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The Manual of Style is the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki editor's guideline that outlines a standard of clean, consistent formatting for articles within the wiki.


The wiki is made to cover everything about the official Five Nights at Freddy's franchise by Scott Cawthon along with associated companies, including Steel Wool Studios and Illumix.

Anything that is unofficial or unlicensed should be kept out of the pages. These include but not limited to: Fanarts, fan fiction, OCs (fan characters), fan games, and even bootleg merchandise.

USA Spellings

The Five Nights at Freddy's franchise is created in USA (United States of America), and thus traditional American spellings must be used when editing pages. For instance, use "color" instead of "colour", "theater" instead of "theatre", "organize" instead of "organise", and so on.

Third-Person Edit

Pages should always be written in third-person by using the protagonists' names (or player for common uses) instead of second-person (e.g: "you" or "we"). For example, it should say "The player must pay attention to the animatronics' movements." rather than "You must pay attention to the animatronics' movements.".


Information from every pages must remain as unbiased as possible. This may help prevent future rumors, confusions, and possible controversies. Adding confirmed information using ingame sources and developers' official comments is perfectly fine, but theories or speculations are not allowed to be inserted unless supported by few evidences and listed in the "Theories and Speculations" section while using the speculation template under the section. Head-canons are strongly prohibited, however.

If there is enough clear evidence to confirm such speculative claims, by using enough ingame citations without the developers' confirmed notes, they will be accepted as facts in pages. For example, Circus Baby was confirmed to be possessed by William's daughter Elizabeth Afton for strong evidential reasons: The girl's Sister Location cutscenes, Circus Baby's eye color changed from blue to green to match the girl's eyes from the Sister Location minigame (also the case for 8-Bit Baby), Ennard occasionally using the girl's voice in the Fake Ending of Sister Location, and the girl's identity revealed to be Elizabeth during the Pizzeria Simulator game's Completion Ending when Henry interrupts Scrap Baby. Another instance is that the Puppet was revealed to be possessed by Charlotte Emily, due to the Pizzeria Simulator's Completion Ending where the terminal reveal the Puppet's scenes when Henry mentions about his daughter, while Charlotte from the novel universe (regardless that both series bear their own universe) being Henry's daughter is also enough to confirm this statement as a solid fact, similar to William's daughter from the novel series who was also named Elizabeth like her main series' counterpart.

Text Style

  • Italic - Please make sure that every titles of the franchise are in italic by clicking the bent-shaped "I" button (which is between the bold-text button and the underline button) or adding two apostrophes on both sides. For example: Five Nights at Freddy's instead of Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Bold - All articles' names from the intro information part must be in bold text by clicking the capital "B" button or adding three apostrophes on each sides. For example: "Freddy Fazbear is the main antagonist..." instead of "Freddy Fazbear is the main antagonist...".


Acceptable images include:

  • Official screenshots. Same applies to screenshots made from scratch, but please ensure they do not have nearly-duplicated camera angles.
  • Ripped game files. These include textures, sprites, audio files, etc.
  • Concept arts.
  • Promotions and teasers.

Unacceptable images include:

  • Poorly-made screenshots taken from YouTube videos, especially with Let's Players' faces and channel icons.
  • Fanarts, SFMs, memes, and photoshopped images.
  • Duplicated files.
  • Stolen model renders.


The purpose of trivia sections are to add interesting notes. Although, you would not add something that actually fits better in the main article. Main acceptable notes for trivia sections include:

  • Easter eggs
  • Prototype designs, old concepts, and early ideas
  • Developers' commentaries
  • Strong, non-coincidental allusions
  • Confirmed inspirations or references to other media
  • Observations

List of identified bugs/glitches and bloopers/errors are also needed but must be included under their respective sections.


If the pages earn enough amount of content, like if the character, object, or location made an appearance in two or more games with a major role, as well as huge amount of images, audio files, and/or trivias, sub-pages should be necessarily created to prevent from leading to a huge, cluttered mess. Note that if the gallery section for pages about anything (characters, locations, etc.) that has a single appearance was big enough, use the minimize bar.

Overall sub-pages in the following order include:

  • Overview - The main page.
  • Histories - Archived list of roles.
  • Gallery - Archived list of images.
  • Audio - Archived list of sounds and dialogue clips.
  • Trivia - Archived list of trivias. List of bugs and errors also applies.

Video game sub-pages include in the following:

  • Overview - The main page.
  • Gallery - Archived list of images.
  • Updates - Archived list of update patch histories for all consoles.
  • Credits - Archived list of names of developers and collaborators.

Notice Templates

  • SpoilerNotice - For pages with content related to the newly-released games, books, etc. Same applies to archive pages (e.g: Animatronics).
  • Stub - For pages with smaller info, a lot of empty sections, and/or lacking images.
  • Conjecture - For pages with the unofficial name title.
  • RejectedMaterial - For pages about unused and removed materials.
  • Speculation - For pages with lists of popular theories/speculations, used for top of the pages as well as under sections.
  • UpcomingContent - For any pages that contain content related to the franchise's future installments.
  • EmptySection - Only for pages' sections that has no content.
  • Noncanon - Only for pages' sections that contain content deemed as not canon to the main plotline.
  • Delete - Only used for pages that falls under rule violations.

Article Type Templates

The is used in pages with content focusing on a single universe. They must be used at the very top of every pages.


Keep in mind that main categories, including Characters, Locations, Objects, etc, only contain sub-categories in order to prevent disorganization.

The example for the page's category order should go like this:

Core Series: Characters - FNaF1: Characters - FNaF2: Characters - Core Series: Animatronics - FNaF1: Animatronics - FNaF2: Animatronics - Core Series: Classic Animatronics


The Five Nights at Freddy's franchise has a massive batch of merchandise products and are totally much accepted as long as they were produced by official brands, including Funko, Sanshee, and more others. However, merchandise made as unlicensed bootlegs or by fans are unacceptable, which also goes to any sort of apparels with the only exception of T-shirts.