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Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is a fictional pizzeria from the Fazbear Frights universe. There seem to be many different locations in the Fazbear Frights series, which are detailed below.

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Into the Pit

Oswald was time-warped to the pizzeria after coming out of the Jeff's Pizza restaurant's ball pit. He is in 1985, and he sees Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica performing on stage. He finds a bunch of children playing the latest arcade machines, and everything is new and shiny. He sees a man in a yellow rabbit suit off in a corner of the pizzeria, and is curious why he is not entertaining children. He travels back and forth through time for several weeks to hang out with two kids from the 80s time period; Mike and Chip.

The final time he goes to 1985 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he hears screaming and crying, and many people running away. The man in the yellow rabbit suit invites Oswald to the Party Room, where the corpses of six children are. The yellow rabbit then lunges for Oswald, and Oswald quickly enters the ball pit into modern day. The rabbit follows. The pizzeria would be shut down after the murders, and be sold by various owners and turned into many other businesses, such as Papa Bear's Pancake House. The building would eventually be sold and run by Jeff in the present day.

This location is briefly revisited in the Stitchwraith Stingers.


Greg, Hadi and Cyril broke into an abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant. Greg felt drawn to the place. Inside, there are still pots and pans in the kitchen, and furniture in the rooms. The pizzeria has seemingly been untouched since it closed. There is an empty stage with a heavy black curtain at the back. When they get to the prize counter, they find Fetch as the top prize. They attempt to turn it on, but to no avail. After the boys leave, Fetch turns on, escapes the pizzeria and links himself to Greg's phone.

After Fetch texted Greg and attacked some things, Greg decides to go back with his friends to explore the pizzeria again. Cyril mentions that he had researched the pizzeria, and that it was a part of a pizzeria chain that closed after something happened at them. He then states he found it on a message board, and that it took a while to find it. Using a flashlight, they find dog tracks on the floor. In the storage room, there are four animatronic characters, along with parts and costumes. Something jumps at them in the room, and they quickly exit it. Greg goes back to the prize counter hoping to find Fetch, but he isn't there.

Lonely Freddy

Alec and his family went to Freddy Fazbear's Family Pizzeria to celebrate Hazel's birthday. Unlike the other present day locations thus far, this location is operating as a normal, party-hosting site unlike the other abandoned buildings. This location deploys Lonely Freddy dolls which follow a child around to keep them company and socialize with them while they're alone during parties.

There are various arcade machines and party rooms throughout the building. The employees are called Party Preppers, and as the name suggests, they help organize and run parties. One of the main party features at this restaurant is the Wind Tunnel, in which a child gets to enter a booth that blasts air and tickets around a small chamber. Any tickets the child has at the end correspond to prizes to be won, such as souvenir cups, or the top prize, a Yarg Foxy.

After an intense exchange between Alec and Hazel in which she tried to give Alec the Yarg Foxy she won, Alec hides in a storage room. Here, he finds a Lonely Freddy that asks him a series of questions. In the end, Alec's consciousness has been swapped with the Lonely Freddy, with an imposter replacing him as a part of his family. After a girl at the party vomits on his new form, an employee throws him into a bin with several other Lonely Freddys, revealed to be other children who have been captured and replaced.

The New Kid

Devon finds an abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when looking for a new clubhouse. It is hidden in the woods and covered in foliage. Devon, Mick, and Kelsey enter the building through an opening. Inside, they find Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica on the main stage and Foxy hidden away behind a black curtain in Pirate's Cove. There are also animatronic heads of bears, birds, rabbits and dogs, as well as empty suits littered around the area. There's even bins of metal and other spare parts. The building is oddly preserved, and they hear something slithering inside the walls.

The three boys find the Golden Freddy springlock suit back in storage and drag it out into the main area of the pizzeria. Devon convinces Mick to go gather some materials while coaxing Kelsey to get into the suit. Devon wanted to lock Kelsey in the suit as a prank, but the springlocks instead pierce and crush his body while he screams out loud in pain. Kelsey continues to bleed out and occasionally twitches, while Devon convinces Mick that they need to leave.

Devon later returns around six days later to find out if Kelsey is still alive. He immediately smells blood. Checking inside the yellow suit, he can't see Kelsey's body. He reaches into the mouth to try to feel for it, but can't find anything. He then hears someone call his name, and he shakes, which makes the mouth snap shut without warning and crush his arm. The mouth opens and shuts a couple more times, pulling Devon in up to his shoulder, devouring him. He feels something moving against his hand inside and, when the mouth opens again, sees a dead body with curly, black hair (presumably Andrew). Kelsey was gone. Devon screams before getting sucked into the suit.

Step Closer

Pete is forced to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when Chuck wants to hang out with him and his friends. The restaurant is crowded with children and parents, and animatronics perform on stage. To get back at Chuck, he brings him to Foxy, who is in the maintenance room for repairs. The room is dark and quiet, and there are dark, melted candles alongside black markings on the floor. They finally find a purple curtain with an OUT OF SERVICE sign. Chuck runs out of the room in fear, and Pete is cursed by Foxy to lose an eye and an arm.

After numerous accidents, Chuck has a plan to visit the pizzeria to end Foxy's curse. Pete initially scoffs at the idea, but after another accident at school, he calls Chuck to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Unfortunately, he is hit by a truck and is declared dead by doctors. While conscious, an eye and arm is removed for an organ donation.

Chuck finally goes back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to finally end the curse. However, Foxy is not there.

Coming Home

Though not explicitly mentioned, it is implied that Susie was murdered at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza a year before the story's events. She had wanted to hide a doll from her sister, Samantha, and hid it in the house before going to the pizzeria. In the pizzeria, she, along with a few other children, was lured by a serial killer into some place before they were murdered. Susie had always loved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is mentioned by Nole, with the animatronics from the pizzeria being one of the inspirations for the ideation of Blackbird.


Toby works at the local Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Games in his area. This particular pizzeria has a bowling alley, laser tag, a child play area, a prize store, and an arcade, with the arcade being the main focus of the story. There are many games there, and Toby's brother, Connor, has the high score in every single one. One day, the "Hide-and-Seek," minigame is added to the roster of machines.

The game was housed in a room, with paper cutouts of buildings like a school and a firehouse being placed in the form of a maze, with Shadow Bonnie hiding in one of the buildings waiting to be found by the player, who has three chances to guess which building he's in and select it on the console. Toby destroys the game out of frustration due to not being able to find Shadow Bonnie, the animatronic featured in the game. Dan, the manager of the restaurant who's passionate on making kids happy, is saddened by the game being destroyed (unaware that Toby did it) and oversees its reconstruction.

Shadow Bonnie ends up being released from the game and attaching itself to Toby, and he eventually returns to the pizzeria and has to beat the game in order to put the shadow creature back into the arcade machine. However, Toby doesn't want to admit defeat, relapsing into his toxic, competitive behavior. Rather than forfeiting the game, he presses continue. He rams himself into a paper cut-out of a tree and bleeds out. Shadow Bonnie escapes, and Toby dies in the pizzeria.

Gumdrop Angel

Angel attends her 5 year old stepsister Ophelia's birthday party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She finds the bright decorations and black-and-white checkered floor disorienting, and the energetic children annoying. A ball pit and arcade machines are located in the pizzeria. Outside of the dining area is a hallway with cartoony pictures of the animatronics on the walls.

Shows, known as the Fazbear Extravaganza, are performed by the animatronics. Freddy himself is able to directly talk to the onlooking children, and even helps Ophelia blow out her birthday candles. It's likely that the animatronics either have very advanced AI, or have human performers hidden within the suits. The particular pizzeria Angel's family is hosting the party in has a Birthday Gummy for the children to eat.

Ophelia brings the gumdrop nose of the Birthday Gummy home, only for Angel to eat it. This causes her to transform into a brand new Birthday Gummy. She calls Dominic, an employee who worked at Freddy's, for answers to her condition. Dominic tells her to return to Freddy's so that he can help her. After seeing the animatronics free-roaming, Dominic puts Angel in a box. In reality, it is a trick to keep her contained until the next day, so she can be used as the new Birthday Gummy for another birthday party. She is eaten alive by a swarm of hungry children, unaware that she is still alive.

Jump for Tickets

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is the place where the majority of the story is set. It's a pizzeria with animatronic shows and various arcade games, which can be played to get tickets which can be traded for prizes. There are various ways to obtain tickets, including the game known as the Ticket Pulverizer, where patrons must jump as high as they can to get tickets. The game, however, is rigged to favor small kids and give them lots of tickets, while older kids will barely get any tickets. This infuriates Colton, who decides to work to fix it and make it fairer so that he can get enough tickets to buy a gaming console.

Colton stays within the pizzeria after hours to rewire the game. He's stopped by the Ticket Pulverizer's mascot animatronic, Coils the Birthday Clown, who is still activated. Coils follows Colton around, and he even tries pulling him away from the pulverizer, but Colton resists. Eventually, he heads underneath the large platform kids are supposed to jump on to reprogram the game. He succeeds, but the hatch upwards is locked and Colton is stuck until the pizzeria reopens the next day. Kids begin jumping on the platform while Colton is underneath, pushing it downwards until he's crushed to death. The Ticket Pulverizer is put out of order due to malfunctioning, the staff unaware that someone is trapped under the platform.

Sea Bonnies

Mott and his brother Rory visit Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for Rory's birthday. It has the usual setting of arcade games strewn everywhere, seats for patrons to eat their pizza, and the main band of animatronics singing and dancing underneath a disco ball. This particular pizzeria sells Sea Bonnies, sea monkeys genetically engineered to have the color and mild appearance of Bonnie the Bunny. Rory purchases some of them during his friend's birthday party.

Find Player Two!

Aimee and Mary Jo hung out at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when they were kids. Alongside having the signature arcade games, delicious pizza and animatronics performing on stage, this particular pizza had the Hiding Maze. This maze was a series of tubes connecting throughout the pizzeria so that people could play hide and seek. It also has a console so kids can register as hiders and seekers. Mary Jo registers as a hider and goes into the tubes of the maze. Before Aimee can go in, she sees a creepy man who pokes his head into the entrance. Aimee gets freaked out and leaves without Mary Jo.

Mary Jo is never found again, and is later presumed to be dead. The pizzeria is closed down and replaced with Flo's Fabulous Eatery, which is an even bigger restaurant. The Hiding Maze isn't destroyed, but rather covered over within the restaurant's walls. Mary Jo's rotting dead corpse is left there.

Felix the Shark

Dirk and his group of friends reminiscence about their childhood memories at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, mentioning details they remember about various locations. Wyatt went to a location in Iowa, Leo remembers that a location he went to gave out coloring books and Jenny and Gordon's Freddy's location had indoor climbing bars.

Dirk remembers going to a very unique Freddy Fazbear's pizza location when he was five. It featured the main four animatronics, alongside the new addition of Felix the Shark. It was added there by the original owner Aaron Sanders. The pizzeria was surrounded by a moat which was in actuality an aquarium area where the Felix animatronic swam, and that kids could scuba-dive and swim alongside him.

Dirk sets out on a nostalgia fueled road trip to find the restaurant with Felix, visiting various other Freddy Fazbear Pizza locations along the way. After finding out the history behind Aaron Sanders, his family and the pizzeria, Dirk discovers that the pizzeria was destroyed and replaced with a water park. Dirk, using a pendant given to him by Aaron's daughter, Louisa, he discovers that the aquarium was still intact and sealed away, alongside bits of the entrance, lobby and arcade. Felix the Shark is also still functioning. Dirk is locked inside when the hatch outside closes, having to constantly swim away from Felix.

You're the Band

After purchasing a Freddy Fazbear mask online, Sylvia's son, Timmy had begun acting strangely after he wore it at his birthday party. He was more erratic than usual and appeared to be talking to a shadowy figure. He had begun talking about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and acting as if he had been there, despite the pizzeria chain being shut down thirty years ago after the rumored murders that occurred there. The Freddy Fazbear franchise itself is discontinued and becomes a distant memory, with the incident that caused it to be shut down being considered an infamous conspiracy theory on the internet. Timmy also described memories that he had of the pizzeria, the animatronics and how some children were lined up against a wall, which is a possible reference to the murders in Into the Pit's 1985 location.

These erratic behaviors cause Sylvia to temporarily move in with her parents in an attempt to help Timmy calm down. But, the shadowy figure lured Timmy away from his family and to an abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Mike, a security guard who worked there, arrives to help Sylvia save her son. He had broken in to steal back the mask Sylvia had purchased. The two team up and drive to the abandoned restaurant. Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and the Puppet all reside in the pizzeria, presumably possessed by the spirits of the children murdered thirty years ago, guarded by Mike.

One of the spirits had inadvertently transferred into Timmy's body when he wore the mask, which was actually the stolen animatronic head of Freddy. In order to save Timmy, he has to put the mask back on to reverse the transfer. Timmy stands next to Bonnie and Chica, singing as if he were Freddy. Sylvia is attacked by the Puppet, and is willing to keep her distracted as Mike puts the mask on him. Freddy, now whole again, takes his place on stage and the Puppet lets the trio go. Mike believes that whatever the shadow was, it wanted the spirit inside Timmy's body. Sylvia, Timmy and Mike keep everything that happened a secret and move on, leaving the spirits alone.


  • In total, there were twelve pizzerias (six operational restaurants, three abandoned restaurants and three restaurants that were purchased by new owners and converted into other businesses) shown throughout the various Fazbear Frights stories.
  • Based on the pizzerias shown, a business practice Fazbear Entertainment appears to have is giving its owners free reign over what they put in the pizzeria. Many pizzerias have special attractions exclusive to that location (Birthday Gummy, Ticket Pulverizer, Hiding Maze, etc.), thus making each location special and more exciting for customers.