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Were you looking for the Flashlight from the in-universe of the series?

Frightlights are special kind of flashlights created by ThinkGeek. They are sold in public stores like GameStop and Walmart. Each comes with 3 AAA batteries.

Basic Frightlights

Freddy Fazbear and Springtrap (incorrectly called "Nightmare Springtrap") are the only available animatronics in Frightlights. Frightlights can be switched in two positions:

  • Flashlight Mode - Functions like a regular flashlight.
  • Scare Mode - Switches to an animatronic character. When this occur, the flashlight will cause to flicker, vibrate, and even emits a jumpscare noise.

Mini Frightlights


There are 4 mini frightlights to collect. The mini versions are attached with a keychain and a plushie render printed on the side. Available animatronics are: Withered Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy.

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