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This article is about a list of holiday animatronic skins from Special Delivery. For the list of Halloween-based animatronics, see Halloween nightmare animatronics.
Easter Bonnie is listed here. For a Freddy in Space 2 boss with a same name, see Easter Bonnie.
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The holiday animatronics are seasonal animatronic skins that were introduced in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery via ongoing daily update patches, starting on March 12, 2020 with the release of Shamrock Freddy.

Physical Appearance

They are counterparts that bear some identical resemblance to the original animatronics, albeit designed with special traits based on holidays, chronologically including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, and even Day of the Dead.

Other holidays (whom the animatronic skins are based) that have not yet been confirmed include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Skin Animatronics

Shamrock Freddy


Shamrock Freddy is a St. Patrick's Day variant of Freddy, and appeared in the 2020 St. Patrick's Day event on March 12, 2020, then later on October 1, 2020 for the second round of the mashup event, and once again on March 15, 2021. He is Freddy's first custom skin and officially the very first skin ever released.

Easter Bonnie


Easter Bonnie is an Easter variant of Bonnie who is added on April 16, 2020 as the Easter event's second and last skin. He is Bonnie's second custom skin, after Chocolate Bonnie.

Firework Freddy


Firework Freddy is a July 4th-themed variant of Freddy Fazbear and added on June 25, 2020 as the July 4th event's first skin. He is Freddy's second released skin, after Shamrock Freddy.

Liberty Chica


Liberty Chica is Chica's July 4th variant and added on July 2, 2020 as the July 4th event's second and last skin. She is Chica's first custom skin.

Catrina Toy Chica

Alpine ui plushsuit toychica catrina.png

Catrina Toy Chica is Toy Chica's variant based on the Day of the Dead celebration, added on October 22, 2020 as the Halloween event's first and only skin. She is Toy Chica's second custom skin, after Highscore Toy Chica.

Heartsick Baby


Heartsick Baby is Circus Baby's Valentines Day variant, added on February 4th, 2021. She is Circus Baby's second skin, after Broiler Baby.

Black Heart Bonnie


Black Heart Bonnie is Bonnie's Valentines Day variant, added on February 4th, 2021. He is Bonnie's third skin, after Chocolate Bonnie and Easter Bonnie.


  • While confirming that the "Christmas update" for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 wouldn't happen, Scott Cawthon jokingly said on his Steam reply that Freddy would dress in Santa's costume for the update.[1]
  • Firework Freddy and Liberty Chica are the only holiday animatronics to have different charge and defeat animations. Coincidentally, both skins are part of the 4th of July event.
  • Catrina Toy Chica's name and model design is influenced by La Calavera Catrina (The Skull Catrina).


Warning: The audio clips from the following list are loud!
Audio Description
The sound made when Shamrock Freddy and Firework Freddy attacks the player.
The sound made when Easter Bonnie and Black Heart Bonnie attack the player.
The sound made when Liberty Chica attacks the player.
The sound made when Catrina Toy Chica attacks the player.
The sound made when Heartsick Baby attacks the player.


  1. You want me to dress up Freddy in a Santa outfit? A Christmas update doesn't work as well as a Halloween update. ;) - Scott Cawthon, Steam - December 21, 2015 @ 11:32 AM
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