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He told me everything.
Chris's Faz-Goo Clone, Fazbear Fright's #7: The Cliffs

The Faz-Goo is a substance that appears in He Told Me Everything and The Puppet Carver, the third story of Fazbear Frights 7: The Cliffs and the first story of Fazbear Frights 9: The Puppet Carver, respectively.

Physical Appearance

Faz-Goo is a pink slimy substance contained in a vial, as part of the Freddy Fazbear Mad Scientist Kit.

In Chris's experiment, the Faz-Goo slowly morphs into a humanoid shape, with translucent pink skin and bags of organs. Eventually, it forms a perfect copy of Chris (with his clothes), while the original Chris turns into a blob.


In this kit, you will find a solution called Faz-Goo. You will put the required amount of Faz-Goo in the provided petri dish. Then comes time for the sacrifice.
Dr. Little, Fazbear Fright's #7: The Cliffs

According to Dr. Little instructions, the Faz-Goo is to be poured into a petri dish. The user is to remove a tooth and place into the Faz-Goo, which makes the tooth "believe it is still a part of you." Then, the user places their finger into the dish, so that red blood cells are extracted from their body to "feed the Faz-Goo". Finally, the tooth will grow into a full mouth to tell the user something "they will never forget". The mouth will then die, and the user will dispose of it in a biohazard bag.


He Told Me Everything

Dr. Little's science class is infamous in the school, and his after-school experiments with the students are known to be "life-changing". Chris eagerly joins the experiment to cement his status in the school. It is an individual project, and each student has their own private cubicle to run the experiment.

Chris has a fear of pulling out a tooth, so he uses a baby tooth instead. He puts his finger into the Faz-Goo and a tendril attaches itself to his finger. He waits for the experiment to complete when he overhears other students finishing their experiments. They all say "He told me everything" or "She told me everything" with a happy smile and are dismissed by Dr. Little. He worries that he failed the experiment by using a baby tooth, and Dr. Little reassures him that there are a few students left. He is interested in the results of Chris's extended experiment, and Chris decides to wait longer.

Chris feels that his energy is being drained into the Faz-Goo and falls asleep easily. He wakes up to a humanoid blob five times bigger than it was before and pulsing along to his heartbeat. Its "skin" is translucent and pink and bags of organs float in it. He suddenly feels the urge to urinate, but then doesn't. He looks at the goo on the table to see it expel urine, and realizes that his urine traveled from his body, through the tendril, and into the goo. When he tries to cut the tendril connecting him to the Faz-Goo, his air supply is cut off until he lets go. He panics over what to do when he realizes that his left eye is missing. It moves through the tendril and attaches itself to the humanoid goo. He realizes that his vital organs were being transferred to the goo body and screams for help.

He falls asleep from exhaustion again and wakes up to a nearly identical clone of himself. He looks down at his real body and sees that he was being turned into a blobby substance. He understands that the clone will replace him. Scared, he tells his goo clone everything about himself and advises it to be nice to his family. His right eye is sucked out of his body and he soon dies.

The goo creature stuffs the blobby remains of Chris into a biohazard bag and returns it to Dr. Little. The creature tells him "He told me everything." and walks into the new world with a smile on his face.

The Puppet Carver

Jack, who miraculously avoided being killed by the blades inside the puppet carver, gained a new appreciative outlook in life after coming so close to death. He decides to be a better person and apologize to all the people he hurt in his life, first by buying donuts for his wife Becky.

While walking to the donut shop, Jack hears wet and squishy footsteps following him. He hides in an abandoned office building from whoever was making the footsteps, but pink goo crawls under the doors and continues to follow him. The slime enters through both the door and the window, leaving Jack cornered. The creature, strongly implied to be Faz-Goo, is described as being made of veiny bags and long tubes surrounded by translucent goo. It rearranges itself to appear humanoid and touches Jack, causing him to feel unimaginable emotional pain — the same pain Jack caused towards other people throughout his life. Then the pain suddenly stops, and the creature is apparently gone.

When Sage disposes of the old machine, he notices an odd smell coming from it. He pulls out the waste tray to find organs and a pink substance, implying that Jack died and was replaced by Faz-Goo. Confused of what it is, he simply throws it away in a nearby dumpster.

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