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Funtime Foxy is a funtime animatronic who appeared once as a minor antagonist in Room for One More, the second story of Fazbear Frights 3: 1:35 A.M..

Physical Appearance

Funtime Foxy's appearance is similar to its appearance in Sister Location. It is described, however, to have "knifelike teeth".[citation needed]


Funtime Foxy briefly appears in one of Stanley's dreams as a taxi cab driver. Stanley is running late to work, but he doesn't know where he is. The street where he lives, Forrest Avenue, now says, Fazbear Avenue. Worried, he calls a cab to drive him to his job, but the cab drops him off to the wrong location, a shady side-street. He tells the cab driver that they were at the wrong address, but the driver reveals itself to be Funtime Foxy, and shatters the glass panel between the two of them, to lunge at Stanley with its jaws open.


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