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Description: This article details a topic that is deemed canon to the Fazbear Frights universe.*

Not what you were looking for? See the book Fazbear Frights 10: Friendly Face, or its first story of the same name.

Just send in a few strands of hair from your lost pet, and let Fazbear Entertainment do the rest! We use your pet’s DNA to craft a face that looks exactly like your beloved furry friend. The face is then integrated onto an animatronic body to create a loyal pet that will follow you around forever.
Fazbear Entertainment TV ad advertising their Fazbear Friendly Faces program, Fazbear Frights #10: Friendly Face

Friendly Face is the titular hybrid animatronic in Friendly Face, the first story of Fazbear Frights 10: Friendly Face.

Physical Appearance

Friendly Faces are animatronic recreations of deceased pets manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment. They are created by first extracting DNA from the pet's hairs submitted by its owner, which is then used to create an accurate recreation of the pet's face. The face is added onto a realistic animatronic body.

The Friendly Face focused on the titular story Friendly Face is a black cat with a pale human face resembling Jack, due to his human hair accidentally being submitted. The face has brown eyes and an unyielding grin.



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