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Foxy the Pirate, also known as Foxy, is a major antagonist in the Five Nights at Freddy's film. He is the pirate entertainer of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Foxy is portrayed via animatronic puppet effects provided by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, puppeteered by Russ Walko. Notably, Foxy is the only one out of the main four animatronics to exclusively be portrayed via animatronic effects, as his thin limbs and exposed endoskeleton prevent the use of a full-body suit.


Foxy's appearance is completely accurate to his appearance in the game, aside from his pants which are comprised of real material rather than just being brown-colored suit parts. He is a light red color with damaged legs, a hooked hand and his signature eyepatch that's duct taped to the back of his head.

The Ghost Child who possesses Foxy, is shown to be quite short, with straight combed red hair. He wears an orange jumper, blue pants, and dons a cardboard hook on his right hand, just like the animatronic he controls.


Like his video game counterpart, Foxy is an animatronic who kills any security guard working the night shift. It's said that he is the most dangerous of the group as he had the highest body count, having captured the previous night guard and even killing Jeff. He even sings sea shanties nonchalantly to himself, much like he does in the first game when he is in Pirate Cove. He is considered to easily be the only animatronic with the most screen-time in the film and is the most active threat among them as well as the first to confront William Afton once Abby frees the children from his control.

However, Foxy, like his bandmates, isn't a bad person and instead a very tragic individual. Like his friends, he was once an innocent child who had his life cut short by William who abducted him, killed him and stuffed his corpse inside the Foxy animatronic suit alongside his friends. It's also mentioned by Vanessa that he and his bandmates don't want to hurt anyone, as they are influenced by William into committing all of their murders for him.

Despite this, Foxy, like his bandmates, is shown to be kind and playful towards children, especially with his relationship with Abby. Despite being manipulated by Afton into attempting to stuff her into an animatronic suit and kill her brother, Mike, he does genuinely care about the girl, participating in building a fort with her and the others.


Before Mike arrived to work at Freddy's as a security guard, Bob was being chased by Foxy, but the exit failed to open, leaving him helpless as Foxy ran towards him and successfully knocked him unconscious. Foxy placed him in the torture device, which Bob failed to escape and was killed by.

During Mike's first shift at Freddy's, after falling asleep and entering his first dream sequence, the child appeared in his dream along with the other ghost children. When he was asked by Mike concerning the disappearance of his younger brother, he and the other ghost children ran away from Mike.

During Mike's dream sequence on his second shift, when the ghost children ran away from him, Mike began chasing after Foxy's spirit. However, when Mike managed to catch him, it resulted in the child slashing his hook across Mike's left arm - leaving a slash wound behind that would appear in the real world - before screaming in Mike's face, which caused Mike to wake up in shock. Some minutes later, Foxy was introduced to Mike by Vanessa Shelly alongside the other animatronics because she wanted him to properly meet them.

After Mike's second shift, Foxy, Bonnie and the other animatronics were activated after a group of criminals broke in and began hunting them down. Foxy encountered Jeff after he successfully fended off Mr. Cupcake, who - just like with the former Security Guard - failed to open the exit and couldn't escape as Foxy ran towards him, slashing him to death off-screen.

During Mike's third shift, Foxy and the fellow animatronics attempted to kidnap Abby, but were interrupted by Mike, who was attempting to rescue her. He returned back to Pirate's Cove after Mike and Abby left the place.

During Mike's fourth shift, Foxy and the fellow animatronics built a makeshift fort along with Mike, Vanessa and Abby.

In the final dream sequence, when Mike ultimately refused to surrender Abby Schmidt to the ghost children, they began to retaliate and attack Mike, nearly killing him.

During Mike's fifth and final shift, whilst Mike was fighting off Mr. Cupcake, who was biting his leg, Foxy began hunting down Abby. She ran to hide in the arcade, to which Foxy followed her and heard her when she accidentally powered on a pinball machine, and began searching for her. However, when he looked in Abby's hiding spot, she wasn't there, as she'd run and hidden inside the ball pit. Foxy approached the ball pit, only to be tased by Vanessa, causing him to deactivate.

After William Afton tells the animatronics to wake up because they have someone to play with, Foxy reactivated and joined the other animatronics under William Afton's control and tried to take Abby, but after Abby drew a picture for the animatronics - of William murdering him and his friends - to show what he truly was, the memories of their deaths returned to the animatronics. Foxy and the others ultimately turned against Afton after they discovered the truth about him.

During the Spring Lock Failure, Foxy and the other animatronics watched him as he suffered and writhed in pain, and with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place internally collapsing before them, Foxy grabbed him with his hook, dragging the mutilated Afton into the engineering room as the rest of the animatronics followed behind.

It is uncertain at this time as to what might have happened to Foxy along with the rest of the animatronics after Freddy Fazbear Pizza's Place internally collapsed. More information about Foxy will be available in the near future.


Audio Description
Foxy running and raising his hook.

Foxy singing before he attacks.
The sound that Foxy makes when attacking.
Foxy's singing without filters.


Deleted Scenes[]




  • While a repaired version of Foxy was made and featured in a few scenes, it ultimately went unused in the final cut of the movie.
    • Through this repaired version, it is revealed that Foxy has furry legs and only two toes, which can be seen from his endoskeleton.
    • This makes it the first and only time that a repaired Classic Foxy was shown in the franchise, via the "Behind The Scene" image.
  • Along with the other missing children, the soul inside Foxy can be seen in the trailer, between the kid possessing Golden Freddy and the kid possessing Freddy.
  • Jim Henson's Creature Shop added duct tape to the back of Foxy's head for his eyepatch.[1]
  • Seemingly, the only difference from his original design are his pants, which are real rather than just brown-colored suit parts.
  • Unlike Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica, Foxy doesn't have an actor portray him with a suit because of his strange proportions and withered design. Instead, Foxy was operated by six different human puppeteers using a large puppet rig.[2][3]
    • This also makes Foxy the only animatronic in the film to not have a extra suit for actors.
  • Whilst he is shown to walk around, it is speculated that he 'runs' via sliding around on the wooden platform with wheels on, the one seen in his Cove.
    • In a behind the scenes video, it's revealed he "runs" by sliding on a hook connected to the ceiling.
  • Emma Tammi mentioned in an interview with IGN: "We were rolling and I heard someone quietly and calmly say "Foxy's arm is on fire" and I looked over and one of the servos had been going for quite some time and it over heated."[4]
  • From the looks of the advertisements every character has a color they are assigned, with Foxy's being green.
    • This is even more evident with the green strained glasses featuring Foxy.
  • In the film's end credits, Kellen Goff - who is best known for voicing Funtime Freddy, Glamrock Freddy, and various other voices - is credited for performing the Foxy's hum, which is referred to as "Diddleedum" in the credits.[5]
    • This also makes Foxy the only animatronic with a voice actor.
    • This also marks the first time Kellen Goff played Foxy.
  • Foxy was so light that he had to be put on a hook to prevent him from falling down.
  • Foxy has the record for the most kills in the movie being at two. Freddy, Bonnie, Cupcake, and Golden Freddy all have one kill each, with Chica herself not killing a single person.
  • When Foxy attacks Jeff, the original jumpscare scream from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game can be heard.
  • Foxy weighs around 300lb according to a interview with Brett O'Quinn on Discord. Making Foxy the only animatronic to have a confirmed weight.
  • When the child possessing Foxy scares Mike in his dream, the child’s face references The Missing Children’s sprite from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


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