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This article is about a list of holiday animatronic skins from Special Delivery. For the list of Halloween-based animatronics, see Halloween nightmare animatronics.
Easter Bonnie is listed here. For a Freddy in Space 2 boss with a same name, see Easter Bonnie.

The holiday animatronics are seasonal types of animatronics that were introduced in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery via ongoing daily update patches, starting on March 12, 2020 with the release of Shamrock Freddy.

Currently, there is one full standalone animatronic and five animatronic skins.

Physical Appearance

They are counterparts that bear some identical resemblance to the original animatronics, albeit designed with special traits based on celebrative holidays, chronologically including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, and Christmas.

Other holidays (whom the animatronic skins are based) that has not yet confirmed includes: Valentines' Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Standalone Animatronics

Freddy Frostbear


I'm almost here... Won't you let me come in out of the cold?
One of Frostbear's e-mail messages, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Freddy Frostbear is a Christmas counterpart of Freddy and first appeared on the Christmas update on December 25, 2019 as a separated animatronic with unique AI. He later returned on April 3, 2020 for a little while, and then appeared for the mini event on September 24, 2020 along with several event-exclusive animatronics.

He is a frozen version of Freddy made entirely out of ice, with glowing cyan/white eyes and small icicles hanging off of his ears. He wears a plaid bowtie, and a mistletoe for his dark-blue top hat. In place of his microphone, he carries a large icicle.

He functions in almost the same way as Freddy Fazbear with three differences - He doesn't speak to the player, he is noticeably more difficult, and static doesn't show up. In replace of static, his special ability is to freeze the screen, which disables the ability to use the controlled shock button. To counter the frozen screen, the player must shake their device for the frost to wither away. To defeat Frostbear, the player must simply catch him and shock him as per usual.

Skin Animatronics

Shamrock Freddy


Shamrock Freddy is a St. Patrick's Day variant of Freddy and appeared in the 2020 St. Patrick's Day event on March 12, 2020. He is Freddy's first custom skin and officially the very first skin ever released.

Chocolate Bonnie


Chocolate Bonnie is an Easter variant of Bonnie and added on April 10, 2020 as the Easter event's first skin. He is Bonnie's first featured animatronic skin.

His whole design is based on that of a chocolate rabbit candy, one of the most popular Easter gifts/treats.

Chocolate Bonnie returned on June 23, 2020 for a little bit to celebrate his own exclusive merchandise line. He later re-appeared once again on September 24, 2020 for a mini event.

Easter Bonnie


Easter Bonnie is an Easter variant of Bonnie who is added on April 16, 2020 as the Easter event's second and last skin. He is also the second custom skin for Bonnie.

His name and appearance is based on the Easter Bunny.

Firework Freddy


Firework Freddy is a July 4th-themed variant of Freddy Fazbear and added on June 25, 2020 as the July 4th event's first skin. He is Freddy's second released skin, after Shamrock Freddy.

He wears a July 4th-themed outfit and holds a really big firework.

Liberty Chica


Liberty Chica is Chica's July 4th variant and added on July 2, 2020 as the July 4th event's second and last skin. She is Chica's first custom skin.

Her design is notably based on the Statue of Liberty.


  • While confirming that the "Christmas update" for Five Nights at Freddy's 4 wouldn't happen, Scott Cawthon jokingly said on his Steam reply that Freddy would dress in Santa's costume for the update.[1]
  • In addition to the confirmation of the Chocolate Bonnie action figure, two new animatronics, Chocolate Freddy and Chocolate Chica will have their action figures.[2]
  • Freddy Frostbear and Chocolate Bonnie are the only two holiday animatronics to make several come-backs in update patches.
  • Firework Freddy and Liberty Chica are both July 4th animatronics to have different charge and defeat animations.


  • When Chocolate Bonnie was added, there was a bug during his encounter, where RWQFSFASXC's setting mechanic would show up for him. Suddenly, it would go back to the normal animatronic setting, however Chocolate Bonnie would rapidly charge the player continuously with no intention. This was fixed the day after the update's launch.


  1. You want me to dress up Freddy in a Santa outfit? A Christmas update doesn't work as well as a Halloween update. ;) - Scott Cawthon, Steam - December 21, 2015 @ 11:32 AM
  2. New Funko plushies and figures [1]

Freddy Frostbear



Shamrock Freddy

Chocolate Bonnie

Easter Bonnie

Firework Freddy

Liberty Chica



Freddy Frostbear

Audio Description
The audio is loud and/or startling!
FNaF AR - Frostbear - Jumpscare
The sound made when Freddy Frostbear attacks the player.
The sound made when Freddy Frostbear is haywiring.
The sound Freddy Frostbear makes when in the workshop.

Custom Skins

Warning: The audio clips from the following list are loud!
Audio Description
The sound made when Shamrock Freddy and Firework Freddy attacks the player.
The sound made when Chocolate Bonnie and Easter Bonnie attacks the player.
The sound made when Liberty Chica attacks the player.

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