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This article or section contains a lot of speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

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Golden Freddy's signature phrase, Five Nights at Freddy's series

Golden Freddy is a mysterious, ghost-like entity who takes the form of a yellow bear resembling both Freddy Fazbear and Fredbear. He plays a prominent role in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, although his origins are cryptic and unknown.

Physical Appearance

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S "Graphic designed animatronic bipedal gold-colored bear, Freddy Fazbear, wearing black top-hat, bow-tie, and holding a microphone."
Scott Cawthon's page,
"Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)"[1],

Golden Freddy appears to be a cross between Freddy and Fredbear with missing eyes. His hat and bow tie appear to be tinted dark blue, as opposed to Freddy's black ones and Fredbear's purple ones, though this may be the result of lighting. Upon closer inspection, a microphone can be seen lying on his right palm, as well as two pinprick white dot-like pupils within his otherwise empty eye sockets.

His paws are facing palms up. It is also possible that there is an endoskeleton in the suit. If one looks at the arms, a few wires and parts of the endoskeleton are visible, which share the same coloration as his accessories, though this may just be cords holding together the separate pieces of his suit. His jaw hangs open and his head is tilted to the right. He is also presented in a sitting, slouched position as if he were deceased.

In the second game, Golden Freddy now takes a form mimicking Withered Freddy's appearance as a unique model of his own. He appears to be in a decrepit state, much like the other withered animatronics, with a missing left ear, and a good deal of damage with loose wires and exposed parts. Also similar to the other withered animatronics, he now has upper teeth, wires are coming out of his empty sockets and shoulders, and small bits of the suit are faded and ripped. His arms and legs seem darker than the rest of his body. His head is noticeably thinner than Withered Freddy's. He seems to be more visibly clutching his microphone rather than having it lay on his palm. Unlike his form in the first game, he seems much shorter, his pupils are not visible (as he does not seem to have eyes at all), and he appears to have no bow tie, though his lower jaw may be blocking it from view. If one looks closely, he has a black button on his chest, similar to Withered Freddy. His head also seems to be tilting to the left rather than to the right. He seems to have some blood on his suit.


Five Nights at Freddy's

Golden Freddy Death

Golden Freddy's poster appearance, encounter, and then killing the player.

He appears in the Office after a certain sequence of events is triggered. When checking CAM 2B, the player will see a poster on the wall. It can switch between three different versions: a normal picture of Freddy, a distorted version (in which he appears to rip off his head), or a close-up of Golden Freddy's face. While this picture of him is being viewed, a young child's laugh can be heard.

If the player sees the Golden Freddy poster and then switches back to the Office, Golden Freddy will be waiting for them. His appearance causes different images to flash on the screen for split seconds, along with the words "IT'S ME". Golden Freddy will wait idly for up to 5 seconds before killing the night guard, abruptly closing the game. This does happen in the mobile version but the chances of it occurring are much lower than the PC version.

Unlike all of the other animatronics in the game, Golden Freddy does not give any indication of approach or arrival within the Office. He completely disregards the doors, appearing whether they are open or closed. Unlike the other animatronics, the screen will be covered by a static image of Golden Freddy's face upon attack, akin to the images that flash during Mike Schmidt's hallucinations.

The moment the player sees him, the player must bring up the Monitor before Golden Freddy kills the night guard. Doing so will cause him to disappear, thus preventing death and a game shutdown.

Alternatively, the player can avoid him entirely by simply not looking at the West Hall Corner camera poster (CAM 2B), which will prevent him from being summoned in the first place. However, this may prove difficult, as players may be tempted to watch this particular corner in case Bonnie is making a move toward the Office.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2


Golden Freddy's FNaF2 appearance.

Golden Freddy returns in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, playing a more active role where he is now one of the characters whose difficulty settings may be altered. Unlike the other Classic animatronics, he does not have an official Withered designation nor does he have a toy counterpart. The only place where Golden Freddy's original form is seen standing is in the Night 3 cutscene. His appearance also seemingly corresponds to the one from the first game, including both of his ears and his bow-tie.

Golden Freddy attacking the night guard.

Golden Freddy will only become an active character on Night 6 and the Custom Night if he is enabled. At random, Golden Freddy can instantly appear in the Office or the hall just outside, slumped in a similar position to the one he had in the first game, or simply as a giant ghostly head, oddly floating in the distance, respectively.

Shortly afterward, his body will vanish, only for his head to rush at the player and kill them if they do nothing to counter him. Golden Freddy is much more difficult to deal with than in the first game, as raising the Monitor will no longer prevent Golden Freddy from killing the night guard (unless his giant head is floating in the hallway). To avoid being killed by Golden Freddy, the player must either equip the Freddy Fazbear Head immediately upon spotting him in The Office or turn off the Flashlight while he's in the hallway. (He can attack the night guard from the hallway, and will do so if the player observes him for too long.)

If the player is in the Monitor for a long time, there is a 60% chance that Golden Freddy will appear in The Office unless another animatronic is present.

On the Custom Night, when only Golden Freddy is set to 20, he will occasionally just sit still and not fade away if he appears in the Office. This is unlikely to happen, but it has been reported. As long as the player does not use the Flashlight nor the Freddy Head, he will remain where he is in the Office, until either Withered Foxy or the Puppet attack the night guard.

Unlike in the first game, Golden Freddy in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 does not close the game after killing the night guard. Instead, the Game Over screen will show up as normal.

From the Custom Night, night modes where Golden Freddy is active are listed as follows:

  • Night of Misfits
  • Freddy's Circus
  • Cupcake Challenge
  • Fazbear Fever
  • Golden Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Golden Freddy makes a minor appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 in the minigames "Stage01" and a brief appearance in the "RWQFSFASXC Mini Game". Golden Freddy's mask is also worn by the child at the end of the "Happiest Day" Minigame.

Golden Freddy's model from the second game is also used for Phantom Freddy, albeit with him in an upright position and the lack of half of his right leg.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Although Golden Freddy doesn't directly appear, his standard counterpart does. His role is replaced by Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

While Golden Freddy is seemingly absent from the game, a mode titled "Golden Freddy" is available in the Custom Night Update for Sister Location. A character by the name of Yenndo appears as well, strongly resembling Golden Freddy's design and behaviour (although not confirmed to be the same entity).

Ultimate Custom Night

He will occasionally appear in your office. Throw on your Freddy mask or pull up your monitor quickly to cause him to disappear.
Menu description,

Golden Freddy returns in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the selectable characters.

Golden Freddy DeathScreen UCN

The death screen of Golden Freddy's withered form.

Similar from the second game, Golden Freddy in his withered form will appear in the Office after the player lowers the monitor down. Putting on the Freddy Fazbear mask or pulling the monitor back up will cause Golden Freddy to disappear. Failing to do so while staring at him for too long will result in a game over with Golden Freddy's jumpscare.

If the player has Golden Freddy as the sole animatronic active, with his AI difficulty set to 1, then the player can use the Death Coin on him, but doing so summons Fredbear, who will jumpscare the player in Golden Freddy's stead.

When unlocking all cutscenes (both Freddy's and Toy Chica's anime cutscenes), the final cutscene will reveal Golden Freddy in his original form from the first game, twitching as he fades into the darkness.

The challenges in which Golden Freddy is present are as follows:

  • Bears Attack 1
  • Bears Attack 2
  • Bears Attack 3
  • Nightmares Attack
  • Old Friends
  • Chaos 2

Theories and Speculation

Golden Freddy's backstory has been the subject of countless speculation, and is considered to be one of biggest mysteries of the series. Upon his initial discovery, it was generally accepted that Golden Freddy's spirit belonged to one of the five missing children tied to the original Missing Children's Incident (or MCI for short). However, as the series has progressed, this theory (although believed by a vast majority) is no longer the general consensus.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 introduced an unnamed protagonist (identified as the "Bite Victim"), who is believed and heavily hinted to being the son of William Afton. This character's fate is left unanswered, much like Golden Freddy's backstory, although there are several clues in the series that may suggest his ghost eventually becomes Golden Freddy. This theory, however, is controversial amongst theorists as it seemingly conflicts with the notion that Golden Freddy's spirit is a victim of the MCI.

Theorists have made numerous observations and conclusions surrounding Golden Freddy, including:

  • Golden Freddy is simply a victim of the MCI, not at all connected to the Bite Victim.
  • Golden Freddy is the Vengeful Spirit from Ultimate Custom Night.
    • If this is assumed, it is unlikely that Golden Freddy is the character of Cassidy appearing in the novels, as the Vengeful Spirit is a male character as opposed to Cassidy (a female).
  • There are two separate Golden Freddy entities. Although there is little evidence of this, it could explain the seemingly conflicting evidence.
  • The Bite Victim is the fifth victim of the MCI. It is important to note that there is no specification as to whether or not all five children died following the incident, so either the Bite Victim hypothetically survived or he did in fact die but was somehow resurrected. While this theory could be considered to be a stretch, it is still a possibility that should be taken into consideration.
    • In the FNaF 4 minigames, the Fredbear plush repeatedly mentions BV having witnessed something horrific enough to have caused him to be distressed for the entirety of the game. It would explain the child's specific fear of the yellow Springlock Suits, and not the characters themselves.
  • The Curse of Dreadbear DLC for Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted is heavily centred around Five Nights at Freddy's 4, yet there are easter eggs connecting to Golden Freddy.
  • The clock pathway for FNaF World features strong references to the Bite Victim, while also having minigames identical the hidden ones in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. The hidden minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 lead to Golden Freddy getting his "Happiest Day", once again suggesting a connection between Golden Freddy and the Bite Victim.
    • Futhermore, the "Happiest Day" minigame features a location almost identical to the one seen in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (where the Bite of '83 occured). The only difference is that Golden Freddy's spirit replaces the showstage where Fredbear and Spring Bonnie reside.
    • These connections should especially be considered, as Scott Cawthon usually clears up unanswered questions from a game in whatever installment comes next.
  • It is possible that Yenndo is a version of Golden Freddy, as his behaviour in the Custom Night of Sister Location is identical to Golden Freddy's, as well as being associated with the color yellow.

Five Nights at Freddy's



Five Nights at Freddy's 2


Death Minigames


Five Nights at Freddy's 3



Ultimate Custom Night



Five Nights at Freddy's

Audio Description
Laugh Giggle Girl 1
The sound heard when viewing Golden Freddy's poster.
The sound heard when Golden Freddy is in the Office.
Warning: Loud!
Golden Freddy's kill scream. This scream is an edited version of the normal kill scream, slowed down and with a lower pitch.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Audio Description
Warning: Loud!
The sound Golden Freddy's withered form makes when killing the night guard. This scream is the same the usual animatronic scream, but it is louder than usual and, also unlike the usual scream, this sound clips.

Ultimate Custom Night

Audio Description
Warning: Loud!
The sound Golden Freddy's withered form makes when killing the player.


  • Golden Freddy, along with his withered incarnation from Ultimate Custom Night, is one of three animatronics in the series to have a non-animated jumpscare, two others are Nightmare and Nightmarionne.
    • They both have a trait unique to themselves, Nightmare/Nightmarionne restarts the game from the "Warning" message while Golden Freddy forces the game to close.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the animatronics in the series to have an exclusive jumpscare sound, the others being his withered incarnation, Nightmare Foxy/Nightmare Mangle (closet jumpscare only) from the fourth game, Plushtrap/Nightmare Balloon Boy (Nightmare Chica's cupcake's jumpscare sound from the Extra menu is excluded) from the fourth game, Nightmare/Nightmarionne from the fourth game, Funtime Freddy from Sister Location, Ennard in the Private Room from Sister Location, and Fredbear from Ultimate Custom Night.
    • Golden Freddy is also the only animatronic in the series to have his jumpscare sound in more than one game.
  • When asked about the story behind Golden Freddy, the first game's developer Scott Cawthon said in an interview with Geeks Under Grace, "Sometimes things just 'happen' during the game making process. I can’t explain Golden Freddy."[2]
  • Golden Freddy's jumpscare from the first game marks one of four events in the series that shut down the game (or freeze, in the mobile version); the other ones being Shadow Freddy, the William Afton sequence from the "SAVE THEM" minigame and RWQFSFASXC, the latter three being from the second game.
  • In the "Thank You" image on Scott Cawthon's website, a brighter render of Golden Freddy is seen. In this render, the back of his suit can be seen through his eye socket due to the brighter lighting. This has been mistaken for eyes, which coincidentally most resemble the nightmare animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • From the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine's MFA, on "Frame 1", Golden Freddy is revealed to be in the Office all along but remains invisible unless he is triggered.
  • Whenever he is activated in-game, it seems that a high pitched, jittery giggling can be heard, sounding similar to a child giggling. This can also be heard occasionally when the poster is normal if the player clicks/taps on the poster. It is unknown if this is Golden Freddy's laugh, or something else. This laugh is an unedited version of the laugh Freddy makes while he is moving.
  • Other animatronics can still attack while Golden Freddy is in the Office.
  • When he attacks Mike Schmidt, the noise heard during the close-up on his face is a much slower version of the standard "death sound" heard in-game (titled XSCREAM2 and XSCREAM, respectively).
  • As of patch 1.13, setting the A.I. to 1/9/8/7 in the Custom Night triggers Golden Freddy in the same manner as his kill screen, force-quitting the game. This was put in by Scott Cawthon to end rumors about The Bite of '87 which stated that entering the input 1/9/8/7 would have an alternate ending.
  • Freddy has handprints on his face, presumably from a child. Golden Freddy has these exact handprints as well.
    • This may simply be an oversight, as Golden Freddy's model is just a recolor of Freddy's.
  • During gameplay, if the player looks very closely at Golden Freddy's darkened eye sockets, they can see tiny white pupils. During the kill screen, however, the pupils are not present.
  • When compared, Golden Freddy's kill screen is mostly identical to the hallucination of normal Freddy with bloodshot eyes. The differences are the fur color, the joints between his ears and head being not visible, the eye sockets (Golden Freddy's ones appear to be larger due to having blurred edges), the lack of lower teeth and, most notably, the lack of eyes, with the pitch-black void being in their place.
    • However, in the West Hall Corner poster, Golden Freddy has a top hat and intact teeth, and additionally, in the Office, his joints, including ear ones, can be seen. The lack of a top hat and teeth can be explained by them being off-screen, and the joints are likely not visible due to the lighting.
  • Golden Freddy's kill screen exists on the mobile version of the game; however, it works in a very different manner. The mobile version will not have any hallucinations, and Golden Freddy will not close the game, instead, it will freeze. Entering "1/9/8/7" in the Custom Night configuration screen will also trigger his kill screen as well.
  • Golden Freddy cannot be summoned if Bonnie is occupying the West Hall Corner.
  • On a very rare occasion, Golden Freddy's kill screen will appear after the Game Over screen is shown. It is confirmed that this occurs on the mobile version.
    • There is a 0.01% (1 in 10,000) chance of this occurring.
  • It was once thought that if the player switches cameras between seeing the poster and putting the Monitor down, it would not trigger Golden Freddy's summon. Bereghost's second-night play through disproves this.
  • Golden Freddy can still kill the night guard if the power completely runs out.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the animatronics not shown in the game's trailer, the other being Foxy.
  • Golden Freddy can only appear once per night.
  • Every second, a random number between 1 and 100000 is chosen, if this number is equal to 1, Golden Freddy will appear the next time the player views West Hall Corner (CAM 2B) and Bonnie is not there.
    • This means that repeatedly checking West Hall Corner won't increase the chance of Golden Freddy appearing.
  • Golden Freddy is the only animatronic from the original Five Nights at Freddy's to not appear in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • Despite receiving a withered form for this game closely resembling the style of the withered animatronics, his name seen in the Custom Night menu and especially for Ultimate Custom Night is still referred as Golden Freddy instead of "Withered Golden Freddy", which is not directly revealed anywhere in the whole series and even books like The Freddy Files.
  • BB and yellowbear
    It is rarely possible to have Golden Freddy and BB seen in the Office together.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the five animatronics that can attack from the hallway, the others being Withered Freddy, Withered Foxy, Toy Freddy, and the Puppet.
  • Oddly, Golden Freddy's hat is tilted slightly to the left when attacking. It also appears to be tilted when he is sitting in the Office though harder to see due to the orientation of his head.
    • This may just be his hat shifting to the side, as Withered Freddy's hat is detachable in Parts/Service.
  • Golden Freddy is even more detached from reality than in the last game, as he visibly fades out of existence when encountered in-game and spends most of his time floating around like a giant disembodied head.
  • A costume-less endoskeleton can be seen throughout the game, most commonly in the Prize Corner (standing in front of the present box) and in the Left Air Vent. Many speculate this is Golden Freddy's endoskeleton, primarily because it shares many attributes with the regular Freddy, though it is generally considered a hallucination.
    • However, closer inspection of Golden Freddy's suit reveals metal endoskeleton parts, implying that there already is an endoskeleton inside of Golden Freddy, and his slumped-over position is due to said endoskeleton being deactivated.
  • As seen in the mobile version, Golden Freddy will disappear immediately (instead of smoothly vanishing) after putting the Freddy Head on. This is likely due to limited capacities on mobile devices.
  • In the Give Gifts, Give Life Death Minigame, a fifth child corpse appears in the center of the room for an instant, before being obscured by Golden Freddy's jumpscare animation.
    • This could indicate that the fifth child was stuffed in Golden Freddy's suit, possibly after the murderer was finished using it.
  • At the beginning of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer, one of the children's drawings depicts Golden Freddy with squiggly stink lines drifting from his mouth, further supporting a fifth child was stuffed in the Golden Freddy Suit.
    • This same drawing appears in the Office to the right of the room, above the Right Air Vent.
  • In the SAVETHEM Death Minigame, Golden Freddy appears in different rooms at random.
  • Golden Freddy's name was conjectural until Five Nights at Freddy's 2, where his name was shown on the game's Custom Night screen. Until then, his name was "Yellow Bear" in the game files.
    • Interestingly, he is still referred to as "Yellow Bear" in the game's code, despite receiving an official name.
  • In the mobile version, when viewing the Monitor and lowering it again, if Golden Freddy is in the Office, he moves a little bit to the left and starts vanishing.
  • Golden Freddy's kill sound in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is slightly louder and sharper than all of the other animatronic sounds.
  • Golden Freddy does not disable the Flashlight when he enters or leaves the Office hallway.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the six animatronics who does not trigger the alert ambiance in select situations, with the others being Mangle, Withered Bonnie, BB, the Puppet, and Toy Chica.
    • Golden Freddy does not activate the alarm at all.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the three animatronics not shown in the trailer, two others are the Puppet and Toy Chica.
    • He and the Puppet, however, are shown on drawings in the opening scene, and Toy Chica is shown on various posters throughout the trailer.
  • Golden Freddy is the only old animatronic not to have his endoskeleton teeth visible, even though he shows signs of possessing an endoskeleton.
  • There is a rare glitch where Golden Freddy can appear in The Office, and if the player immediately brings up the Monitor, then his sprite will appear on the camera.
  • If he is set on 20 in the Custom Night, Golden Freddy may sometimes kill the night guard without appearing in the Office or the hallway. It is unknown if this is a glitch or not.
  • Golden Freddy can appear on Night 2, although the likelihood of encountering him on this night is extremely low. See here at 4:24.
  • Golden Freddy can appear in the Office and the hallway simultaneously as proven here at 7:52.
  • Golden Freddy's appearance in the hallway outside the Office is extremely similar to Nightmare Fredbear's appearance in the Closet from the fourth game.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the few animatronics to not have a repeating jumpscare.
  • Golden Freddy is one of the animatronics in the series to have an exclusive jumpscare sound, the others being his first game's counterpart, Nightmare Foxy/Nightmare Mangle (closet jumpscare only), Plushtrap/Nightmare Balloon Boy (if Nightmare Chica's cupcake's jumpscare sound from the Extra menu is excluded), Nightmare/Nightmarionne, Funtime Freddy, and Ennard in the Private Room.
    • Golden Freddy is also the only animatronic in the series to have his jumpscare sound in more than one game.


  • When Golden Freddy appears in the Office, wires from his endoskeleton feet are clipping into his suit.
    • The same thing happens to Withered Freddy when he appears in the hallway.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • The Bad Ending after Night 5 features another obscured head in the background which is speculated to be Golden Freddy's. It would fit thematically with Golden Freddy's ghastly attributes and with him being "hidden in the back" by the company.
    • However, upon brightening the "Good Ending" image, it is revealed that the head is completely absent from the image, rather than simply being obscured from lack of sufficient lighting.
  • If the fifth head in the Bad Ending and the suit in the Office are, in fact, Golden Freddy, this would tie Golden Freddy with Toy Freddy for the least amount of appearances in the entire series - only seven each.
    • Phantom Freddy's model, however, bears more resemblance to Golden Freddy from the second game, meaning he could be Golden Freddy's counterpart.
  • The Stage01 Golden Freddy is the only Fredbear counterpart who's hat color is different than the rest, being brown.
    • It is unknown why it is, but it's likely because of the black background.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • Golden Freddy's death screen for his withered form is a throwback from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game, where his original form kills the player with his death screen before causing a game crash.
  • Golden Freddy was the first character to be programmed for Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Golden Freddy's twitching animation heavily resembles Springtrap twitching from the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 trailer.


  1. Scott Cawthon - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - Page 2
  2. Sometimes things just 'happen' during the game making process. I can’t explain Golden Freddy. - Scott Cawthon, Geeks Under Grace
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