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Foxy is one of the animatronics in the Five Nights at Freddy's novel trilogy. He appears an antagonist and supporting character in the first two novels respectively.


Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Foxy is first seen through drawings in his stage in Chapter Two, during Charlie and her friends' first visit to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They reminisce about how Foxy was always "Out of Order" when they visited Freddy's ten years ago. Before they can see him by opening the curtains, they end up leaving. In Chapter Four, Foxy himself is found by Charlie, who recognizes him as the endoskeleton in Henry's workshop that used to terrify her during her childhood. As she escapes, Foxy's hook makes a deep cut in her arm, which was prompted by Marla, who was testing out the control room used to control Foxy and Freddy. Later on, Charlie and her friends are being chased by the animatronics and Charlie gets cornered by Foxy behind some arcade machines, scene which was teased during the first chapter of the book. Charlie manages to retaliate against the pirate fox with the help of John, trapping him under one of the arcade cabinets. Despite this, Foxy manages to break free and corner Charlie and her friends with his other comrades. He is then halted by Golden Freddy, who turns out to be Charlie's long-lost friend, Michael Brooks. During the end of the book, Foxy and the other animatronics drag William Afton's dead corpse away to Backstage.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones

One year later, Foxy and the other original animatronics are first seen deactivated in Clay Burke's boiler room. John, Jessica, and Clay Burke arrive at Clay's home to ask the animatronics help to save Charlotte from the clutches of William Afton and his twisted abominations. However, Foxy and others don't respond at first, that is until John mentions "William Afton". At the sight of hearing that name, the original animatronics (excluding Golden Freddy) go berserk and immediately take off to search for their long-awaited nemesis. Later on, when the heroes are cornered by Twisted Freddy, Twisted Bonnie, and Twisted Wolf in Afton's hideout, Foxy is the first to save them from their predators. Foxy then proceeds to take down Twisted Wolf for good, before proceeding to attack Twisted Freddy with enthusiasm. As William's hideout collapses, Foxy and the other animatronics disappear in the foggy mist for unknown reasons.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet

Foxy himself doesn't make an appearance in The Fourth Closet, but his endoskeleton was melded into an amalgamation that William Afton used to get remnant from.


  • Even though Charlie believed Foxy was the metal skeleton she saw in Henry's workshop, The Fourth Closet reveals that the metal skeleton was used by William Afton to create Baby.


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