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This page lists descriptions of Minor Characters that appear in In the Flesh.


Hannah is Matt's ex-wife. They met freshman year in college, and eventually married. Hannah wanted kids and marriage counseling, but Matt did not. They divorced after a year.


Brianna was a server at a restaurant Matt often visited. Hannah got angry when she found a picture of her in a bikini on Matt's computer.


Eva is Matt's date when he goes on a double date with Jason. She has brown hair. Matt finds her disappointing because of her clothes, crooked teeth, and cheap shoes. Matt reasons that she and Jason belong to each other, and that Meghan is the one for him. He ignores Eva.


Meghan is Jason's date when he goes on a double date with Matt. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Matt finds her pretty, and is disappointed when he finds out that she was not his date. Midway through the date, Matt decides that he and Meghan belong together, so he spends the whole date talking about himself to impress her. When Matt asks her out, she refuses and asks why he betrayed his friend. Matt storms out angrily. Later, she tells Jason what he has done.


Madison is Matt's second date in the story. She has chestnut hair and brown eyes. They eat out at Ye Olde Steakhouse. Matt is too busy eating food to concentrate on Madison. When Matt shovels a steak down his mouth, Madison makes an excuse to leave the date.


Emma is Matt's third date in the story. She has honey-blonde hair, and is "chunky". Matt quickly tells her that the date won't work out because she is too fat for him. Emma responds that he's shallow, and that he is hypocritical for saying that. Matt stands up and all the buttons pop out because of his bloated stomach, and Emma laughs. Matt leaves the bar in embarrassment.

Gene Jr.

Gene Jr. is of no relation to Matt. He lives with his mother. He hacks into the company computer to play Springtrap's Revenge. The first time he plays, he couldn't find Springtrap. The second time, he finds Springtrap, dead, on the floor. When he looks in the files, he finds that Springtrap has been extracted in a program called "Its_a_boy.exe".


Gary is the head of Matt's department. Matt finds him irritating. When Gary tells him that the reviews of the game is low, Matt lashes out in anger. Gary reminds him that he is the supervisor.


Jamie is one of Matt's coworkers. She has bangs. She is popular in the office, but Matt thinks she is a busybody. When Matt comes in sick, she tells him to see a doctor. Matt refuses.


Gus is the bartender of Gus's. Matt goes to his bar for clarity.

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