Hallucinations are a game mechanic Mike Schmidt may experience throughout the game.

There are three main types of hallucinations - visual hallucinations, object hallucinations, and Golden Freddy. Most of the hallucinations are randomized, and can occur at any time on any night, even as early as before the first phone call.

Hallucination Types

There are two minor types of hallucinations that the player can experience, as well as one distinct, major hallucination that affects gameplay.

Vision Hallucinations

The words "IT'S ME" randomly appear, in tandem with rapidly alternating images of a black-eyed version of Bonnie, an eyeless version of Bonnie, and Freddy Fazbear with human eyes. Sounds taken from the Night 5 phone call accompany these hallucinations. This type of hallucination can happen at any time, even if the player is looking at the Monitor, or when the power runs out.

The image of Bonnie's eyeless version can also appear after death. However, a chance of encountering this unique hallucination is extremely uncommon.

Object Hallucinations

Missing children poster clean

All four newspaper clippings for the incident from the past.

This type also involves "IT'S ME", this time appearing on the wall in the East Hall or on the sign in Pirate Cove when Foxy is not there. Alternatively, crudely drawn faces of crying children, similar in style to that of Edvard Munch's Der Schrei der Natur, may appear on the wall in the East Hall, replacing the three posters that usually decorate that space. Sometimes, the endoskeleton and rest of the animatronic heads from the Backstage will stare into the camera. Also, the poster seen in the West Hall Corner can change to an image of Freddy ripping his own head off or, rarely, Golden Freddy.

Randomly, from the East Hall corner, the "Rules for Safety" poster will sometime change to a newspaper clipping, telling the backstory of the "Missing Children Incident".

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy Death

Visual hallucinations and Golden Freddy's death screen.

Main article: Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is summoned into the Office while Mike is suffering from a specific object hallucination. This hallucination is a certain consequence of a rarely-appearing poster of Golden Freddy's face that may appear in CAM 2B, at the West Hall Corner. Looking at this poster will cause Golden Freddy to appear in the Office. Vision and auditory hallucinations occur while the player is looking at him in The Office.

This hallucination is special because it will result in a unique kill screen and a forced game shutdown if he is observed for too long. However, if the player quickly draws up the Monitor while Golden Freddy is sitting in the room, Golden Freddy will disappear and will not attack.


  • The wall hallucinations, such as the "IT'S ME" or the posters of crying children cannot occur if Freddy or Chica is in the camera feed.
  • Golden Freddy's kill screen is triggered when the player sets the difficulty levels of the animatronics to 1/9/8/7 on the Custom Night. According to Scott Cawthon, this was done to stop rumors of a special ending for beating the game with those settings.
  • The vision hallucinations cannot occur on the mobile version. However, it is possible for most of the object hallucinations to appear.
  • If a visual hallucination occurs while Bonnie or Chica are in their respective hall corners on Night 1, 2, or 3, the sound clip will continue to play until they leave the corners.
    • This bug occurs because the sound clip is the same sound that Bonnie or Chica make when in the corners during Night 4, 5, 6, and the Custom Night. The condition that mutes the sound requires Bonnie or Chica not to be in the corners, so the sound still plays when it's supposed to on Nights 4-7. However, it doesn't take into account what night it is, hence the bug.
  • Foxy and Chica never appear during hallucinations.
  • The hallucinations of Bonnie may be a reference to Scott Cawthon's opinion that Bonnie is the scariest of the animatronics, even having nightmares of Bonnie while the game was still in development.
  • The hallucinations of the posters of the children crying seem similar to the crying child in the Take Cake To The Children minigame in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • The hallucinations that occur when Golden Freddy is summoned appear to be aesthetically different from the other hallucinations, being more transparent than the others.
  • In one of the frames of Bonnie's hallucinations, his left pupil seems to be off centered, as if glaring to the left. This may be a connection to the medical condition Strabismus, commonly known as "lazy-eye".
    • However, it is unknown why this occurs and the reference may be purely coincidental.

Hallucinations return in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as a minor game mechanic Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith may experience throughout the game.

Hallucinations in the second game are mostly the same as they were in the first game with only a few differences:

  • The IT'S ME phrase is no longer featured prominently in hallucinations, the phrase instead being associated with the Death Minigames and cutscenes seen upon completion of each night.
  • Visual Hallucinations no longer occur, though, at random points before and after gameplay, eyeless screens with a similar likeness to the ones from the first game will appear and remain on the screen for an unnaturally long period of time.

Shadow Animatronics

Shadow animatronics are two minor ghost-like hallucinations that haunt Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They are dark, mysterious versions of Freddy and Bonnie sporting with white eyes and teeth. Encountering one of them is very rare. Similar to Golden Freddy from the first game, if the player looks at one each of them for too long will cause the game to crash or freeze in the mobile port. They never attack or jumpscare the player however since they have nothing to do with the player except for crashing (or freezing in mobile version) the game after observing them for too long.

Shadow Freddy

Main article: Shadow Freddy

The player may rarely encounter what seems to be a shadow/dark model of Golden Freddy with glowing white eyes and teeth. He appears in Parts/Service only after when the three withered animatronics left, sitting in the location Bonnie normally sits. Shadow Freddy seems to be looking directly at the camera while staring to the right.

He appears to be in a slumped position, similar to that of Golden Freddy's and Bonnie's. It also uses Golden Freddy's model. Furthermore, he carries a microphone with his right hand, making Shadow Freddy to be the only shadow animatronic to carry any type of equipment. Brightening and saturating this image reveals that this hallucination is deep purple in color (this has him dubbed "Purple Freddy" by the fanbase and other people, like YouTubers, though he is often called "Shadow Freddy" as well).

Shadow Freddy acts rather similar to Golden Freddy in the first game: they are both apparitions of Freddy in a similar slumped position, and appearing at random on a certain camera. Shadow Freddy, however, appears on the camera, whereas Golden Freddy's poster is located on the cameras and he himself is in the Office.

Shadow Bonnie

Main article: Shadow Bonnie

The player may also very rarely encounter what appears to be a tall, shadowy, silhouetted version of Toy Bonnie with white eyes and teeth, standing on the left side of the Office and appears to be looking at the player.

If the player stares at it for too long, it will appear to fade away like Golden Freddy and crash the game. The mobile version, however, freezes the game instead. This hallucination is very much like Shadow Freddy, although it is seen in The Office instead of the Parts/Service room.

The only way to prevent game crashing is to wear the Freddy Fazbear Head immediately while encountering Shadow Bonnie until it fades away.

Oddly enough, while this hallucination matches Toy Bonnie's overall shape and structure, it seems to have a full set of teeth visible, as opposed to Toy Bonnie's buck teeth. It also appears to be shorter, and its body is composed of two segments, instead of Toy Bonnie's singular segment. It is unknown whether or not these differences have any relevance.

Shadow Bonnie does bear some physical similarities to Springtrap, such as the body structure and full set of teeth. This may hint at Shadow Bonnie being analogous to Springtrap in a similar way that Shadow Freddy is to Golden Freddy (roughly the same body but different color and behavior).

Golden Freddy


Golden Freddy's jumpscare.

Main article: Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy returns in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. His behavior is erratic, and he seems to function as both a hallucination and a regular animatronic. When seen in the corridor and in his jumpscare, Golden Freddy is just a floating, disembodied head that moves closer to the player until only his face can be seen, after which the game will end.

He may also appear in the left corner of The Office in his entirety, slumped in a similar position he was in from the first game. He can no longer be countered by the Monitor, now requiring the use of the Freddy Fazbear Head. However, Golden Freddy isn't activated by a poster like the first game, nor does he close the game. Golden Freddy's A.I. can be changed in the Custom Night, like the other animatronics.

It's possible that Golden Freddy is not a hallucination, at least in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, as his reflection is seen on the floor.

Bare Endoskeleton

Added to the update 1.03, a bare endoskeleton appears to wander the restaurant at rare intervals, but can be encountered as early as Night 1. It appears in the Prize Corner and Left Air Vent. The bare endoskeleton can be seen at any time, but very rarely, and the chance goes up when the Music Box runs out, before The Puppet leaves the Prize Corner (CAM 11). It will not attack or jumpscare the player.

Unlike the endoskeleton seen in the Backstage from the original Five Nights at Freddy's, it is more detailed as well as being shiny and silver in color. It sports with four rib-like cages and a wide mouth filled with squarish teeth. Several long wires can be seen poking out behind its back. Its ears appear similar in shape to Foxy's but in different position. It also has blue eyes similar to those of Freddy's.

The bare endoskeleton can sometimes block Bonnie, Toy Chica, and BB from entering the Left Air Vent, giving it a negligible impact on gameplay.

Some theorize that the perfect match for the bare endoskeleton is the empty suit that is Golden Freddy, or an endoskeleton belonging to nobody. However, both of these claims are unconfirmed.

The bare endoskeleton makes an appearance on the "Thank You!" photo on Scott's website right next to another endoskeleton from the first game.

  • Note: It is currently unknown if this is actually a hallucination, or why it exists in this form at all, since it doesn't actually do anything except stare at the two cameras. Although, it is possible that the bare endoskeleton may not be a hallucination as its shadow is seen while it is located at the Prize Corner.


Odd-colored Balloon Boy
Main article: JJ

Occasionally, the player may encounter this odd-looking model of Balloon Boy by the name of JJ hiding under the right side of the desk in the Office while looking directly at them. The hallucination does not appear to affect the player, neither attacking or jumpscaring them. She seems to simply disappear if the player check the Monitor.

Though her model is exactly the same to her ordinary counterpart BB, JJ has magenta cheeks and eyes, a purple nose and eyelids, a bit pale skin-color, and the red stripes on her propeller beanie are now a bluish-purple as well as a button from on top being light-red. Though there is no actual difference between JJ and Balloon Boy, aside from the color palette, which may be a result of the lighting. This hallucination appears in the mobile version of the game as well.

  • Note: It is currently unknown if this is actually a hallucination, or why JJ exists in this form at all, since it does not actually do anything other than lurk under the desk while staring at the player.

Paper Plate Doll


BB's paper cutout in The Office.

Sometimes, a paper cutout doll may inexplicably disappear from Party Room 4 (CAM 04) and reappear in the Office, hanging on the far wall to the right of the entryway. It is unknown as to why or how this happens.

Puppet in Main Hall


A texture of The Puppet hallucination.

Occasionally, after the Puppet has left the Prize Corner, it may appear on the camera for very short intervals at random times. It appears in the Main Hall camera (CAM 07), usually flashing its face for short intervals, or sometimes even standing up.

  • When the Puppet's face appears on the camera, all of the static will vanish, most likely due to PNG rendering.
  • The Puppet's standing hallucination reveals that it may actually be the size of a large human being.
  • The Puppet appears to be floating in its full-body hallucination, unlike all other hallucinations (excluding Golden Freddy's disembodied head) and animatronics, which always seem to be touching the ground. This can also be seen in the sprite of the Puppet in the Death Minigames, where it is also floating.

Eyeless Animatronics

On very rare occasions, the player may experience an Easter egg image of one of three eyeless animatronics, much like the eyeless Bonnie from the first game. While the images are being displayed, the sound that plays is usually the sound the Flashlight makes when it is disabled repeating itself until it's over. The animatronics that may appear are Toy Bonnie, Withered Freddy, or Withered Foxy.

  • Toy Bonnie appears randomly when the player loses.
  • Withered Freddy appears rarely when the player starts the game.
  • Withered Foxy appears rarely when the player starts a night.


  • In the third game, the paper plate doll appears in the box with the scrapped toy animatronics in The Office. Oddly, it shows no signs of deterioration, despite being at least 30 years old.

Hallucinations return in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 as a random game mechanic that the security guard may occasionally experience throughout the game.

Phantom Animatronics

Main category: Phantoms
Extra Freddy

Phantom Freddy as seen on the Extra Menu.

The phantom animatronics are the burned and damaged versions of Freddy FazbearChicaFoxyThe Puppet, BB, and Mangle. They will randomly appear on certain cameras (CAM 04 for Phantom Mangle, CAM 07 for Phantom Chica, CAM 08 for Phantom Puppet, or any camera at all for Phantom BB) or in the Office (walking outside the office window in the case of Phantom Freddy, or standing in front of the box of animatronic parts in the case of Phantom Foxy).

The phantoms cannot kill the player; they only jumpscare them (excluding Phantom Mangle and Phantom Puppet) then disappear in a flash of light and disable their ventilation. Phantom Mangle does not jumpscare the player - rather, it can briefly be seen outside the player's window while emitting a garbled, static-like sound, before disappearing. Its appearance causes an audio error. Phantom Puppet also does not jumpscare the player (instead, it temporarily obstructs the player's view, preventing use of the Monitor and the Maintenance Panel).

It is entirely possible for multiple phantom animatronics to appear on the Monitor in one run. Phantom BB, Phantom Chica, and Phantom Puppet can be seen doing this in this video.


Hidden Springtrap Screens


Third of the three rare boot images.

Similar to the eyeless screen hallucinations from the first and second games, the player may encounter a picture of Springtrap. When starting a night, there are three images which the player can encounter. Upon closer inspection, the corpse of Purple Guy can be seen inside of Springtrap.

In the third screen, Springtrap can be seen almost opening his entire head in a manner similar to the Freddy poster hallucination in Five Nights at Freddy's, revealing mostly the corpse's remaining head inside the suit. The sound that plays during this is the sound byte of the Purple Guy killing the player in the end-of-the-night minigames. This is also true for the mobile version.

Spring Bonnie Posters

On CAM 02 and CAM 10, the player has a rare chance of seeing the posters of Freddy change to posters of Springtrap's original counterpart Spring Bonnie. There is no known trigger for this, yet they do appear at very rare intervals. The purpose for these occurrences are unknown, as they have no known effect on gameplay. The posters return to their normal appearance when Springtrap is located on these cameras.

Multiple Springtraps

If the player has a ventilation error for an extended period of time, they will begin to see several Springtraps in different rooms throughout the building. However, only one of them is real, and the rest will just be hallucinations. If the player uses the "Radar" cheat unlocked on the Extra menu, it would allow the player to determine where the real Springtrap is. Rebooting the ventilation system would also get rid of the false Springtraps. This is also true for the mobile version.

Paper Plate Dolls

Much like the second game's paper plate doll appearing in the Office, either the Bonnie or Freddy paper plate doll will randomly appear in The Office, the Bonnie plate doll at the left hand side above the box of animatronic parts, and the Freddy plate doll in the top right-hand corner of the Office. Almost ironically, said box is also where the original BB paper plate doll itself resides. There is no known trigger for either of them. This is also true for the mobile version.

Shadow Freddy

Main article: Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy makes his second appearance in the game as, yet again, a minor hallucination.

Rarely, the player may see what appears to be Shadow Freddy slumped in the left-most end of the Office. He looks identical to his appearance from the second game, except lacking white eyes, leaving his eye-sockets completely empty, and his teeth don't glow.

Shadow Freddy assumes the same position that Golden Freddy and himself do in the previous games. However, unlike in the second game, he doesn't cause the game to crash. This also coincides with the purple-hued Freddy that leads the player along during each end-of-night minigame, but no connection has been confirmed. This is also true for the mobile version.

When brightened, without reducing green levels, he appears to take on a yellow-green tint, which may suggest it to be Golden Freddy. If the green levels are reduced, the color appears dark purple, supporting the possibility that it may be Shadow Freddy. However, this is true for most of the items from the game.

Shadow Bonnie Figurine

On Night 5, a hardly-visible figurine of Shadow Bonnie appears on the far right of The Office desk. If the player clicks the figurine twice, the Glitch minigame will start.

If the figurine was brightened and contrasted, it appears to have lighter blue shades from the right side.

The Cupcake

Cupcake Posters


The Cupcake's poster on CAM 04.

Rarely, on CAM 04, what is normally a poster of Toy Bonnie will change to an image of either a gold or a pink Cupcake. Although it is a rare occurrence, it serves no known purpose. It is unknown what triggers this strange event. It is also unknown if this occurs in the mobile version.

Night 3 Appearances

On Night 3, dark-looking Cupcakes with gray colors and glossy-black eyes will appear on CAM 02, CAM 03, CAM 04, and CAM 06. Clicking on the cupcakes will automatically start the hidden minigame, Chica's Party. Although these appearances do serve a purpose (accessing the minigame), there is no logical explanation as to why they would only appear on Night 3. This doesn't occur on the mobile version because Chica's Party will automatically start at the end of Night 2.

In The Office

Rarely, a cupcake can appear in the Office. Unlike the aforementioned appearances of the cupcakes on CAM 02, CAM 03, CAM 04, and CAM 06, the cupcake in the Office is identical to the one from the Office in the first game. Contrary to popular belief, it is not triggered when the player collects all the cupcakes in Chica's Party. It is unknown what purpose it serves, as it does not affect gameplay. This is also true for the mobile version.


  • It is possible to click the Shadow Bonnie figurine even if Phantom Puppet is blocking the view, as shown here.
  • This is the latest entry in the series to have a major hallucination count; the following entries feature a much lower count, and the sixth game completely lacks hallucinations.
    • Nevertheless, it was the first game where this mechanic was featured the most.

There is only one hallucination that the protagonist can experience in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, which can only occur from the Bed.



The bed, along with a vase of flowers.

From the Bed, a bottle of pills, a vase of flowers, or an IV drip may be seen on the bedside table located from the left.

Because of this, it is assumed that the player character is the child in the Minigames, and is in comatose at a hospital.

This theory is also supported by the fact that the bedroom has two doors facing each other and each leads to a separate hallway, an uncommon type of bedroom.

However, the items could also be foreshadowing the child's fate, as he doesn't exhibit any symptoms usually found in lobotomy patients. Although it's possible that the child is not the Bite of '87 victim, and thus, could be suffering from a different type of brain injury, rather then lobotomy.

Hallucinations return in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location as a random game mechanic that the protagonist may occasionally experience throughout the game.


From the Elevator, on rare occasions, the player may see Bidybab appearing outside from both windows (left and right) either for a split second or for the entire trip down. Additionally, a Bidybab can also rarely appear in Circus Gallery on Night 3 (if the player comes to hear Baby's story).


Main article: Lolbit
IMG 0044
There is an extremely rare chance that, in the Primary Control Module, Ennard's mask may be replaced with the FNaF World character Lolbit's head, redesigned to have a similar structure as Funtime Foxy. This foreshadows the Custom Night, on which Lolbit would later appear.

This is not true for the mobile version, as the player cannot move the screen up and down, only left and right, and therefore the top part of the module in which Lolbit (and by extension, the Ennard mask normally seen) appears cannot be seen.

Spinning Minireena

Office Twirling

On rare occasions, a Minireena will appear on the left desk in the Control Module. It cannot be interacted with and does nothing but spin in place.

This Minireena, unlike the rest in the game, seems to have a yellow-greenish color, as opposed to the tanish color that the rest of the Minireenas have. However, this may be due to the lighting.


Main article: Yenndo

When using the beacon in Funtime Auditorium on Night 3, the player has a very rare chance to encounter a rather bear-like bare endoskeleton instead of Funtime Foxy. It's very similar to Funtime Freddy's actual endoskeleton, though with few differences - a lack of "face-frames", having both hands (which would include the lack of Bon-Bon), and yellow irises instead of hazel blue. Unlike Funtime Foxy, this endoskeleton will stand still with a position rather than twitching and, if the player fails to use the beacon while encountering Yenndo, Funtime Foxy will still attack the player regardless. This foreshadows the Custom Night, which reveals that the endoskeleton is named Yenndo.

There are only two hallucinations that occur in Ultimate Custom Night.

Child Face

The first takes the form of a mysterious image of a partially-obscured face, appearing to be that of a grinning child. This hallucination can occasionally appear after the Game Over screen, when pulling up the Monitor, or outside of one of the doors or vents within The Office. It bears a striking similarity to some of the rare death images from previous games, though it is unique in that it can also be seen occasionally through in-game mechanics, such as the Monitor and doors.

FNaF World Characters

Another hallucination in the game is the occasional appearances of figurines of characters from FNaF World, which will sometimes appear on the desk in The Office. These have included characters such as Tangle, Whiterabbit, and Bouncepot.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Vision Hallucinations

Object Hallucinations


Five Nights at Freddy's 2


Five Nights at Freddy's 3


Phantom Animatronics

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Ultimate Custom Night

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