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Were you looking for the post-night minigames from the fourth game or the post-night minigames from Sister Location?

The end-of-night minigames in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 are a series of five playable post-level minigames.

At the end of each night, the player will be taken to a special minigame with only one outcome, up until the last night, where the ending is influenced by progress made in the in-game minigames. Each minigame requires the player to navigate the pizzeria with W, A, S, and D as one of the animatronics, except for the final one. The map seems to match up with the layout of the pizzeria from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game.

Each minigame also contains clues and codes for triggering the in-game minigames, found in one specific room. To find these hints, the player should walk one room to the left from the starting room (the Show Stage) and two rooms down into a hallway. Each night minigame contains a clue for a different in-game minigame, except for Night 1, which gives hints for two.


Night 1

Upon completing Night 1, the player is taken to a screen in the same Atari-style graphics like all of the other minigames. They will begin on the Show Stage, playing as Freddy Fazbear (flanked by Bonnie and Chica), with the minimal instructions "W A S D", which refers to movement input. Once leaving the first screen, going into almost any other screen will trigger Shadow Freddy to appear with the text "follow me." in the lower left corner. As the player follows him through the pizzeria, they will eventually come to the top right screen of the map, where the purple Freddy will continue upward into another room. However, upon attempting to move into that room, the player's sprite will push backward and the message "ERR" will appear in the lower left of the screen. Moving back down, William Afton will suddenly run after Freddy, tearing him apart and leaving his dismantled body on the floor. This ends the minigame.

If the player enters the West Hall, they will find two hints. On the left is the text "BBdblclick", and on the right is a series of four sets rectangles with one rectangle highlighted in yellow in each set. These clues refer to "BB's Air Adventure" and "Mangle's Quest" respectively, in which the player must find and double-click a poster of BB and push the buttons on an arcade machine in the correct order.

Night 2

Completing Night 2 once again takes the player to a minigame, this time playing as Bonnie. Freddy is no longer on the stage, though Chica remains. Following Shadow Freddy as with the first night, the player will once more arrive at the top right room, where Freddy's dismantled suit still lies on the floor. Attempting to go up into the next room results in the same thing as before; the player will merely be pushed back while "ERR" appears on-screen. Moving down will trigger William to come and tear Bonnie apart, just as with Freddy.

Entering the West Hall will present the player with a new hint. Four gray cupcakes will appear in the box on the left of the screen. This refers to the four gray cupcakes the player must find and click in Night 3 to trigger "Chica's Party".

Night 3

Night 3 follows the same formula as the previous two nights, this time playing as Chica, who stands alone on the stage. Following Shadow Freddy results in Chica being taken apart by William, while the parts of both Freddy and Bonnie lie scattered on the floor.

The West Hall's hint is the numerical code "395248." This refers to the hidden keypad the player can find in the Office just under the window beside the cardboard box. Pushing the tiles in the right order will trigger "Stage01".

Night 4

Night 4 slightly breaks the previous formula as the player starts as Foxy standing outside of Pirate Cove. The rest of the minigame continues as the others, wherein the player must follow Shadow Freddy to the top right room, where the parts of all three of the other animatronics litter the floor. As with the last three nights, William attacks and destroys Foxy upon trying to enter the topmost room.

The hint within Night 4's minigame is a still sprite of Shadow Bonnie standing inside the right-side box in the West Hall screen. This refers to a hidden figurine of Shadow Bonnie that stands on the player's desk. Double-clicking this figurine triggers the "Glitch Minigame".

Night 5

Upon completing Night 5, the player is treated to one last minigame. This time, however, as there is no more animatronics to control, the player takes on the role of one of the crying children's ghosts prevalent in the death minigames of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The player once more must navigate through the pizzeria, only this time, Shadow Freddy does not appear at all. Arriving at the top right room, filled with the discarded pieces of all four main animatronics, the player can now finally enter the Safe Room just above. Once inside, they will find four more crying children's ghosts lining the exit, blocking a panicking William from leaving. Also inside this room is an empty Spring Bonnie suit, lying against the right wall, and three arcade cabinets. The player can chase William around the room until he finally grows bold enough to run to the suit, slipping inside and laughing triumphantly at the ghosts, as if he thinks he has got away with it. However, moments later, the suit malfunctions, crushing William and slowly dropping him to the floor, dead in a pool of his blood. The children's ghosts disappear, and the minigame ends.

Depending on the steps the player has taken to achieve the Cake Endings for each of the in-game minigames, as well as progressing through the "Happiest Day" scene, one of two endings will follow, and the game ends.


  • The end-of-night minigames are completely absent in the older mobile port. They were re-added in the remastered update by Clickteam LLC.
  • If the player waits approximately three minutes when playing as any of the four main animatronics, William Afton will come to dismantle them himself; nothing will happen when playing as the child victim's ghost.



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