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With the Fazbear Funtime Service, you'll never be alone again!
Launch trailer, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery is an augmented reality game related to Five Nights at Freddy's, developed by Illumix with Scott Cawthon's collaboration and is the ninth installment in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. It was originally intended to come out in October 2019 but was delayed with the early access releasing on November 22, 2019, and officially releasing on November 25, 2019.


Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery is the next terrifying installment in the FNAF franchise. Players will confront malfunctioning animatronics in their real world and attempt to survive these horrors come to life. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment's brand new "Fazbear Funtime Service" and get their favorite animatronics on-demand. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the visiting animatronics malfunction and attack subscribers instead of entertaining them.

Players must confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that will follow them wherever they go. The question is, how long can players survive? And just what is happening at Fazbear Entertainment?


  • IMMERSE YOURSELF in terrifying augmented reality audio-visual attack sequences exclusively designed for each animatronic
  • EXPERIENCE real-time location based gameplay, where FNAF animatronics will pay you a visit wherever you are and wherever you go
  • SURVIVE animatronic attacks by using your limited resources wisely (including battery, flashlight, and shocker)
  • COLLECT parts, CPUs, and plushsuits to ASSEMBLE, test, repair and deploy your own hotwired animatronics, and search & collect remnant in your environment
  • SEND ANIMATRONICS against your friends and other players, and get the highest spot on the leaderboard



The Flashlight is activated by the flashlight button on the bottom right of the screen while in AR mode. When animatronics are present, it will make static more visible, but it will slowly deplete the player's battery. Turning it on will immediately drain 3% of their battery as well.

When collecting Remnant, the Flashlight draws Remnant, whether Light or Shadow, closer to the player, and will also cause Shadow Remnant to stop moving once the Flashlight is turned off. It can also be used to defeat Shadow Bonnie. The current battery will passively recharge either when the player is not in an encounter, or when in a Remnant Deposit and not actively using it.

Controlled Shock

When an animatronic is present, a Controlled Shock can be used to deactivate them. However, the Controlled Shock will only work when an animatronic de-cloaks while rushing the player. After using a Controlled Shock, it will have a short cooldown before it can be used again, discouraging the player from excessive or mistimed use. Each use uses up 10% battery power. Some encounters with animatronics using CPUs such as Mangle and Ballora do not feature the Controlled Shock, and they instead must be disabled through use of other mechanics.

Battery Power

The Flashlight and Controlled Shock both use Battery Power. The Flashlight will use 3% when initially turned on and slowly drain power while it is on. A Controlled Shock will deplete 10% of the battery. Battery that has been drained will not recharge during an animatronic encounter, and will only recharge while not in an encounter at a moderate pace.

If the battery drains to less than 10% power during an encounter, putting it in the critical range, one of two things will happen. If the player has Extra Batteries, the battery will be recharged to around 70%, allowing them to continue. If the player has no Extra Batteries, the player can no longer stop the animatronic from attacking and they will be jumpscared soon after dropping too low in power.

Freddy Fazbear Mask

During encounters with Toy animatronics, the player will have the option to put on the Freddy Fazbear Mask to ward them off. The mask must always be used when the Toy animatronic goes haywire, as simply looking away from them will do nothing to prevent them from jumpscaring the player. Moreover, the need to look away or not with the mask on depends on the Toy animatronic in question.

Photo Booth Mode

Players can use the Photo Booth Mode to take photos of the animatronic encounters.

XP System

After every encounter, the battles will provide the player with gains of XP (usually 20-30), while losing the battle will only give them 1-2 XP. A certain number of XP will gain the player a level.


As the player gets further in the game with more XP, animatronics will be unlocked.

Animatronic Encounters

Main article: Animatronic Delivery Catalog


When an animatronic reaches the player's location, a doorbell can be heard. Ignoring the doorbell will cause the player to lose any current streak that they have built up. Exiting an encounter at any point will also forfeit the player's current streak.


Animatronics are typically invisible due to cloaking technology. They will drop their cloaking while rushing the player or going haywire, allowing them to jumpscare the player. They may also occasionally drop it while the player is looking around, only for it to reactivate its cloaking immediately (Typically referred to as a Glimpse. They cannot be shocked when they do this). While invisible, the animatronics are immune to Controlled Shocks.


To find the invisible animatronic, the player must look around the room to find static. The stronger the static, the closer to the animatronic the player is looking. Animatronics will also cause static to appear on the screen by walking, which can make tracking them more difficult. Use of the Flashlight will amplify the effects of the static, making tracking easier. The strength of the static varies based on the animatronic being faced, making some animatronics easier to find than others.


Occasionally, strong static will overtake the player's screen. They must shake their phone to clear it up. Tracking animatronics is significantly harder, while the interference is on screen. In the case of some animatronics, this interference can materialize as either ice or smoke on the screen, instead of heavy static. In either case, the response to dispel it by shaking the device remains the same.


The animatronic will occasionally rush the player from the direction of the static. This is usually made apparent by quick, heavy footsteps, along with dramatic sound effects. The player's phone will also begin vibrating rapidly during this. However, not all animatronics will generate dramatic sound effects, footsteps, or either of the two. The player will only be able to see the animatronic's glowing eyes initially, when they start a rush. They will then either decloak mid-rush, or continue rushing into the player while cloaked, until they collide with the player. If the animatronic decloaks, the player must use a controlled shock to deactivate or damage them. Failure to do so will result in the player being attacked instead. If the animatronic is damaged, it will recoil and recloak again quickly. If deactivated however, it will slump over, and the player will win. It is also possible for the animatronic to fake-out a rush by not decloaking at any point, and the cloaked animatronic instead impacts the player with an accompanying sound effect. No damage is incurred during a fake-out, and no damage can be inflicted, either. Whether the animatronic decloaks or not, the encounter will continue as normal, unless either the player's shield is depleted after failing to shock the decloaked animatronic in time, or they successfully shocked the decloaked animatronic and depleted its durability to deactivate it.


This mechanic comes into play once the player reaches level 5 and unlocks their second endoskeleton. Occasionally, the animatronic will suddenly appear in front of the player, twitching, jerking, and causing glitchy visual effects on the player's screen, along with their voice malfunctioning. The player must take a specific action based on the colour of the animatronic's eyes, or else they will get attacked. If the animatronic's eyes are red, the player must look away from the animatronic. If the animatronic's eyes are white however, the player must maintain eye contact. In some cases, the animatronic's eyes may start off white, but then turn red after a couple seconds of eye contact, in which case the player must look away at that point. The animatronic's eyes will never turn from red to white, only white to red, should such a change actually happen. Shocking the animatronic in this state regardless of their eye colour will prompt an almost immediate jumpscare. When facing Toy animatronics, the player must additionally put on the Freddy Fazbear Mask to prevent being attacked, as well as follow the above steps based on the colour of the Toy animatronic's eyes.

The Map

Objects of interest may be found in blue question mark zones scattered around the map. Tapping on one of these will scan it. The result will either be a random balloon reward of parts or Faz-Coins, a Remnant Deposit (Which the player can choose to either enter or disregard), or an animatronic.


Before an encounter, animatronics can be scanned, showing their level of perception and aggression towards the player. Their durability and attack can also be assessed from this screen, which reflects their health and attack damage during the encounter. While Durability and Attack are self-explanatory, Perception reflects how much time the player has to choose their loadout and whether or not to proceed with the encounter, before the animatronic chooses for them. Aggression meanwhile determines the probability of whether the animatronic will engage the player, or disappear to find someone else. At any point before the encounter begins, the player can utilize a Jammer for 25 Faz-Coins to forcefully avoid the encounter and return to the map. Using a Jammer will not break the player's current streak, nor will it be incremented.

Remnant Collection

Remnants can only be collected in AR mode at a Remnant deposit. Remnants will appear in Light form, shown as glowing balls of light, and Shadow form, shown as dark purple masses. Shadowy Remnants tend to orbit around Light Remnants, although some Shadowy Remnants may appear in a cloud without Light Remnants, and inversely - albeit uncommonly - Light Remnants may appear without Shadow Remnants protecting them. Remnants can be collected when close enough to the device screen, either by direct touch or pulling them closer with the Flashlight. Light Remnants can be used to upgrade endoskeletons in the Workshop as well as certain milestones unlocking extra mod slots or increased animatronic vulnerability. When Shadowy Remnants are collected, the edges of the player's screen will gather a shadowy cloud around them. This dissipates over time if the player avoids collecting more Shadowy Remnants. If too many Shadowy Remnants are collected in a short timeframe however, the player will hear a distorted doorbell ring (mimicking the introduction of normal animatronics) and RWQFSFASXC will appear. This removes any existing Light Remnants and Shadowy Remnants, and also stops the player's flashlight recharging, when not turned on.


The Workshop allows the player to edit any endoskeletons they acquire by repairing, upgrading through Remnants, adding suits, or even changing how they act. It also allows the player to send out their animatronics out to scavenge the world for parts or to attack their friends.


  • Sending Animatronics - Animatronics can be sent to attack the people in the player's friends list, if they have any. If the friend is jumpscared, the player receives Parts, and as such the player's goal is to make the animatronic sent as difficult as possible to defeat to increase the chances of friends getting jumpscared. This can be done using a variety of different strategies (e.g. using harder CPUs, tripping players up by not matching the Plush Suit to the CPU, and adding more Mods and Remnants).
  • Scavenging - After collecting an endoskeleton, it can be sent out to scavenge for Parts. After a certain amount of time, the player will receive an E-Mail alerting them that their animatronic has collected a number of Parts. For each successful collection, the animatronic will be partially damaged, and will need to be repaired with Parts. The Parts can also be used to buy certain Devices in the Shop.


  • Plush Suits - Allows the player to customize the look of your endoskeleton once collected. There are suits for all of the animatronics. They are earned by shocking the appropriate animatronic, and will cause the endoskeleton to take on the appearance of the animatronic it belongs to.
  • CPUs - Affects how endoskeletons act when sent out to friends. There are CPUs for all animatronics, mimicking their own gameplay, and they will also take on the voice of the animatronic whose CPU it is. The player can mix and match Plush Suits and CPUs (i.e, the player could have a Bonnie Suit and a Baby CPU). This is a good strategy for confusing other players when sending out animatronics as they will expect the CPU of the animatronic's suit.
  • Remnants - Earned through non-animatronic AR mode, can be used to upgrade your endoskeleton to have more mod slots and become better at scavenging and attacking. Outside of the Workshop, Remnant milestones exist where, after a certain amount is collected, the animatronics become easier or allow for more time to shock. The higher the player's current streak is however, the more diminished this effect is.
  • Mods - They will aid in one of 2 things. 1: Salvaging, e.g. more scrap, faster salvaging, increased probability of finding more mods, or 2: Attacking friends, e.g faster attacking, more moving around and creating static, more frequent haywires, etc. They are affected by how many Remnants are added to the endoskeleton the player is editing.

In-App Shop

Featured Offers/Bundles

Name Game Description Description Price (USD)
Funtime Starter The Funtime Starter pack includes 1 Endoskeleton Slot, 3 Freddy Fazbear Lures, 3 Extra Batteries, and a Roll of Faz-Coins. Gives the player an Endoskeleton slot, 3 lures for Freddy Fazbear, 3 Extra Batteries, and 500 Faz-Coins. $4.99
Classic Home Invasion Includes 2 Extra Batteries and a lure for 5 animatronics to come party with you! Gives the player 2 batteries and the Classic Home Invasion Lure which will lure five animatronics to the player once activated. $2.99


Name Game Description Description Price (USD) Faz-Coins per Dollar
Roll of Faz-Coins A remarkable roll of Faz-Coins. Grants 500 Faz-Coins. $4.99 100.20
Stack of Faz-Coins A substantial stack of Faz-Coins. Grants 1200 Faz-Coins. $9.99 120.12
Cup of Faz-Coins A considerable cup of Faz-Coins. Grants 2600 Faz-Coins. $19.99 130.07
Tub of Faz-Coins A tremendous tub of Faz-Coins. Grants 5400 Faz-Coins. $39.99 135.03
Sack of Faz-Coins A staggering sack of Faz-Coins. Grants 8700 Faz-Coins. $59.99 145.02
Truck of Faz-Coins A towering truckload of Faz-Coins. Grants 15000 Faz-Coins. $99.99 150.02


Name Game Description Description Price
Extra Battery Your Extra Battery will automatically activate if your Battery goes to critical, and restore 60% of your Battery's power level. Gives the player 3 Extra Battery Devices. 100 Faz-Coins
Transponder When activated, the Transponder reveals the identity of one random object of interest on the map. Gives the player 1 Transponder Device. 90 Parts
Salvage Scanner When activated, the Salvage Scanner boosts your animatronics' salvaging efficiency. Gives the player 12 Salvage Scanners. 500 Parts
EMF Meter When activated, the EMF Meter will increase the Remnant quality you collect in camera mode for a certain number of remnant discovered. Gives the player more rewarding remnant, based on how much remnant is collected. 1000 Parts

Mini Packs

Name Game Description Description Price
Toy Freddy Mini-Pack The Toy Freddy Mini-Pack includes Toy Freddy's plush suit & 3 Toy Freddy lures. Gives the player the Toy Freddy plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Toy Freddy animatronic attacks. 2300 Faz-Coins
Toy Bonnie Mini-Pack The Toy Bonnie Mini-Pack includes Toy Bonnie's plush suit & 3 Toy Bonnie lures. Gives the player the Toy Bonnie plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Toy Bonnie animatronic attacks. 2300 Faz-Coins
Freddy Fazbear Mini-Pack The Freddy Fazbear Mini-Pack includes Freddy Fazbear's plush suit & 3 Freddy Fazbear lures. Gives the player the Freddy Fazbear plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Freddy Fazbear animatronic attacks. 650 Faz-Coins
Bonnie Mini-Pack The Bonnie Mini-Pack includes Bonnie's plush suit & 3 Bonnie lures. Gives the player the Bonnie plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Bonnie animatronic attacks. 650 Faz-Coins
Balloon Boy Mini-Pack The Balloon Boy Mini-Pack includes Balloon Boy's plush suit & 3 Balloon Boy lures. Gives the player the Balloon Boy plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Balloon Boy animatronic attacks. 650 Faz-Coins
Chica Mini-Pack The Chica Mini-Pack includes Chica's plush suit & 3 Chica lures. Gives the player the Chica plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Chica animatronic attacks. 650 Faz-Coins
Foxy Mini-Pack The Foxy Mini-Pack includes Foxy's plush suit & 3 Foxy lures. Gives the player the Foxy plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Foxy animatronic attacks. 650 Faz-Coins
Toy Chica Mini-Pack The Toy Chica Mini-Pack includes Toy Chica's plush suit & 3 Toy Chica lures. Gives the player the Toy Chica plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Toy Chica animatronic attacks. 4200 Faz-Coins
Baby Mini-Pack The Baby Mini-Pack includes Baby's plush suit & 3 Baby lures. Gives the player the Baby plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Baby animatronic attacks. 1250 Faz-Coins
Springtrap Mini-Pack The Springtrap Mini-Pack includes Springtrap's plush suit & 3 Springtrap lures. Gives the player the Springtrap plush suit for Endo customization and 3 lures for attracting Springtrap animatronic attacks. 2500 Faz-Coins


Name Game Description Description Price
Toy Freddy Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Toy Freddy. Gives the player 3 Toy Freddy lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Toy Freddy. 900 Faz-Coins
Toy Bonnie Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Toy Bonnie. Gives the player 3 Toy Bonnie lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Toy Bonnie. 900 Faz-Coins
Freddy Fazbear Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Freddy Fazbear. Gives the player 3 Freddy Fazbear lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Freddy Fazbear. 300 Faz-Coins
Bonnie Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Bonnie. Gives the player 3 Bonnie lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Bonnie. 300 Faz-Coins
Balloon Boy Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Balloon Boy. Gives the player 3 Balloon Boy lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Balloon Boy. 300 Faz-Coins
Chica Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Chica. Gives the player 3 Chica lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Chica. 300 Faz-Coins
Foxy Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Foxy. Gives the player 3 Foxy lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Foxy. 300 Faz-Coins
Toy Chica Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Toy Chica. Gives the player 3 Toy Chica lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Toy Chica. 1600 Faz-Coins
Baby Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Baby. Gives the player 3 Baby lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Baby. 500 Faz-Coins
Springtrap Lure When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Springtrap. Gives the player 3 Springtrap lures that when used will guarantee that your next delivery is Springtrap. 1000 Faz-Coins

Buff Items

Name Game Description Description Price
Bronze Buff Package Contains 7 Power-Ups. Guaranteed at least 1 Epic and 1 Rare! Gives the player 7 Power-Ups with 1 Epic and 1 Rare guaranteed. 180 Faz-Coins
Gold Buff Package Contains 15 Power-Ups. Guaranteed at least 2 Epic and 4 Rare! Gives the player 15 Power-Ups with 2 Epic and 4 Rare guaranteed. 440 Faz-Coins
Platinum Buff Package Contains 50 Power-Ups. Guaranteed at least 20 Epic and 10 Rare! Gives the player 50 Power-Ups with 20 Epic and 10 Rare guaranteed. 1500 Faz-Coins


On August 5, 2019, Scott Cawthon updated his Upcoming Projects Mega-Thread! on Steam, with info on the game.

On November 22, 2019, it was released for Early Access

FNAF AR: (75% complete)

The team at Looking Glass is doing an amazing job; the graphics look fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing how the finished product comes together! ETA: October 2019

Scott Cawthon, Upcoming Projects Mega-Thread!

On September 6, 2019, the teaser announcement video is uploaded. The game's website can be also visited. The official announcement trailer is uploaded on September 13, 2019. Starting on November 11, 2019, per every day, Illumix posted a puzzle image for the whole teaser. This ended on November 21, 2019.


  • In Dawko's interview with Scott back in 2018, Scott mentioned that he planned to have an augmented reality game some day, which would turn out to be Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.
  • Markiplier starred in the game's launch trailer as a spokesperson of Fazbear Funtime Service. It is currently unknown, including to Markiplier himself, if his inclusion in the trailer is considered canon as part of the series.
  • This is the first game in the franchise that is only intended for mobile devices.
  • Upon release, the game was originally rated E10+ (Everyone 10+). However, due to the franchise's content being deemed as appropriate for adolescents rather than younger children, it was later changed to a T-rating on November 27, 2019.
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