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Rockstar Freddy, Ultimate Custom Night

Front view.

Faz-Tokens, or Faz-Coins, are collectibles in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, and game mechanics found throughout the franchise.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Called play tokens in this game, the player gets ten at the start of each day (but loses all of the ones that they didn't spend form the last day). The player can spend one token to "play test" one of the items the player can buy in the Catalog during blueprint mode.

Ultimate Custom Night


The design from Ultimate Custom Night

Called Faz-Coins in Ultimate Custom Night, the currency can be collected by hovering the mouse over the randomly appearing coins across the Monitor or, if he's feeling nice, the player can get ten from Rockstar Foxy. The player can also get them if they counter one of the animatronics or using the Death Coin (whenever the player hers the bonk sound effect or clicking on Helpy). These are spent to buy plushies for Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie, and Nightmare Mangle to stop them from attacking the player. The player must also spend five Faz-Coins on Rockstar Freddy when he asks for five of them or else they will be killed. The final use for Faz-Coins is to buy the Death Coin from CAM 07, which will remove one threat from the night.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted


Back view.

Faz-Tokens can be found in a multitude of locations in Help Wanted, usually three per setting. While in the main hub of The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience, a monitor on the right will keep track of the number of tokens the player has found out of the total of thirty. Collecting these have more effects than just completion as well. The most obvious outcome is unlocking prizes at the Prize Counter for reaching certain thresholds. There are 30 Faz-Tokens to collect during the game. If the player finds a Faz-Token that they already have found, then it will appear translucent blue (except the one found in the Prize Counter, which just disappears). Collecting Faz-Tokens also seems to increase how solid Glitchtrap appears, changing from a transparent green outline to a fully-formed rabbit mascot.


Faz-Tokens unlock prizes found at the Prize Counter under the Special tab. These are as follows:

  • Basketball (Available from beginning)
  • Cockroach (5 Faz-Tokens)
  • Plastic Cup (8 Faz-Tokens)
  • Fan (10 Faz-Tokens)
  • Rolled Paper (15 Faz-Tokens)
  • Freddy Mask (20 Faz-Tokens)
  • 8-Ball (22 Faz-Tokens)
  • Helpy (25 Faz-Tokens)
  • Exotic Butters (All 30 Faz-Tokens)


NOTE: Please be aware that these locations were pulled from various online playthroughs. An update occurred which may have removed some of these locations.

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

  1. Sitting on the Prize Corner Counter
  2. In the Gallery, in the drawer under the Return to Main Menu button.
  3. In FNAF 1, in the drawer on the bottom left under the drink cups.
  4. In FNAF 1, under the cupcake.
  5. In FNAF 1, will appear in the monitor on the right a little after 3AM.
  6. In FNAF 2, between the monitor and the camera control.
  7. In FNAF 2, on the desk while wearing the Freddy Fazbear Head.
  8. In FNAF 2, will appear on the desk when the Puppet is coming to attack.
  9. In FNAF 3, leaning against the left side of the security camera monitor.
  10. In FNAF 3, on the right near the floor during a ventilation error.
  11. In FNAF 3, a secret keypad exists in the wall tiles to the right of the player above the vent monitor. Enter the code "3-9-5-2-4-8" and the coin will appear on the vent monitor.
  12. In Dark Rooms Nightmare BB, on the fan above. Will fall if the player looks at it long enough.
  13. In Parts and Service Bonnie, laying against the cleaning receptacle on the player's right side.
  14. In Parts and Service Bonnie, under the Bonnie plush on the left.
  15. In Parts and Service Bonnie, appears on the corner of the desk on the left after strumming Bonnie's guitar three times.
  16. In Parts and Service Chica, on the table just behind the player on their left.
  17. In Parts and Service Chica, in the trash bin.
  18. In Parts and Service Chica, feed Chica a slice of pizza from the box and it will appear next to the pizza box.
  19. In Parts and Service Freddy, on the player's left under a music box in a cubby under the table.
  20. In Parts and Service Freddy, on the back of Freddy's left ear (player's right).
  21. In Parts and Service Foxy, under the gear next to the Foxy plush on the right.
  22. In Parts and Service Foxy, can be seen on the desk to the left if the player puts on Foxy's mask.
  23. In Vent Repair Mangle, in the gears behind the second panel.
  24. In Vent Repair Ennard, in a box to the left of the player in the second section of the level.
  25. In Vent Repair Blacklight Ennard, after the first puzzle in the eye of a disrepaired Bonnet to the left between floors.
  26. In Night Terrors Circus Baby, on the box on the ground to the right of the player.
  27. In Night Terrors Circus Baby, behind the PlushBaby to the front-left of the player.
  28. In Night Terrors Circus Baby, leaning against the PlushBaby to the front-left of the player.
  29. In Night Terrors Pizza Party, in the FNAF 3 hallway on a giftbox to the right of the player. Must enter from the back-left door in Plushtrap's hall.
  30. In Night Terrors Pizza Party, on the right corner of the frame of the vent behind the player in the FNAF 3 area.


  • The front view of the token reveals the year of establishment for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: 1983.
    • It is interesting to note that is the same year displayed on the TV in the End-of-Night Minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • The Faz-Token appears to be a reminiscent to actual tokens to use in the Chuck E. Cheese's pizzeria.
  • The Faz-Tokens first appeared in FNaF World.
  • There are three achievements in the VR game that have the Faz-Tokens on the icon.


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