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Happiest Day minigame is a sixth and last hidden minigame in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 to complete. Along with the end-of-night minigames, this is the only minigame not to be replayed from the Extra menu.

Access Requirement

"Happiest Day" is not a Night-Specific minigame. The player can access the minigame on any night by going to Hall (CAM 03) and double-clicking on the character drawing of the Puppet on the right wall.


Basic Ending

The player controls the Puppet, who can only walk left or right. Walking past several kids wearing animal masks, the player can go to the far right of the level to find a crying child. To the left of the table, there will be as many children wearing gray masks as have been unlocked from the other minigames. Without all five minigames completed with Cake Endings, the player can only exit via the Exit door; no cake will appear on the table unless the player has all the Cake Endings complete and runs into the table.

Cake Ending

If the player has all five minigames beaten with their respective cake endings, there will be four children wearing Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie masks to the left of the table. Running into the table will place a cake on the table. The crying child to the right of the table will now have a Golden Freddy mask on. All five children and the child that the player is controlling will then disappear, and their masks will fall to the ground. The six balloons will then fly upwards through the room barrier, mostly out of view. Finishing this ending will trigger a unique star to appear on the main menu, and this is saved to the game file as a unique variable signifying that the Good Ending has now been realized and the souls of William Afton's victims can finally pass on in peace.


Withered ChicaCN-0.png
"I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This article or section contains a lot of speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • It appears that the colored animal masks in "Happiest Day" are intended to resemble the Mediocre Melodies animatronics (Happy Frog, Pigpatch, Mr. Hippo, and Orville Elephant), however the fifth Mediocre Melodies animatronic Nedd Bear is not present, and a blue character takes his place instead. The eye colors of the Happy Frog and Orville Elephant masks are incorrect as well, but this is most likely just a sprite inconsistency.
  • The map of Happiest Day is likely the inspiration of the design of Fredbear's Family Diner from the fourth game, as the map design contains several design cues which appear to be carried over into the fourth game.
    • This could indicate that the child wearing the Golden Freddy mask is the Crying Child from the fourth game. However, this is unconfirmed.


  • From the original mobile port, the minigame can be only accessed when beating Night 5 with all five minigames completed.
  • The music box is Waltz in A Major by Johannes Brahms. It appears to be a shorter version of the Musical Jewelry Box: Long Play, Heavy Clicking Of Winder, Close To Stop; Musical Themes & Anthems sample by Sounddogs.



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Music box.
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