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Grimm Foxy is the secondary antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted's DLC, Curse of Dreadbear. He is one of the two new animatronics introduced in the DLC mode, with the other being Dreadbear.

Physical Appearance

From his multiple renders and official art, Grimm Foxy appears to hold a sort of "Jack-O-Foxy" role. He is a large, bipedal animatronic fox sporting orange-red fur, with an overall structure similar to Nightmare Foxy. Rips and tears are spread out across his suit, with most of the damage being on his torso. In a similar vein to the other Halloween-themed nightmare animatronics, he is missing his endoskeleton head, and a bright orange glow emanates from inside the suit.

He also seems to have a heart in his torso. His left hand is structured in a similar way to the other nightmare animatronics, with five segmented fingers ending in sharp claws on each finger, while his right hand bears a large sickle, in contrast to his usual hook. He wears brown pants that are ripped from the knees down, and his legs end in trapezoidal feet with four claws protruding out of it.

His head is split into two segments, with the fabric on his muzzle gone, revealing the metal frame underneath. The fur on his ears is nearly gone, also revealing the metal framework. Unlike Nightmare Foxy, Grimm Foxy retains his eye patch, and the tops of his eye sockets are intact, giving him a much more angry look. As a visual aesthetic, flames stream out from inside him whenever he walks or runs. Another added detail is the black spikes that extend out from his shoulders.


Grimm Foxy attacking the player, animated.

Grimm Foxy replaces Foxy in the Danger! Keep Out! mode of the Curse of Dreadbear DLC for Help Wanted, behaving the exact same way as his counterpart from the first game. When he attacks, he will first peek out of the curtains, then he will come out further and get ready to charge. Due to being a reskin of Foxy, the Easter Egg from leaving the Office still exists. The only way to prevent his charge is to use the Light button on the camera when he is fully visible.

He also appears in the Corn Maze level in the Afraid of the Dark mode. There, he wanders around the maze, occasionally scraping his sickle on objects and singing to himself, chasing after the player if he notices them. As more keys are collected, Grimm Foxy begins to become faster and more aggressive. The only way to hide from him is to use the numerous cutout character sets scattered around the maze, which, if performed successfully, will cause Grimm Foxy to run past the player’s hiding spot, disappear, and teleport to somewhere random around the maze. He can also be seen in the Game Over screen, where he is found standing behind the closed gates, scratching the brick-structured column.


  • Grimm Foxy's song in the Corn Maze level is just like Foxy's actual humming heard in the first game, only edited to be more demonic-sounding.
  • Grimm Foxy's overall aesthetic seems to be a nod to the Halloween-themed reskins of Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, implying that he represents "Jack-O-Foxy".
    • Due to this, it confused many people into referencing Grimm Foxy as Jack-O-Foxy.
  • Unlike Jack-O-Bonnie and Jack-O-Chica, Grimm Foxy has flames coming out of him, showing that he is not a basic reskin of Nightmare Foxy.


  • In the Corn Maze level, there is a lot of chances where Grimm Foxy is unable to spot the player when approaching them. This could happen when the player is too close to a cardboard cutout. This glitch happens quite often.
  • Also in the Corn Maze level, while the player hides behind a cardboard cutout, Grimm Foxy can be seen still running while not moving on the ground, then disappearing. This could be because of Grimm Foxy touching the cardboard cutout. However, the player has an extremely small chance to encounter this glitch.


  • In the Corn Maze level, either of Grimm Foxy's arms can sometimes clip through the wall as he approaches the player, though this happens very rarely.
    • Either of Grimm Foxy's arms can also clip through a cardboard cutout as he approaches them.
    • Grimm Foxy's sickle can also sometimes clip through a cardboard cutout as he starts to chase them.


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TBA Grimm Foxy scraping his sickle on the walls of Corn Maze.
Grimm Foxy humming while idle.
The sound Grimm Foxy makes when noticing the player.
Warning: Loud!
Grimm Foxy's scream when attacking the player.
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