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The heatwave animatronics from Illumix's official merchandise website's poster.

It's time to turn up the temperature.
Summary, FNAF AR Twitter Account

The heatwave animatronics are a series of animatronics based around heat and fire, who appear in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery as limited time animatronic skins. They were introduced for the Sizzling Summer Event that started on July 23, 2020.


Flamethrower Endo

Alpine ui plushsuit bareendo flamethrower.png

Flamethrower Endo is Endo-01's variant and the first heatwave animatronic skin released on July 23, 2020. It is also Endo-01's first skin.

Flamethrower Endo is a dark brown color, compared to Bare Endo, and parts of its body's metal glows in the extreme heat it produces. It wears an angular welding mask over its head, with a rectangular glass visor that shows its blue eyes. The rest of its face is unchanged besides the mask, as seen when pulling the mask up in its workshop animation and its jumpscare. Its left hand has been replaced with a flamethrower, as its name implies. The flamethrower constantly spews flame in the workshop, and is connected to two fuel tanks in Flamethrower Endo's back through a thick brown cable. Said tanks are both ovular shaped, and connected through multiple pipes; a large one at the top and four smaller ones in the bottom. The tank is connected to Flamethrower Bare Endo through three straps of bolted on metal, two vertical across the shoulders and one horizontal across the torso.

Its behavior is identical to Endo-01, being one of the easiest animatronics to deal with in the game, as it can simply be defeated through typical procedures, but has no unique noises or behavior to identify Flamethrower Endo by. When attacking, no speaking or noises will be heard, only footsteps. To find and shock Flamethrower Bare Endo, the player must find the static, use sound to listen to its movement, look at it while it is rushing, avoid it while going haywire and finally shock this endoskeleton as soon as it uncloaks. Flamethrower Endo does not go haywire often and frequently decloaks at the very first rush.

Broiler Baby

Alpine ui portrait baby stove.png

Broiler Baby, also known as Stove Baby in the files, is a variant of Circus Baby and the second heatwave animatronic skin released on July 30th, 2020. Broiler Baby later returned for the part two of the Blast from the Past Event on October 1, 2020. She is Circus Baby's first skin, not counting 8-Bit Baby.

Broiler Baby keeps the original's general appearance. She's a messy/scorched grey in color, with dark red hair, nose, cheeks, shoes and dress. Broiler Baby's eyes are now a deep red in color. Broiler Baby is modelled after a coal stove, featuring a square stove in the center of her torso with burning firewood in it at all times. Her endoskeleton is a glowing dark reddish-orange from the heat this broiler causes her to emit. Instead of a microphone, Broiler Baby carries a long coal shovel, rounded off at the tip.

As is common with most skins, Broiler Baby shares her behavior with Circus Baby. She starts by moving swiftly around, speaking to the player. Her haywire is encountered frequently. Broiler Baby also grunts loudly when attacking the player, but her clinking is quiet, making it harder to detect when she is moving. She decloaks somewhat frequently. Broiler Baby is also able to haywire and charge at the same time, tricking the player into looking up into a haywire.

Scorching Chica

Alpine ui plushsuit chica scorching.png

Scorching Chica is the third heatwave animatronic skin released on August 6, 2020. She is also Chica's second skin added to the game, with the first being Liberty Chica in the previous event.

Scorched Chica is a charred black in color, seemingly made out of molten, stone-like material. Her suit is severely cracked in various places, deforming the shape slightly, and she's missing her bib. Scorching Chica's main feature is the apparent lava visible through the cracks in her suit, a dark red in color. It often erupts in small explosions across her body, sparking the liquid outwards. Her eyes are black with glowing red irises that occasionally flicker off. She holds the Scorching Cupcake in her tray, which also appears completely burnt.

Scorching Chica's behavior is identical to Chica's, making moaning noises at the start identical to Bonnie's, then letting her footsteps be heard with visible static. Scorched Chica will eventually rush at the player from where the static presides from most. Scorched Chica does not have any unique noises as she shares hers with some of Bonnie's. She, like all the other animatronics, can only be attacked once she fully decloaks. Scorched Chica is also noticeably easier than Bonnie and his skins when stalking the player, with less frequent haywires.

Flaming Springtrap

Alpine ui plushsuit springtrap flaming-1.png

Flaming Springtrap is Springtrap's heatwave skin, as well as the fourth and final heatwave animatronic skin, released on August 13, 2020. He later comes back on September 24, 2020 with few other event-exclusive animatronics for the mini event. He is also Springtrap's second skin, after Toxic Springtrap.

Flaming Springtrap is the same as Springtrap, but he is a dark amber orange in color instead. The main difference is that fire seems to pour from Flaming Springtrap's rips, seemingly as a reference to the Fazbear's Fright burning incident. As a result, the entirety of Springtrap's insides glow a bright hot yellow as red-heat effects, nearly unnoticeable among the flames. His hands also glow the same bright red-heat colors. Flaming Springtrap has dark red voids with white pupils for eyes.

As with all heatwave animatronics, his behavior is shared with Springtrap and his other skin. His static is very weak and the Flashlight is almost always necessary to find him. While he is present, interference can occur somewhat regularly. What makes Springtrap different from all the other animatronics is that when Springtrap goes Haywire, the player has to check if his eyes are white or red. If his eyes are red, the player must look away immediately or be jumpscared. If his eyes are white, the player must stare at him until either his eyes turn red or he disappears. Springtrap will rush the player three times, decloaking on the third try and thus, letting you shock him and defeat him.


  • In contrast to other event-exclusive animatronic skins, the heatwave animatronics have their own different haywire animations.
    • Flaming Springtrap has different animations than just for a haywire, as he is included with his own jumpscare and defeat animation, and as well as a different scream.
  • Flaming Springtrap's teaser image was put into the game several hours before his release, unlike every other skin's teaser images which are put up in-game an hour before the skin itself is revealed. This could've been an oversight from Illumix.


  • In her teaser, Scorching Chica's eye color is a darker red, while they are colored orange for her in-game model.


Warning: The audio clips from the following list are loud!
Audio Description
The scream Flamethrower Endo makes when attacking the player.
The scream Broiler Baby makes when attacking the player.
The scream Scorching Chica makes when attacking the player.
The scream Flaming Springtrap makes when attacking the player.
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