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Description: This article details a topic that is deemed canon to the spin-off FNaF World.

Were you looking for the PC version of the game, the troll version, or the free 1.2 update?

A mobile port for FNaF World was a console port of the original FNaF World, released for Android on January 12, 2017, and was removed the following day. There was an iOS port planned, but it was never released due to FNaF World's future updates being cancelled. The only way to get the Android version is to look for an .apk file of it.


  • Some animations have been removed due to memory capacities like removing the animation of enemies and NPC's.
    • Idle animations are very fast.
    • Only Dee Dee and Fredbear are not affected by the moving animations.
  • Freddy's walking is very slow, though it looks like it only affects older Android phones.
  • Fredbear's, 8-Bit Fredbear's, Animdude's, and Baby's (Normal Mode Ending) dialogues have changed and renewed.
    • Most of them feature rather disliked or boring facts in and out of FNaF World, even a joke assuming the Bite of '87 victim.
  • Almost all of the OST's of the game are looped.
  • The enemies in the &*_ _ _TWRE area aren't photo negative.
  • In the Pinwheel Circus, it plays the Fazbear Hills music instead of the Pinwheel Circus music in PC.
  • In Pinwheel Funhouse, the map view isn't distorted.
    • This includes the Glitched Area.


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Fazbear Hills

Welcome back to FNaF World, the game that almost single handedly destroyed the FNaF franchise! But don't let that discourage you; there are still a lot of adventure to be had here! But it's not all fun and games. There is an important task that you must accomplish. I'll tell you more about that later. For now, do some exploring! Fight monsters, collect items, and find new allies! Come find me when you are ready to hear more!

There, are you happy now? Enjoying the freakshow? Oogie, boogie, boogie! I'm so creepy in 8-bit!
8-Bit Fredbear,

Choppy's Woods

So, you know how all of this works, right? Look at the tree behind me. That tree is a glitch portal. It will take you to a deeper level under the world. It's like a shortcut. Go through it, then find your way to the correct exit inside. Always be looking for more glitched objects. You won't be able to explore the whole map without them!

Oogie, boogie, boogie! It's scary 8-bit Fredbear again! When someone visits my house and I want them to go away, I just answer the door like this. I'm like BOO, and they're like WHOA, and I'm like YEAH!
8-Bit Fredbear,

Dusting Fields

Hey, do you want to build a snowman? Ha ha, just kidding, I already made one; and I gave him two heavy-armor gatling guns. But yeah, behind him you’ll find another glitched tunnel. Inside that tunnel, you can find a tunnel that runs even deeper! Just be sure to never go more than three glitches down! I’m not sure if you would find your way back up! Be sure to always search for new Chips and Bytes; they will be a huge help against monsters like the one up ahead!

So one time, I mailed myself in a box to my grandmother looking like this. I jumped out and was like- BOO! Yeah. RIP.
8-Bit Fredbear,

Lilygear Lake

You’ve reached Lilygear Lake! From here I don’t know where your adventure will take you! Actually that’s not true. It will take you to a graveyard, then to a carnival, then to some zany minigames. Be careful in the waters of Lilygear Lake! I hear there is a seamonster that attacks at random! Be ready to fight! Good luck!

Fun fact: Did you know that if you took out all o fa person’s blood vessels, and lines them up end to end in a straight line… That person would die. It’s true. But what a mess, amiright? Find the clock, and set it back an hour. Daylight savings tonight.
8-bit Fredbear,

Blacktomb Yard

I can hear Animdude laughing from here. You need to hurry. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. You need to beat that fool upside the head with the Chump Stick! Everything depends on it! I mean, he’s not even the final boss anmore. He’s been replaced with a rainbow. How humiliating.

But don’t check in the tree in the back corner. That’s everyone’s business tree. But yeah, how’s it working on mobile so far? Pretty good port I think. Sound effects are a little screwy though.

Pinwheel Circus

Looks like trouble up ahead, but you should be used to that by now. They say that there is a secret funhouse hidden here in the circus. It must be inside one of the tents! I have to warn you, I’ve seen two giant animatronics roaming the fairgrounds- a giant bear and a giant pig. They look like abominations to me! Also, the funhouse is full of false walls and secret doors! Don’t get lost! Let the Chump Stick guide you!

I once knew this guy who would put ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise all on the same plate together. Then he would stir them all up into an orange goo. People like that are the real monsters.
8-bit Fredbear,


  • While most of the games of the franchise had between a few days and about 2 months to have a mobile version, the mobile version of FNaF World released almost a year after the release of the PC version.
  • After the port's release, many fans noticed how Scott disliked the game foretold in dialogue. After that, the game was removed from mobile ports, saying Scott will not touch the game again, leading to the cancellation of the iOS version and Update 3 of FNaF World.


  • Some attacks do not work sometimes.
  • Enemies and animatronics disappear sometimes even if they're not dead.
  • The main menu music doesn't play most the time.
  • The victory theme still plays after a battle, including when running is successful.
  • If the player runs away from a challenger, that challenger is added in the party even if it was not defeated.
  • Save file data appears to delete itself sometimes if the game is closed in a certain way.
  • The game will crash on random occasions.
  • Under extremely rare circumstances, if an enemy and a new challenger is encountered at the same time as a boss fight, the first normal encounter will not occur, and the boss fight will happen but the animatronics are invisible, cannot attack, and can still be attacked. If the player wins this fight through the use of Bytes and/or Chips, the challenger battle will occur but all damage taken during the boss fight will be distributed at the start of the challenger battle. The challenger battle will let the player fight like normal, with all the Chips and Bytes and attacks, but with much lower health from the boss fight. Winning this fight will grant the player the challenger like normal and the boss defeated. Nothing from that point onward is changed.
  • Sometimes when the one runs from a challenger, the new challenger text will appear again that forces them to fight the challengers. It will repeat if the one continues to flee from a challenger until they are forced to destroy them.
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