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Freddy in Space 2
Science-fiction shooter game by Scott Cawthon
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Dad! Help! LolzHax took over the base!
Freddy's Son, Freddy in Space 2

Freddy Fazbear's son is an NPC from Freddy in Space 2.

Physical Appearance

Freddy's son is an anthropomorphic bear with a hair tuff, freckles, buck teeth, and wearing a maroon T-shirt.


Freddy's son has a minor role, appearing only in the opening cutscene of the game and in the Good Ending. He only really serves a small purpose in alerting Freddy Fazbear to LolzHax's schemes, but also has a role in encouraging the player to beat the game as fast as possible to save him, as if the player take too long, he is completely missing from the ending screen.

To successfully save Freddy's son for the good ending, the player must start the game from scratch and defeat LolzHax's final form in under 30 minutes.



Dad! Help! LolzHax took over the base! He brainwashed Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and that weird gangly space Puppet, and made monsters out of them! And he sealed the base! I went outside to play, even though I know you told me not to. Now I'm locked out, and my air will run out soon. Please hurry back! If you destroy the monsters that LolzHax created, then the others will be free and will fight with you to save me! Hurry!

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