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"You have a lot of work to do while patrons eat their pizza in the other room."

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Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a restaurant that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes.



Before The Silver Eyes

Henry opens up a second restaurant also with his partner WIlliam, this one much larger and with more animatronics after Fredbear's closed down. In 1985, William, dressed in the bear suit lures five children and murders them. One of the kids that was taken was Charlie's friend, Michael. However, the police couldn’t arrest William since the children nor their bodies were never found. But Clay Burke and the whole police department knew that it was him.

Freddy’s before the missing children incident.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

When the group of teenagers were talking about Freddy’s, Carlton mentions that there has been an incomplete shopping mall that has been built in the restaurant's place, so they decide to go out to the site of the old restaurant to see if they can find any remnants of it.

Charlie, John, Jessica, and Carlton arrive at the parking lot and walked toward the mall. They manage to find a pile of gravel to climb up and break in. They explore the abandoned restaurant and find that the animatronics are still intact. They left due to not attracting the nightguard that they found earlier.

The next day, after hearing about how the group went to Freddy's, Lamar, along with Marla and her younger brother Jason, decides that they want to go to Freddy's so they can see it too. They all head over to the mall together and make their way inside. They have another run-in with the guard but this time it's much closer as Jason lags behind and claims that the light actually flashed on him, the guard just walks away though. They left due to Charlie getting injured by Foxy when John was playing hide-and-seek with her. The teenagers feel responsible since they were playing with the buttons in the control room at that time but it's unknown whether it was them or Foxy.

The group meets up and head back to the mall. While walking down the hall inside, they walk right into the guard who is just standing there waiting for them. Charlie suggests that he comes along with them and after that, they'll leave and never come back. He agrees and introduces himself as Dave Miller. The group doesn’t know what his intentions were. At one point, when the group was distracted, Dave retrieves the yellow Bonnie costume from a closet and abducts Carlton. Jason, who witnessed, screamed and the entire group left the building without Carlton.

Officer Dunn tries to look for Carlton in the restaurant, only to get killed by William in the suit.

Dave has Carlton stuck into one of the springlock suit torsos, one simple move and he's dead. Dave later reveals himself as William Afton. He leaves at some point with Carlton alone in the room. Then he has some sort of conversation with Michael, possessed as Golden Freddy.

Jason runs off to try to rescue Carlton, while the rest of the group find a way to break into the restaurant to find him. As Charlie finds Carlton, she undoes the springlocks and frees him from the costume. As the group tries to find a way out, the animatronics come to life and chase them around the restaurant. Clay then rescues them and also makes a way out for them to leave. William in the suit tries to kill Charlie by choking her, but Charlie activates its springlocks, killing him.

As the animatronics drag William's body away, Clay escorts everyone out of the mall.

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