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As part of an ongoing routine investigation, I need to take a look at the premises. Do you have any objections?
Everette Larson, Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch epilogue

Everette Larson is a detective who investigates the Stitchwraith. He is the main protagonist of the Stitchwraith Stingers. He appeared in every epilogue of the Fazbear Frights series except Fazbear Frights 4: Step Closer.


He seems very caring towards his family but it’s not shown much due to his job as a detective. He learns to balance life between his work and family, as well as fight for them. Larson has a soft spot for cats and finds them adorable, despite being allergic to their fur. Larson takes his job seriously and wants to protect the innocent, willing to go toe to toe with powerful creatures for the safety of others.

Physical Appearance

He has blond hair, blue eyes, freckles and a wide mouth. Larson's facial expression is described as being hard and closed. Larson calls himself decent-looking and is in his 30s.


Fazbear Frights #1 - Epilogue

Detective Larson has stayed up late working at the police department. He should have left by now, but he wasn’t in a hurry to get back to his empty apartment. Ever since his wife, Angela, left him, filed for divorce, and tried to make sure he saw their seven-year-old son, Ryan, as little as possible, Larson didn’t see the point of going home. Chief Monahan arrives and gives the detective an envelope. Larson doesn’t bother to open it, which is a case about an urban legend that no one else wanted to take: The Stitchwraith.

Larson doesn’t want to accept it and says he considers him an urban legend. Monahan replies that he’s no longer one. A local teenager, Sarah, had disappeared a week before, and students from the same school she attended, testified that she turned into literal garbage. This morning, the witnesses saw the psychologists again, and say that they believe what they saw, as do the others who’ve claimed to have seen the Stitchwraith.

Larson still doesn't believe it, so Monahan tells him to open the envelope. With no other option, the detective follows through. In the envelope, he takes out some witness reports. The statements were similar, but the amount of detail was enough not to dismiss it as false. According to witnesses, the Stitchwraith is a strange hooded figure that roams around the streets, collecting random garbage in alleyways. Aside from the witnesses, it was a prime suspect of five murders, whose corpses were withered and with a dark liquid leaking from their eyes.

Chief Monahan then points out a stack of photographs that Larson has yet to see. In one of the photos, he’s seen taking a mannequin's torso out of a container. In another, Larson can see a bit of the Stitchwraith’s face. Chief Monahan then says they found a match on the blurred face in the photograph and that he won’t believe where they got it from.

Fazbear Frights #2 - Epilogue

Larson meets a young woman named Margie and investigates her house, presumably being on a lead on the Stitchwraith case. Margie explains that she got hired to look after a sick boy while his father served abroad, but passed away and left her with the house. Larson decided not to comment on the relationship of this woman with her late employer, as he didn't need to risk making her nervous.

As he enters a room, Larson stared at the single bed in the center of the room. Besides the bed, there was only a small locker in the room. He was not sure what was wrong with this room but was forced to stay in it. In particular, a cabinet attracted his attention.

Larson shows Margie a picture of his most recent lead, leading to a surprised reaction. After more poking around, he reaches the cabinet and opens the cabinet door, it was covered with sharp black scribbles that looked like it was made with a thick marker. The markings were pressed close to each other that it looked like meaningless letters that covered almost every inch of the cabinet’s inner surface. The epilogue ends with Larson asking what had happened to the house.

Fazbear Frights #3 - Epilogue

Larson was sitting at his desk that was located in his empty living room, staring at a picture of his son when he was six years old. Then he remembered when his son compared him to a superhero, saying that he breaks promises, unlike superheroes. Larson then gets a call from his chief. He welcomed it, since it’ll save him from the memory of his many regrets. The chief says that the Stitchwraith has been spotted at an old fire site. Larson then noticed that it wasn’t the first time that the Stitchwraith had been spotted there.

Fazbear Frights #5 - Epilogue

Larson was at his desk, having thoughts of what a normal day would've been like, but today wasn't the day. He looks over to the photos of the Phineas Taggart crime scene, which he thought looked like a modern-day Frankenstein lab when he viewed it. It had modified scanning equipment attached to the “strangest collection of junk.” One of the collections disturbed him and wondered what it could be. It was a doll head and a robotic dog, which was assembled by Fazbear Entertainment. He then connects the dots, connecting the Stitchwraith to the dog, the dog to Fazbear Entertainment, and then Fazbear Entertainment to the Freddy’s murders.

He went over to the evidence locker so he can support his theory. The evidence locker was housed by an old stone building. As Larson starts to open boxes, he mentions a case about a fire, which was never solved. All he knew was that it was connected to one of the founders of Fazbear Entertainment. It ends with Larson opening another pair of boxes.

Fazbear Frights #6 - Epilogue

Larson enters inside the old factory that used to house Phineas' lab. He has taken with him the evidence he found in the evidence locker. He spots the Stitchwraith emptying a bag and putting the remains of a Foxy animatronic inside a garbage compactor, further confirming Larson's theory that the Stitchwraith was connected to Fazbear Entertainment. Larson poins his gun at the endoskeleton, unkowingly causing a war over the control of the body between the two souls inside it: Andrew, who wants to kill the detective, and Jake, who attempts to stop him. This results in the Stitchwraith throwing itself in the garbage compactor and destroying itself.

Larson observes the scene and notices a light coming out of the Stitchwraith's remains. He records his findings on a tape recorder, despite being aware of how outlandish they are. He states that the stuff in the compactor came from the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center, and also from the site where the serial killer William Afton, the one notorious for wearing a bunny suit, reportedly died. He goes as far as speculating that the Stitchwraith was possessed, maybe by the souls of the children Afton killed, or even by Afton himself.

Behind Larson, the destroyed objects in the compactor starts to quietly assemble themselves into a vaguely humanoid shape. On its head, there are mass of parts shaped as two bunny ears, pointed right at the detective.

Fazbear Frights #7 - Epilogue

Larson turned around and witnessed Afton's Amalgamation being born. He ran as its transformation continued and hid behind a giant forklift. As he hid, he witnessed a female endoskeleton with a long neck attack the Stitchwraith, and then allow itself to be absorbed by the second trash monster. Larson looks at the town nearby, realizing that the Miscreation, presumably being piloted by Afton, could potentially escape and kill more people. In honor of his family, he stays behind to try putting a stop to the monster.

He heads back into the factory, but is ambushed by the monster, both impaled in the stomach and thrown into a wall. Bruised and beatened, William Afton looms over him. Larson then hears strange voices starting to sing and notices some of the amalgamation's parts moving on their own. Larson gets up and makes a run for it, as Afton chases him. Larson is able to escape once again, getting on the forklift. He hears the voices again, coming from the bag of evidence he has. He opens it, and sees a white mask, along with some black and white striped limbs.

The voices tell him to bring her to Afton. Larson obliges, starting up the forklift, crashing into the factory, impaling Afton's Amalgamation and ramming them into the lake nearby. But Afton is far stronger, tearing the forklift apart. Larson has no other choice but to stall for time. He talks to Afton, insulting him for how inhuman he became. Afton responds, claiming that he wasn't human; he was agony.

The Puppet emerged from the bag and landed on the miscreation, and the female endoskeleton Larson saw earlier escaped and ran off towards the factory. Then, the mask tore Afton apart. All the garbage and animatronic parts landed in the lake, and started sinking. Afton and whoever the Puppet was drowned as well.

Larson, severely wounded, is caught by the Stitchwraith. The battered endoskeleton, now solely possessed by Jake, holds Larson down as he uses energy from the battery pack to burn at Larson's wounds. It stopped the bleeding. Larson passed out, as the police came to his rescue.

Fazbear Frights #8 - Epilogue

Larson wakes up in hospital after his fight. Doctors and nurses aren't able to identify the infection Afton gave him, nor what caused the burning, but they do know that the infection has been removed completely, leaving third degree burns on Larson's body in its stead. Larson knows the truth, but remains ignorant.

Larson's wife, Angela, overheard what happened and allowed Ryan to visit and comfort his father. The two spent some quality time together playing video games, watching movies and eating together. As the days go by, Larson realizes two things. First, the Stitchwraith seemingly wasn't as evil as he thought it was, and that he needed to find it again in order to see its true moral alignment. The second, was that the Stitchwraith removing the infection seemingly had a side effect; visions.

Larson has had episodes, seeing visions of the past; memories from many different people in different times. One memory was of someone watching the Freddy's animatronics performing on stage, and others included someone else hanging out with their friends and another person watching a movie. All these visions had one thing in common; every transition from one memory to the next contained a rusty, old ball pit. Larson, now fully healed, decides to search for this ball pit.

After searching around many different abandoned locations, he discovers an abandoned pizza place and the owner allows him in. Larson discovers the ball pit he was looking for, being exactly the same as it was in his visions. He notices blood stains on some of the balls, taking samples of it for further investigation.

Fazbear Frights #9 - Epilogue

Larson gets the DNA results back, only to find little answers and more questions. All thirty samples of blood are from the same person, but they're all from different time periods. This meant someone had been bleeding in the ball pit for thirty years. Larson's next course of action is to find out more about the history of Jeff's Pizza and the ball pit itself.

Fazbear Frights #10 - Epilogue

Larson is unable to find any useful information on the ownership history of Jeff's Pizza. However, he does make a discovery with the ball pit blood. The different trickles of blood in the ball pit, and the dates that corresponded with them, coincided with mysterious supernatural incidents which ended with teenagers going missing. Most, but not all, incidents had one thing in common; the teenagers had found a female-shaped animatronic with the appearance of a childish clown wearing a silver-shaped pendant. Afterwards, they disappeared. There had also been an expert called in for multiple of the incidents; Dr. Talbert, a man who studied a strange substance called Remnant. Larson leaves the research on Jeff's Pizza to a co-worker, and decides to continue his search for the Stitchwraith in order to try finding some answers, right after visiting Dr. Talbert to interrogate him.

Larson arrived at Dr. Talbert's house, noticing the door was wide open. When he went in, he saw that the Stitchwraith was there, along with a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She was staring at a picture of Dr. Talbert and his daughter, with curly black hair and brown eyes. Then, the young girl's appearance changed, becoming the girl in the photo. Larson began to have another one of his vision episodes, seeing through the young girl's disguise. Larson saw the clown girl animatronic that was associated with the disappearances. Out of nowhere, a name popped into his head; Eleanor. Larson saw nothing but evil, and was so terrified, that he was ready to shoot Eleanor. But, the visions overtook him and he was only able to say her name before collapsing to the ground and losing consciousness.

Larson is taken on a journey through what appeared to be Eleanor's memories. He witnessed Eleanor shove human eyes and teeth into a hideous rabbit toy, torment a young woman by scratching on her window and hold down a young boy as his eye was removed by surgeons. Larson then saw a burnt man lying in a hospital bed, only for Eleanor to burst out of the man's chest and drag him inside the man's body. Larson was then transported to a maze, having to chase Eleanor throughout it and finding a dead boy impaled on wooden pegs in the process. The floor opened beneath Larson and he was then sent to a field near some train tracks, where he saw Eleanor spin around a college student with long legs wearing a strange bird costume. Hearing the sounds of an oncoming train, Larson ran to push the boy off the tracks before he got ran over. Larson continued pursuing Eleanor, before she disappeared, leaving him stranded.

Fazbear Frights #11 - Epilogue

Larson leaves the field and begins walking on the streets, desperately trying to find a way out of Eleanor's mind. He decides to find the ball pit within the memories, due to being the transitioning point between memories during his visions. The building containing the ball pit in this time was a vacant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, filled with kids and parents alike. Larson forces the kids to leave and jumps inside. Sure enough, the ball pit sent him to a new memory. He was in a junk yard, and Eleanor suddenly jumped out of a broken car and attacked Larson.

He's able to throw her off of him, but she wacks him with a tire iron. Larson is able to wrestle the tire iron out of her hands and hit her with it. The detective notices a garbage compactor, and tricks Eleanor into charging at him only for Larson to grab her by the arm and throw her in, crushing her to death. Eleanor's death in the memory caused Larson to snap out of his visions in real life. He discovers that Eleanor had gotten even more powerful, black tendrils coming out of her animatronic body. They twist around Larson and bind him to the floor, causing him to fall back into the hallucinations again.

Larson wakes up in a new memory, and finds that memory's version of the ball pit inside a now abandoned and robbed building. Larson sinks into the pit, ending up in a garage filled with knick knacks. Larson opens an antique trunk and Eleanor bursts out in an attempt to strangle him. He staggers for a nearby glass paperweight to get Eleanor off of him, then finishes the job by pummeling her with a candelabra. He wakes up to see the Stitchwraith scooting towards Eleanor before the tendrils force him unconscious.

Larson heads to Papa Bear's Pancake House, a new restaurant vacating the building with the ball pit. He falls in and ends up in a child's bedroom with race car decorations and a poster of Freddy and his friends on the wall. He searches for Eleanor, finding her in the closet. Eleanor pulls Larson in and slams his head into the wall repeatedly. Larson had a counterattack by pushing her off of him with his elbow, grabbing an aluminum bat in the closet and hitting Eleanor with it so hard that her head falls off. Larson sees the Stitchwraith standing up before falling asleep once more.

Larson heads to the building, once again abandoned and goes into the pit. He ends up in a large, spacious warehouse with an old mattress and some sleeping bags. Eleanor is able to gain the advantage by hiding on the ceiling and dropping onto the detective from above. She tries to strangle Larson, but he's able to shove her off and begin strangling her. Every time Larson killed or hurt Eleanor in the dreams, it caused Eleanor to become more weak and vulnerable in real life. This gave the Stitchwraith the opportunity to heat himself up to burn Eleanor and absorb the agony entity and lock her in her own memories using his own powers. Larson woke up back in Dr. Talbert's house, and the Stitchwraith is gone.

Two weeks go by, and the Stitchwraith is never seen again and his visions have subsided. Larson starts developing a better relationship with his son Ryan, attending one of his baseball games. Larson eventually visits Dr. Talbert again. He asks the professor what Remnant is. Dr. Talbert explains that Remnant brings power and life using positive energy and memories; creating things that seemed real. This is presumably what influenced the likes of the ball pit and the visions Larson saw. Dr. Talbert explains that he created the pendant Eleanor wore. The pendant was meant for his daughter, Renelle, in an attempt to hold onto her memories if he lost her. Wanting nothing to do with the pendant after seeing Eleanor's horror, he gives it to Larson. Larson decides to keep it, and he hears a singing voice from inside of it. Larson ultimately shrugs it off, ready to move on and patch things up with his family.

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