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Standalone RPG spin-off game by Scott Cawthon

Eyesore is one of the several bosses encountered in FNaF World. It guards yellow chests in Mysterious Mine.


Eyesore's has a very grotesque appearance. It has a giant, gold-orange pupil in the center of its eye, which also serves as a head which has five golden legs under it which bounce up and down, though they don't seem to have any feet or toes. It's body seems to be made of golden rectus muscles, the muscles inside the head that moves the eye.


Basic red tackle attack Deals low damage to a single party member.
Insta-kills one party member.


  • Eyesore's name could be a reference to Eyesaur, one of the antagonists in the Five Nights at Freddy's fangame One Night at Flumpty's 2.
  • The word "eyesore" is a term used for pain in the eyes, or something that is very ugly, which is very appropriate considering Eyesore's appearance.
  • Eyesore simply guards chests in the mine, like Mad Endo in Deep-Metal Mine and Auto Chipper in Fazbear Hills and Choppy's Woods.
  • Eyesore is one of the five bosses that are considered optional bosses, since the player doesn't need to defeat it to complete the story. The other four being Mad Endo, Seagoon, Gold Endo and Auto Chipper.
  • Eyesore may also randomly attack the player while they are spawning in the caves.
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