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The Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a Wiki FANDOM site created by fans and founded by Vernanonix on August 25, 2014 to archive sources of information for all there is to know about the horror franchise Five Nights at Freddy's by Scott Cawthon and many associated companies.

As of January 5, 2021, the wiki is owned by GJ-Lewis X.

Wiki Team Members

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As of 2022, there are currently eight team members (three admins and five moderators) patrolling the wiki.




The Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is created to be the most informative encyclopedia for the Five Nights at Freddy's fans. The site mainly focuses on the official subjects of the whole franchise, ranging from the original Clickteam era of Five Nights at Freddy's to Fazbear Fanverse games, from the novel trilogy to the Tales from the Pizzaplex anthology series. It basically gives general details about characters, bots, levels, minigames, locations, objects, and everything else.

The wiki is an open-source website, with contents edited by users as a desire to help out contributing, by establishing articles, uploading files, publishing edits, etc. Our duty is to keep every pages precisely accurate as possible without causing confusion or rumors.


The screenshot of the pre-updated main page of the first ever known Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki, before its URL was redirected to the new wiki. (Dated on August 17, 2014)

The first Five Nights at Freddy's game was publicly released on August 18, 2014, but the wiki was not adapted until few days later.

Before this site was adapted, the actual first Five Nights at Freddy's wiki (URL: was founded on early August 2014 by User886121 and has only made a single edit before fading away. Containing almost only 50 pages that focus on the first ever released Five Nights at Freddy's game's content, vandalism was very common to the wiki and there are no administrators to patrol it. As a result, the new and improved wiki was born, conceived by Vernanonix.

After the transfer from the old wiki, the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki started fresh, with new administrators, such as NightmareIris, RTUchiha, and Ecto-500. Rollbacks were also given to MaintenanceRequired the following days. Towards the end of August, and mid October, the wiki reached its peak WAM rank with #13. Later on this year, the user and former administrator AnotherJawsh (formerly LegendFPS) made a decision to adopt the original Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki to gain it with full maintenance. However, upon agreement, the old wiki's URL redirects to the current wiki. On October 28, 2014, Psychobilly2422, who was the developer of indie games such as Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, was promoted as the new owner of the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki. On the same day, Homura-chan was promoted to bureaucrat, Centaura was promoted to administrator, and LeilaReed was promoted to rollback.

The community's choice award.

From late 2014 to early 2015, a lot of moderation members were demoted, leaving Vernanonix, Psychobilly2422, and Homura-chan as the only admins of the team but later promoted new members: TheBaldEagle, Jillips Entertainment, and Constable Huxley the Horse. The wiki earned the Community Choice award on January 7, 2015. With the following release of the third and fourth game, the wiki reached from 80+ pages to 100+. Around that year, the anons (anonymous users) were disabled from editing, and only require users to create their account in order to edit and comment. The first book of the franchise, The Silver Eyes, is released on late 2015 but no related pages (aside the book) were ever published, due to the fact that the book takes place in its own continuity, and thus the admin team decides to keep game-only information for the wiki.

The major hack attack incident suddenly struck few times on August 2015. The wiki's URL mysteriously redirects to the random wiki site, causing viral freak-outs among users and some go as far as vandalizing pages out of "vengeance" which eventually lead to their permanent ban as punishment. The VSTF member was given notice by report and reverts the redirect. The very next day, the hack attack comes back, this time more drastic. Although for a little while, when attempting to open the wiki, it results in Golden Freddy's FNaF1 jumpscare to display. Few hours later, the unidentified hacker first takes control on Psychobilly's account and removed the ban from recently-blocked users. The hacker then switch to the VSTF and removes the home page's protection. The admin Huxley was soon hacked and start sabotaging the home page, messing up the layout design codes, and mass banning multiple users on sight. While the home page's protection was lifted, the hacker later manipulates the Wiki FANDOM staff's account and vandalized the entire page, which has been undone over repetitive times until the hacking was ultimately handled.

On 2016, a couple of months later after the reveal of FNaF World, a separated wiki for up-to-date FNaF World-related content and pages was made in order to prevent the main wiki from suffering disorganization. Upon the game's release, the site was later publicly announced to be available for users to join and help out. The FNaF World Wiki has over 120 pages, before ending up redirected to the main wiki in the future. On the same year, Homura-chan returns and became the new owner of the wiki. While Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is on its way, Homura help updated the navboxes and other templates, as well as theme layouts to fit the style to Sister Location, while deleting the infamous "Theories & Rumors" page which archives popular fan theories and debunked rumors (such as Sparky the Dog's existence hoax, Purple Guy animatronic hoax, etc.).

Since the end of 2017, as the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise continues to expand tremendously, the wiki slowly becomes controversial to most fans and communities (notably the FNaF Reddit) due to some unfair restrictions and outdated content. Reasons include: Official merchandise product information and images were not permitted in pages, the Clickteam Fusion file names were dismissed as hoaxes despite every obvious sources (since the second game's release), permanently-locked pages containing outdated info, bloated tabbers, lots of speculations and poor grammar/spellings, numerous amount of missing pages and content, and the admins were rarely active. Since the last update on 2016, the theme layouts and other designs barely receive any overhaul.

Throughout 2017, Psychobilly2422, who is now the new wiki owner at that time, welcomed three new members to the team: GJ-Lewis X, Santademon, and Merebry. However, from mid-late 2018, some members left the team, and Psychobilly2422 disabled her wiki account to focus on her game development career. Santademon, GJ-Lewis X, and Jillips Entertainment were the only remaining members of the whole team, but three new discussion moderators were elected: Tricakay27, Starscream1998, and Jeffrey Penguin. Although, Jillips, who was supposedly in charge of the wiki as the owner, was barely active, so Santademon made a decision to adopt the wiki and thus became the new owner. The outer communities' criticisms are still rising for the wiki's outdated layouts and lacking recently-new media content, but GJ-Lewis became aware of the rude awakening and accepts their criticisms, processing to update the locked categories, adding missing pages, etc. On August 2018 for the anniversary, GJ-Lewis announced his plans to revamp the wiki's theme layouts and articles' formats with Santademon's edit, expecting to launch before the end of this year, but never happened.

How it started. (September 2014 - November 2014)

How it's going. (2021 - present)

On April 1, 2019, Santademon stepped down as a leader due to this position becoming too stressful for him, with Vernanonix coming back as a new bureaucrat once more. Finally, the wiki is upgraded with new theme layout designs, page and template updates, and other improvements as GJ-Lewis X planned. Later on, the articles related to parallel universes outside of the main series are ultimately published to endorse everything about the franchise up to date, causing the wiki to tremendously expand over 400-500 pages. This includes pages with content related to FNaF World, the novel trilogy, and most official merchandise. Before migrating these content, the wiki originally had at least 185 pages.

On early 2020, the wiki was once again revamped to further bring more better qualities along with introducing new templates and categories to make the page navigation easier and sorted out for the articles that focus on different continuities. Although, when the Wiki FANDOM introduces the UCP migration, a major glitch caused the tabber codes to break, leading to the wiki team's decision to divide the pages into multiple sub-pages to separately archive images, audio clips, trivias, and histories. This creates a whopping total of over 1,000 pages. On August 2020, when the Fazbear Fanverse initiative was announced, Vernanonix and GJ-Lewis agreed to affiliate the Fanverse wikis as the primary wiki's official sister wikis, rather than greenlighting articles for the initiative's games. In late 2020, Rogerio980Pizzaa joins the team as a content moderator.

In the beginning of 2021, Vernanonix, due to his life change that keeps him from being usually active, has given the ownership to GJ-Lewis X. Around the same time, Yu415 was promoted as a discussion moderator and rollbacker. Around March of 2021, Jillips was ultimately demoted due to being inactive for almost two years. On mid-2021, the new FandomDesktop theme was launched to global wikis but greatly affects the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki with technical issues, causing codes to break for the templates, along with malfunctions for the wiki's layout files, fonts, and other custom features. The poll's usage was permanently discontinued. With new templates made to replace the old templates, some new layout file assets along with the introduction of the new light theme layout were also published to give the wiki a new ultimate look.

The banner that was formerly used for The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative page, done by MasterWolfeOficial.

Around March 2022, GJ-Lewis X released the latest update announcement for the wiki. The biggest main update for the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki focused on adding the Fazbear Fanverse pages, supporting content related to the officially-licensed fangames: Five Nights at Candy's, POPGOES, The Joy of Creation, One Night at Flumpty's, Five Nights at Freddy's Plus, and future Fanverse games. Despite this, the Fanverse wikis will still remain as the wiki's official sister sites. While some new templates were made, the infoboxes were also finally unlocked to grant non-admin users a free access to edit them. GJ-Lewis has promoted existing team member, Yu415, to content moderator. As well as this, GJ-Lewis X also hired two new team members, MarvelDc2003 as content moderator and EndrManiacWiki as discussion moderator. However, Jeffrey Penguin was ultimately demoted for being inactive for almost two years. Around April 2022, GJ-Lewis X promoted existing team member, Tricakay27 to administrator. Around June 2022, GJ-Lewis X promoted existing team member, EndrManiacWiki as map-tester. Around July 2022, Tricakay27 left the team.


The FNaF Wiki Easter egg found on 2015. (Mobile screenshot)

  • From late 2014 to 2015, there was a special Easter egg. When viewing articles, there is a rare chance that one of random minigame sprites will appear floating across the screen. This was inputted with MediaWiki codes.
  • Kellen Goff, the voice actor behind many Five Nights at Freddy's characters such as Funtime Freddy and Glamrock Freddy, is aware of the Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki but noticed that Allen Simpson's page was missing. Therefore, Allen's page was eventually created.