so he head-butts the thing to knock it over. It recovers and pushes him against the wall, unhinging its jaws to reveal a double row of sharp fangs. It tries to bite Oswald’s throat but he quickly blocks with his arm, using his other arm to break free. It turns its attention to his dad and Oswald uses the pit’s netting to jump on the thing’s back. It stumbles into the netting and ropes, getting tangled, then throws Oswald into the pit’s soft floors.

Despite his bleeding arm, Oswald is determined to be brave and save his dad, just like the Greek heroes. He gets up and discovers that, when the yellow thing was tangled, a rope tied to a metal rod at the top of the pit got looped around its neck. Oswald watches it struggle, its dead-eyed stare aimed directly at him, until it stops moving. He blinks and hanging from the rope is nothing more than a dirty, empty yellow rabbit costume. His dad wakes up with no memory of what happened. Oswald tells him that he hit his head and passed out, and the wound on his arm came from pulling him out of the pit. They go to leave and Jeff calls out for Oswald to get his soda.

Graphic Novel Differences

  • The beginning scenes (the dead possum and Oswald's last day at Westbrook Elementary) have been omitted, with the story in the graphic novel beginning as Oswald is dropped off at the library for the first time. He is also seen drawing the Freddy's animatronics in the car.
  • Dialogue has also been altered to integrate the exposition of the Mill being shut down, along with dialogue from other scenes being used in the opening.
  • Oswald's first interaction with his mother happens after his visit to the library and Jeff's Pizza, unlike the original book where it happens on the first day of summer.
  • Oswald mentions a streaming-service exclusive Zendrelix reboot titled "Zendrelix 2020," which leads into the CGI vs puppets debate, unlike the original after Oswald and his dad watched the reboot on basic cable.


Withered Chica Head UCN Troll Game.png "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • Given the homicidal Spring Bonnie's appearance as well as his victims, it is implied that the 1985 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location in this story is the restaurant and year where the Missing Children Incident occurred, albeit probably some sort of supernatural imitation.
    • This also seems to be the case in the novel trilogy, as The Silver Eyes is stated to take place in 1995, and takes place during the 10th anniversary of the killings.
    • Opposed to the Missing Children Incident where five kids die, strangely, there are six kids Spring Bonnie killed before the events of the story.
      • The sixth child although may represent the spirit that inhabits the Puppet.
      • There's also possibility that the identity of the sixth child being Andrew, since it's stated that he's one of William Afton's many victims.
  • Due to the pizzeria being in 1985 and described as being similar to Oswald's drawings (specifically being furry on the outside), it is implied that the Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica in the story are the ones used before the Toy Animatronics (aka the Withereds) came into use and later dissected for parts.
  • There's a theory that states that Spring Bonnie in this story is Eleanor's previous form. This is backed up by Spring Bonnie seemingly being possessed by agony, his connection to the ball pit, stealing identity of people, and possible usage of illusion discs.
    • Another possibility is that Spring Bonnie was just an animatronic that Eleanor infected with agony (similiar to Plushtrap Chaser or Ella) to create more chaos.


  • Several pieces of real world pop culture are mentioned or parodied in this story:
  • The illustration of Oswald and his father getting under attack by Spring Bonnie is made, but, like other completed illustrations, was scrapped due to lacking color. It was however still present in early copies, together with the illustrations of the other two stories.
  • This is the first story to have a happy, uplifting ending.
  • This is the sixth story to take place in the epilogues, the others including To Be Beautiful, Fetch, Out of Stock, 1:35 A.M., and Step Closer.
    • In later stingers, the ball pit plays major role in it's story, and with it also comes many new revelations around this mysterious attraction.
    • Jeff with his pizzeria also make comeback in #8 stinger.
  • In early copies of the book, while Elley Cooper got credit as the writer of To Be Beautiful and Count the Ways, this story remained uncredited.
    • It's possible this was just a publishing error, or that Scott wrote the story alone without the help of any other writer.


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