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Way to go, Superstar!
Glamrock Freddy, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Glamrock Freddy, also known simply as Freddy Fazbear, is Freddy Fazbear's glamrock counterpart who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as the deuteragonist and ally to the player, Gregory. He's also the only animatronic in the pizzaplex to not be corrupted by Vanny's power. Unlike his counterparts, he actively assists and protects Gregory.

Physical Appearance

Glamrock Freddy is based on the original Freddy Fazbear, with a punk-themed design reminiscent of the style associated with the 1980's. His design somewhat resembles that of a jaguar or a lion more than a bear. He wears a top hat adorned with a blue stripe and a black bow tie, which is later replaced with a purple bow tie when upgraded with Glamrock Chica's voice box. His eyes are blue, later yellow when they're replaced with Roxanne Wolf's eyes. His body is primarily colored a bright orange or lighter yellow. His torso has a distinctive seam across the front where his chest compartment opens up. He is equipped with a pair of fangs, as well as light-blue claw nails and red shins. He wears large, red shoulder pauldrons, spiked bracelets, a red earring in his left ear, and face paint in a similar style to the members of rock bands (such as the Kiss band) with light-blue and red colors. Unlike most of his counterparts, his microphone comes with a stand.


Glamrock Freddy is initially introduced as a bookish, straightforward entertainer. Unlike other animatronics in the FNaF franchise and his previous iterations, Glamrock Freddy is overall a friendly, honest, and agreeable personality, even in the face of adversity (as shown when dealing with Vanessa). He is shown to be very protective of Gregory and very focused on keeping him safe, going as far as allowing him to hide in his stomach (albeit he is at first uncomfortable to do so as his compartment is not suited to hide humans) to prevent the other animatronics from finding him. He is generally nice and polite as well, as he apologizes quite often, even when he hasn't done anything wrong. He's a little oblivious, as shown during the first encounter with Vanny (although he couldn't see her without Roxanne Wolf's eyes), and when he's upgraded with the other Glamrocks' parts, as seen when he gets upgraded with Montgomery Gator's claws. He is friendly and amicable towards the other animatronics, encouraging Gregory to say hello to the DJ, expressing that he misses Bonnie when in the bowling alley, and showing concern for the co-performers that he gets the upgraded parts from. This, however, does not deter him from helping Gregory. He quickly establishes a bond with Gregory, affectionately calling him "superstar", and his protective nature is highlighted by his strong paternal instincts. This goes as far as to the two forming a father and son-like relationship.

However, should Gregory make a mistake while upgrading him or run out of power while inside of him, Glamrock Freddy will become hostile, implying that he still suffers from glitches (more likely, however, to serve as a game balance mechanic). However, it is stated when maintenance begins, animatronic safety measures are disabled, so that may be the cause of his attacks during this phase. He seems extremely sentient and aware of his reality, as he begs Vanessa not to leave him with his head disconnected in Parts and Service. He even seems to abide by a moral code, perhaps programmed intentionally to serve as a good role model for young children, as he reprimands Gregory if he tries to enter Fazer Blast while inside of him to cheat. In spite of him being a robot, he's very sentient and not devoid of emotion, such as when he got agitated after he found out that Gregory snuck in his stomach hatch without him knowing, and while he has only positive things to say about the other robots, he is uneasy when talking about the Daycare Attendant.


Glamrock Freddy has a compartment, referred to as a "birthday cake hatch", used for "piñatas and oversized birthday cakes," in his stomach for Gregory to hide in. While inside Glamrock Freddy, Gregory can see through the animatronic's eyes, reach the normally inaccessible Service Tunnels, and use him to get past other animatronics without detection; however, this will not fool the Daycare Attendant (while hostile) or Vanny. Glamrock Freddy has limited battery power and will need to recharge at a charging station frequently, or else Gregory will suffer a jumpscare and a game over from him. Glamrock Freddy will also give tips, hints, and reveal shortcuts to help Gregory avoid the many threats within the pizzaplex. Glamrock Freddy also has a lighter in his finger presumably used for birthday cake candles, which he burns down the Pizzaplex in one of the endings with.

As mentioned before, while he is being upgraded and worked on in Parts/Service, safety measures are disabled, causing Freddy to kill Gregory when the wrong prompt is chosen.

As the game progresses, Glamrock Freddy is upgraded with parts from the other animatronics, such as Monty's claws, Roxanne's eyes, and Glamrock Chica's voice box.

Freddy can also gain power ups from the Prize Boxes, such as longer battery life. There are two upgrades that can be found, the first one is in the last race-car garage at Roxy's raceway, there is a door on the right wall, inside you will see a S.T.A.F.F. bot going in circles, the upgrade will be on a shelf, and the second one is next to the salad shop on a table.


Game Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Major character First appearance; Deuteragonist along with Gregory.
Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery Major character Posthumous antagonist.*
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