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The glamrock animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy's 2021 calendar.

The glamrock animatronics are revamped, punk rock counterparts from Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. They are set to appear in the latest upcoming game Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. Kirin, the CEO of Illumix, had announced during an interview with Dawko that her and Illumix are planning to add the glamrock animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery after Security Breach is released.

Physical Appearance

Currently, there is one brand-new animatronic, with three other animatronics based on their original counterparts. The glamrock animatronics bear a much human-shaped appearance and wear punk-themed accessories in 1980s vibes, mainly face paints, oversized shoulder pads, and mildly-spiky bracelets.


The full details to describe the glamrock animatronics' functions have not yet been fully confirmed, but hence their designs, the animatronics would function like the actual rock band members. It is also heavily implied that the glamrock animatronics are probably programmed to protect kids (as seen in merch of Glamrock Freddy and Gregory) from Vanny trying to kill them. If this is true, this would mean that the glamrock animatronic's functionality is completely the opposite to the funtime animatronics, as the funtimes are programmed to kill kids, yet the glamrocks' functionality still needs to be revealed.


Glamrock Freddy

Glamrock Freddy.jpg
Main article: Glamrock Freddy

A glamrock counterpart of Freddy Fazbear, the vocalist of the glamrock band, and the mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. He will appear in Security Breach as a supporting protagonist.

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica.jpg
Main article: Glamrock Chica

A glamrock counterpart of Chica and the guitarist of the glamrock band. She will appear in Security Breach. Her companion is Glamrock Cupcake.

Montgomery Gator

Montgomery Gator.jpg
Main article: Montgomery Gator

A newly-introduced animatronic and the bassist of the glamrock band. He will appear in Security Breach.

Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf.jpg
Main article: Roxanne Wolf

While appearing to be a new animatronic, she actually originated from Freddy in Space 2. She is the keytarist of the glamrock band. She is set to appear in Security Breach.

Sun Animatronic

SunAnimatronic Trailer2.png
Main article: Sun Animatronic

A newly-introduced animatronic who currently has an unknown appearance. She is set to appear in Security Breach. She was seen in a Gif Shop called Glamrock Gifts possibly indicating that she is a glamrock animatronic as well. However, it's clearly unknown if this is true. This has yet to be confirmed.


  • "Glamrock" derives from glam rock, a term referring to rock musicians in the 1970s that "wore outrageous costumes, makeup, and hairstyles, particularly platform shoes and glitter."
  • The glamrocks are the third set of animatronics of the franchise to include a wolf animatronic, with the first being Twisted Wolf from the Twisted animatronic set, which originates from the novel trilogy, and the second being Freddy in Space 2 with the original Roxanne Wolf.
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