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FF-Icon.png Fazbear Frights
Short story collection series by Scott Cawthon and various authors.
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Fazbear Frights is the anthology series of mystery horror novels of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. The books are written by Scott Cawthon with various authors and published by Scholastic Inc. First announced around September 2019 by Scott's now abandoned upcoming project mega-thread post from Steam,[1] the series began on December 26, 2019 with the release of the first book - Into the Pit. It was later confirmed in April 8, 2021 that the eleventh book will be the last of the series.

Each book contains three short stories as well as an epilogue part of the Stitchwraith's chronicles, with a total of thirty four stories spanning across the eleven installments. The series also include recurring characters from the franchise, along with new faces (e.g.: Fetch and Ralpho) who only exist in the universe of Fazbear Frights. The series' canonicity is unclear on whether some or all of these stories take place in a previously established game and novel continuity, or in their own universe, with aspects of the stories being used as metaphors and parallels to the game and novel worlds that could potentially answer unsolved questions from both universes.

The first collection box set was published on September 1, 2020. A second collection box set will release on December 7, 2021. It will include all the books of the series, including a twelfth book that includes previously scrapped stories. Scott stated that while the twelfth book won't get a separate physical version, it will be available as an e-book in the future.[2]

On July 2, 2021, it was stated by Scholastic and that the Fazbear Frights series would be getting their own graphic novels. The order of certain stories is set to be changed.[3]

Several, if not all, stories told in Fazbear Frights are not isolated in their relation to one another. For more information, see Timeline (Fazbear Frights).


Original Novels

Name Image Release Date Stories
Fazbear Frights #1:
Into the Pit
FNaF-Into-The-Pit.jpeg December 26, 2019 Into the Pit
To Be Beautiful
Count the Ways
Fazbear Frights #2:
FNaF-Fetch.jpeg March 3, 2020 Fetch
Lonely Freddy
Out of Stock
Fazbear Frights #3:
FazbearFrights3.png May 5, 2020 1:35AM
Room for One More
The New Kid
Fazbear Frights #4:
Step Closer
FazbearFrights-StepCloser.jpg July 7, 2020 Step Closer
Dance with Me
Coming Home
Fazbear Frights #5:
Bunny Call
FF5 Bunny Call.jpg September 1, 2020 Bunny Call
In the Flesh
The Man in Room 1280
Fazbear Frights #6:
FazbearFrights-Blackbird.jpg December 29, 2020 Blackbird
The Real Jake
Hide and Seek
Fazbear Frights #7:
The Cliffs
TheCliff.png March 2, 2021 The Cliffs
The Breaking Wheel
He Told Me Everything
Fazbear Frights #8:
Gumdrop Angel
FF79BFE7-7C2E-42F1-A3A9-662579C11C38.jpeg May 4, 2021 Gumdrop Angel
Sergio's Lucky Day
What We Found
Fazbear Frights #9:
The Puppet Carver
The Puppet Carver Cover.jpg July 6, 2021 The Puppet Carver
Jump for Tickets
Pizza Kit
Fazbear Frights #10:
Friendly Face
10FriendlyFace.jpg September 7, 2021 Friendly Face
Sea Bonnies
Together Forever
Fazbear Frights #11:
FF-Prankster.jpeg November 2, 2021 Prankster
Kids at Play
Find Player Two!
Fazbear Frights #12:
Felix the Shark
FF-FelixTheShark.jpg December 7, 2021 Felix the Shark

Graphic Novels

Name Image Release Date Stories
Fazbear Frights:
Graphic Novel Collection #1
TBA August 2, 2022 Into the Pit
To Be Beautiful
Out of Stock


  • All books have an official audiobook released through Scholastic and narrated by Suzanne Elise Freeman.
    • Initially, the audiobooks did not include the epilogues at the end of each book. However, this seems to have been fixed around January 2021.
  • The series' title is named after Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction, which is the main setting of Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
  • The series' topic idea may have appeared to be similar to the ongoing children's horror book series Goosebumps, and more specifically its spin-off Goosebumps Triple Header as both are Scholastic's horror book series with each book containing three short stories.
  • Scott originally planned to have the series to include only five books, however this was changed.
  • The books' cover arts are illustrated by LadyFiszi. LadyFiszi had also illustrated the illustrations of Spring Bonnie, Eleanor, and Funtime Freddy from the first novel, which were removed due to lacking color.
    • If the illustrations weren't scrapped, then more could've presumably been done for the other ten novels.


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