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I'm ready for my close up!
— Funtime Chica when distracting the player, Ultimate Custom Night

Funtime Chica is an animatronic and a "funtime" counterpart of the original Chica. She is one of the purchasable products for the Catalog in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.


Funtime Chica has an appearance similar to Toy Chica. Based on her overall design, she would have look like as if used fittingly for Circus Baby's Pizza World in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location like the "funtime" animatronics. She still has orange calves and feet like Chica but she has an orange waist instead of pink similar to Toy Chica. She has a built-in speaker just like Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy located under her pink breasts. She also holds her signature cupcake but its appearance looks like a calmer, less frightening and repaired version of Nightmare Cupcake from the fourth game, with long needle-like teeth and blue eyes. If one looks closely, one of the plates on her pink upper body is missing. Just like the Funtime animatronics, she has five fingers instead of the cartoonish four fingers that the regular animatronics have.


Funtime Chica's quotes in ultimate custom night suggest "Larger than Life" ideals. She also seems to have a "holier than thou" sort of nature, as evident by one of her quotes from the aforementioned game.


Funtime Chica is labelled in the "Rare Finds Auction" section of the catalog. Classified as a "Heavy Animatronic" and in the "Very Good" item condition, Funtime Chica is expensively priced at $71,000. Her stats are as follows:

  • Atmosphere: 9
  • Health and Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 9
  • Bonus Revenue: 9

To unlock the "Posh Pizzeria" achievement, the player must purchase Funtime Chica, along with El Chip and Music Man for the stage.


  • Some believe that Funtime Chica was present in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, and was simply not seen.
    • In the source code for one of the teasers, a reference to Chica's Party World is made as an employer of Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy. This hints that Funtime Chica was an animatronic for a different company, similar to El Chip.
  • Funtime Chica can be unlocked for free from the "Prize King" minigame.
  • Funtime Chica is Chica's only counterpart to not have a bib.

Funtime Chica returns as one of the many selectable characters in Ultimate Custom Night.


Funtime Chica will randomly appear on the player's screen and distract them by disorienting the screen and make camera flashing effects.

The challenges in which Funtime Chica appears are as follows:

  • Pay Attention 1
  • Pay Attention 2
  • Ladies Night 1
  • Ladies Night 2
  • Ladies Night 3
  • Chaos 1
  • Chaos 2
  • Chaos 3


  • Funtime Chica, along with El Chip and Lolbit, are the only animatronic characters not to appear ingame with their physical model self. Instead, she appears in pop-ups.

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Ultimate Custom Night

I'm ready for my close up!
Don't get distracted!
Today is all about me, me, me!
Say cheese!

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