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Hello, Greg. HRU.
One of Fetch's text messages, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Fetch is the main antagonist of the first story of the same name from Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch of the Fazbear Frights series.

Physical Appearance

Fetch is a grayish brown animatronic dog the size of a beagle sporting a pointy triangular head, yellow eyes, and a red collar with his name on it. He has exposed spots showing an endoskeleton with a tarnished metal look and some wires hanging out. He has a vintage circuit board in his chest cavity.


One of Fetch's text messages, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Although speechless, Fetch can communicate via phone texting, mostly using (sometimes peculiar) internet text slangs. Whenever his owner/master gets threatened or harmed, Fetch will mercilessly kill the provokers for vengeance.



Fetch was first found from the abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza building by Greg, Hadi, and Cyril. Later after being discovered, Fetch gives Greg some unusual text messages via his phone on the next day. Fetch traces everything that happened to Greg, as the animatronic brutally murdered the neighbor's dog for biting Greg after school, then moves the dog's corpse to Greg's backyard to let Greg witness this dreadful sight, before texting with "YW" ("You're welcome").

At the end, Fetch kills Greg's love interest Kimberly without Greg's knowledge, and brings her corpse to Greg's house. Disturbed to see Kimberly's corpse under the blanket after his shower, Greg checked his phone and got one new text message from Fetch - "CU" ("See you").


Sometime before the events of Fetch, the animatronic dog ended up getting possessed by a dead child named Andrew. The kid had attached himself to the soul of someone who hurt him, keeping the person alive even when others tried to kill him. The person eventually died in the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center, with Andrew's soul transferring into Fetch.

Fetch, now no longer functioning due to breaking down in a thunderstorm, ultimately ends up in the hands of Phineas Taggart, a scientist studying human emotions. Phineas could sense the agony within the dog, declaring it the most terrifying thing in his collection.

Eventually, during one of his experiments, Phineas decided to scrap Fetch, using his battery pack to power an endoskeleton. The endoskeleton came to life and killed Phineas. Andrew's soul then proceeded to transfer into the endoskeleton alongside another soul of a boy called Jake.


  • The fake image of Sparky circulated in the early days of FNaF.

    Fetch may be a reference to the fan-made character "Sparky the Dog", a hoax from the era of the original Five Nights at Freddy's that was circulated with a well-crafted fake screenshot of the game. So many people believed Sparky to be real that Scott himself had to deconfirm him.
  • A dog animatronic with a similar description to Fetch appears as a background character in The Twisted Ones.
  • Fetch is the first original animatronic introduced into the Fazbear Frights universe.
  • Fetch is the second component of the Stitchwraith, the first being Simon.
  • Fetch is the first original Fazbear Frights entity introduced/referenced in the main series. He is featured on an arcade machine in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


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